Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

As time goes by

I am more and more convinced that ALL politicians are worse than criminals: At least a thief or mugger has the wherewithal to do the deed in person. Politicians on the other hand designate others to do the strong-in-the-arm actions, and then turn around and tell us ‘its for our own good’. (Or any other number of logical fallacies that spew from their mouths like pustulant drainage from a stint.)

In this area, you know, without doubt, whom the politicians are, simply by observing residence. Most all of them are pulling in 40-50k/yr (or better) in an area where the average income is a thousand less than the federal poverty level. How is this justifiable? The servants of the people in far better shape financially than the people they serve? Seems this fact alone would raise more than an eyebrow, and yet there is nothing.

It almost seems as if people EXPECT to be slaves to the systems, that they get to vote for the plantation master every few years and are happy with that.

I do not get it.

Larkin Rose wrote several books over the years and the one that hit home for me was “The Most Dangerous Superstition ” it starts with the punchline and breaks everything down from there. My only negative comment about it is, it gets repetitive after awhile. The premise is the simplest thing: who OWNS you? Some people never realize that under our current system, you are owned by the state. Not sure about that? Stop paying taxes and see how long before the slavers come looking to collect. Don’t pay your property tax and see how long before they come and forcibly evict you, and sell it off for their profit. And all of that ignores the whole financial side of things and the banking/government cartel.

Hell, I used to say that the only thing truly in ones control was their own death, but after hearing some recent stories, I wonder about even that. If you end up in a hospital in a terminal state, you may not be given a choice, depending on several factors, like age, income abilities, etc. Look what happened to that little boy in the UK recently. The rules that he died under, are written into Ocare: those are the death panels that the dems so vociferously denied existing, but the rules state otherwise.

Anyways, it all comes back to that question; who owns you. The more dependent you, are the bigger that answer gets.

If, and I am seeing this more often, one has a hard time judging right and wrong, the more dependent they are and therefore a cog in the machine that barely resembles our founders ideas. Oh, it has a decent veneer, but the actual mechanisms have long since been destroyed and replaced. We went from a republic to a full blown democracy in 1913, quickly followed by a socialist democracy in the 30s. The veneer is very thin and cracking, and when it finally falls away, this country will look quite similar to Soviet Russia in the 60s. Heck, we are only 24 hours away from empty shelves in the stores now. (Take a real close look at how shallow most vendors stock the shelves now. When I was in HS, working PT as a stocker, we had to keep shelves loaded and rotated. Now, they just face product one, maybe two deep. In addition, the smaller packaging/similar pricing thing I have noted elsewhere. 12 oz where it used to be 16oz but at the same price of the old package. But I digress.)

Have you wondered at the huge uptick of EBT usage since 2008? I know more than a few people that have ‘jumped on board’ with that, its everywhere here with a huge percentage of the population on it. Makes me sick honestly, knowing how my grandparents were: self sufficient etc. They may have been poor, but they ate, and they had a roof, and they had a shit ton of pride. Stories I could pass on but not the point of this post. Ok, here is my take on the EBT thing. One, its ran by a private company, CITI I believe, but is definitely one of the big credit corps. So there is some kickback going on there. Second; how best to control a body than by remote access to all of their expenses, especially food spending. The fact that there are items that CAN’T be purchased by EBT should give warning about what potentially could become ‘rationing’. Third: it sways people to further laziness; why grow a garden when you can just pick up whatever at the store on someone elses dime? Granted, some of ’em are smarter than that and do use it to buy the seeds and starters for gardening; I see them as the monkey starvers and I have to applaud some. Most however will go to Save-a-lot on the first of the month and load up with several cart loads of the basest crap/junk/preservative laden shit you can imagine. Boxes and boxes of frozen soy foodlike byproducts that have near zero nutitional value, but oodles and oodles of carbs and starches. (And most of these people look like they are or near Diabetic.)

I’m telling you, the further we get along down this track, the more I wish it would just! Fuckin! BREAK!

I am tired of watching those with no stake, claiming rights to tell ME how I should live. I hurt no one living where/how I do, why should they have say in my living standards? I am not the one living on revenues stripped away from hard working people at the threat of violence for noncompliance. And with that last thought in mind, how can I “respect” those that claim such a position. They are lower than a two bit mugger jumping people out of an alley IMO.

Piss on it, rant over.

(Addendum: 8 hours later, came back, reread, n realized,,, this is only the umpteenth time I have written this post. Oh, not verbatim,,but the general position is the same. Part reason why I am not blogging as much. Ive said it and said and , yeah SSDD. Meh!)


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