Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Irish posted this early today, and I just had to watch it.

Its 39 minutes long , likely hard to watch if one is sensitive to UV stuff. (Ultraviolence ala clockwork orange kinda thing though not likely any of ’em “singing in the rain”)

I gotta say, aint seen a thing in these parts. And there are still white sheet areas around here though they tend to reaalllly lowwwww key these days. I only mention such cuz thats the kinda thing these yahoos in the vid are against, right? Or is it that they dont really know what it is they are against? Me thinks the latter honestly. They may be righteously angry, for whatever reasons, (IMO, unjustifiably as they have been given pretty much the world on a platter. They just don’t know what to do with it and their teachings dont give them a solid foundation to work from) but they are raging without ‘reason’. Fact is, given a single person from one of these group’s, in a neutral place, a person such as myself could show them we are actually after the same ends, but from opposite sides of the spectrum. They dont want Facism, hey, I’m there too (sadly, they have had the word misinterpreted for them, repeatedly.) They want better healthcare: yup, me as well. They dont want to wait for these things. Well, ‘wait’ aint the word I would use, but they don’t seem to want work for them either, and THAT is where I run into an issue. The real problem is “who” is supposed to provide. On my side of the spectrum, I do, or I work with those that do. On the other side, they want Gov to provide it, never understanding the hidden issues of Gov providing anything.


After watching the vid, I felt it was ‘good’ prop, as in well produced, not necessarily ‘good’. Prop being propaganda. It was produced to elicite feelings. And if you watched it all the way through, you were likely a touch mad, maybe even *blinkin*ratzzing* flabber!!!goggled* ticked off, ready to go bust some neonazi noggin. And the jackasses carrying the AntiFa crapflag need to check their history as Hitlers people carried near identical flags (and I bet funder Soros is having a personal giggle over that particular point.) which is why I’m calling ’em neonazis. Even so, it managed what good prop does best; filtered everything spread out over time, condensed it into a short attention span segment, and tossed in ‘just the right amount of ominous music’ to trigger emotions.

Are these things happening? Yes, they are, but the time span is spread out over almost two years. They are preparing to do ‘Something ‘, but the littl’uns in most of these vids are NOT the problem, even if they are the problem that will have to be dealt with first.

Soros, problem.

All of his cutouts: problem.

Clintons and their ‘Foundation’: problem.

Former Prez Oblammy: sneaky ass problem.

Current education systems, including many secondary ones: HUGE problem.

Obviously rigged election districts: problems. (115% voter turnout in one Floriduh county and all voted demoncrap? Yeah, no fraud there.)

And last, but certainly not least; most all of us aware of the issue are getting long in tooth:

Thats a problem as well.

Whats the solution? Dunno myself. I can only connect with a small group of family, and try to counteract the edumicatin’ the younger ones have and are getting. Thats not much.

The other side of that is what the title says; Where? As in, where are all these violent events happening? Sure as shit aint near here. I think the nearest to me was in SC. Not close at all. (And how would I explain to the bossman that I needed a week off to go tan some libtard ass? Even if he were of like mind, I can’t see it happening.)( and that point just adds fuel to the argument that these protesters are getting paid, supported or something from outside.)

Seems to me that the events are mostly isolated to specific areas (large college towns mostly, but not ones breeding future thieves politicians, like Harvard or Yale.) And that the event is well coordinated by some outside influence *cough* Soros people*cough* to include how the event is ‘leaked’ to counter groups. It operates like a stealthy combat mission. (And I have to question the intent of the producers of that vid while using the same logic. Maybe they are only trying to raise awareness, but damned if it didnt feel like the same mental gymnastics used to program the pissed off clique. )

Last word, message to the kids raising anger in the vid: guys, you are being played. The people providing you transport, lodging, pay etc, intend on burying you, LONG before they ever have to give you what they are promising. You are nothing but a tool to an end for them and that end is power, pure and simple. (And history proves they don’t plan on burying you with proper eulogies and last rights. No, their burial plan is called Caterpillar n dirt. Research “useful idiots, Lenin, Stalin” and see what your future may look like.)

This is a big country, but there just isn’t room for two nations at odds with each other. And we are rapidly becoming two distinct nations trapped within one border intermingled amongst each other. That is a room full of open powderkegs and faulty bearings on the ventilation system: all its gonna take is one good spark.


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