Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Honestly, I thought I was finished

Ok, honestly, I thought the last post was up. As is, Here is another one of my meanders through the halls of my mind.

History and history.   One is written, and the other is just passed along.  The Epics, were oral 'history' and the books are History.  I seriously think the capital is misplaced there, but then, I am just a dumb welder/mechanic/tinkerer/slackjawwed redneck with a slopping forehead, or so some seem to think.  
Fact: Governments collapse but people carry on.   The people are the ones that carry history forward, not the governments.   Granted History is written by the winners, but so is history, in a way.  History (the lower case form) is written by survivors, so in some ways, it is also written by the winners.  Upper case History is written by acadamia in most instances, usually at the grace, goodwill and financing of the winners on hand.
Which is the more honest version?   Note, I didn't say accurate, I said honest.   Accuracy is irrelevant in  history, where-as in History, its in question by the morals and motives of the writers.
I may come back to this here, but I want to continue another thread from there: Governments collapse but people carry on.  This is without question if anyone pays any attention to all the great governments in history.  Whether they be Monarchies, Oligarchies, Democracies, or even Theocracies, the people under them continued on.   Even with all the genocides of the last century, the people carried on.  Many many people died, and there were near extinction level points with some of the races, but people carried on.   And with those that carried on, many of the stories of those people kept on as well.   The governments that killed those millions are no longer in most cases, but the people are still there!!!  Yes, genocide stinks (pun intended) and it sucks to be on the losing end of any life/death situation, but lets face it, Morrison was right; no one gets out alive.  If you die in a genocide, or if you die of natural causes in your bed surrounded by your loved ones, the fact is, you are dead, and there isn't any way to get around that.   It is the door to the next world, cycle, existence, heaven, hell, nirvana, whatever you believe is next.  (and I pity those truly atheist types that believe there is nothing on the otherside.   Recall, I wrote my belief in one of my Christmas stories a couple years back.  If you believe in nothing, then nothing is what you get, and that is just sad and pathetic.)  Maybe the point of this is, suggest-ably, get used to your own mortality, 'cause it is inevitable.  If you are really truly torn about it, DO SOMETHING to have your name carry on after you.   All you need do is something that benefits the rest of humankind for generations and your name will carry on for decades, centuries, even millennium.  If you don't know what to do then, well, keep at it, but the fact is, there is an end to your mortal coils, and you can not escape that.  I caught that as the key element behind the Lestat vampire chronicles:  How to avoid mortality.   After that, I lost all interest in the novels because I  had came to terms with my mortality in the sands of Kuwait.  I understand that there is a point, usually later than when mine did, that people start to feel the waves of mortality, and for most, it scares the living piss out of them.   Mostly because they look back and feel that their lives were so damned empty of anything other than chasing the dreams of society.   What they don't see is the legacy they helped to carry on of the people of their race.  They passed that along to their descendents, and even if they taught them nothing of relevance, someone further down the line will grow curious and look back in history to see where they came from.  (our family has been doing so for several years now, and the skeletons under our family tree are quite interesting to say the least.  Seems we have a record of patriotism, followed by a lot of outlaws of those societies we were patriotic to.)  So what if all you did was the 9-5 for 40 years, retired to your backyard and raised 4 kids in the process.   That is 4 copies of you that will carry on, carrying your genetic code forward in time and the doings of all your ancestors will travel with them.   They may not remember you, perse, but you are still a part of the future just my being involved in that small fashion.   Maybe one of those genetic copies will do something, like Einstein, or Tesla, or Alexander the Great, and in that way, you carry on as well.
If it really galls you to think you have done so little, then get off your ass and do something.   Even if it means becoming the Mayor of a small Texas town to clean up the stupidity you see.   (H/T to my Friend and mentor, Soffitrat.   Rest in peace my friend.)  The changes you seek will make your name carry forward, even if only in local or even just family history.    I would rather a small footnote in a family history for being an outlaw, skipping county lines and changing my last name because of bootlegging, than the notes that are being formed on persons such as the Hildibeast.   Maybe she is proud of her legacy(and I don't believe that or she and hers would not have the record of buying off people, burying information(and informants) or wiping computers.), but I would prefer the method of Stalin with his enemies, if I were her.  Strike my name from all the journals as well as any mention of my doings.   Bury the shame of my ill deeds.
But I digress.
Lower case history: Never taught in schools, but everyone has some story from somewhere about someone, that did something crazy, outstanding, ludicrous, profitable, downright stupid, or even simply  perfect and smart, but it will never ever be written about in a History book because its implications were never those of the ones that fund those History Books.   But those stories still persist, just like the people that live under those that fund those history books, and continue to persist long after those groups are no more.
Ok, ok,   Dead horse, bullwhip, I get it.  Get to the point.   
None of our current affairs, or should I say headlines of the day, mean jack shit to anything that is going to still be around tomorrow, or next year, or even the next century.  Jack. Shit!     Maybe the technology will, just as Edison and Tesla's tech carried on and are still with us today.  Or Henry Ford, or any of the myriad of other names that carry on the legacy they left behind.   But the Football players taking a knee?   Not one person in 30 years will be able to tell you WHOM took a knee, and maybe not even be able to tell you WHY they did so, and there is a real credible chance that they won't even remember the event AT ALL.   Maybe the family members will, but thats likely it.   People such as the Clintonistas will be remembered, but likely along the same lines as Henry VIII or Mussolini, cracked, tyrannical and mostly harmless, and not really well liked except by a handful that thought they could be carried forward on the wave of 'success' (useful idiots in other words)(then again, they will be remembered, so might that be the sole intent of their actions?   A debate best left for drunken nights in the dead of winter, preferably after the personal weapons are put away and are under lock and key.)
Myself, I don't have any idea (nor desire) how to leave my name in history, short of some really bizarro fluke of time, but I have a plan on leaving some of my knowledge behind for mine to carry forward.   I have spent a few years gathering 'lost' technology knowledge from the late industrial period, stuff that any 7th grade boy from 1910 would know in his sleep, and I have attempted to master them myself.(as I have documented some of here and in my older sites)   I fully intend on passing as much of that along to my grand-kids as I can, even if only in written form (Yes, I still have a handwritten journal, with footnotes and personal insights into things I may not be able to remember in another 20 years.) as well as a library that I guard more than the tools I have.  Heck, I hauled that library all around the country with me, and added to it as I found stuff in small backwater stores.  That library continues to grow on steady basis as I can afford or even find stuff.   These things will likely be of benefit to my line, far more than my making a name for myself as some hooligan in office.  I may not be able to give them an inheritance of millions, but from what I have seen in the Histories, the second generation usually wound up in far worse condition than the founder, due to that inheritance.  (betcha can't name very many of the Robber Barons descendents, can ya?)  So my name will go down in obscurity for most, infamy for a very small handful, and for the most-part, it will fade as slowly as the etchings on my headstone erode.  
And I am quite ok with that.    


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