Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

My last scatter brained post.

A History Lesson by Supposition.

When I ‘woke up’ one morning 9 years ago, I never thought that I would take everything I had ever been taught, and toss it out the window. If it had anything to do with our countries history, you can take it and stuff it, it will make a better looking turkey come Thanksgiving day, than that bird you likely will purchase.

Step back a sec; explain my position. Look back to the Constitutional Convention of the late 1700’s and look at the records of who was where and when, and what steps were taken when certain persons returned to the debates. If you read one thing in the next few weeks, look at “The Hologram of Liberty” by Kenneth W. Royce. He lays out what went down there and lists references that one can verify those points. Read it with an open mind because it will not conform to what you were taught, and certain persons that were involved don’t look like the great people we were taught to believe they were. And that is only one point that will get you to thinking.

Another point to think about. President Jackson, aka Stonewall Jackson, wrapped up one of the first National Banks in this country and got us out of debt from the War of 1812. This all took place before “the Civil War” (which was a war but was not at all Civil. Down south, its more appropriately called the War of Northern Aggression.) But all of that changed right around 1860 with Lincoln and that (s)election cycle. There was a lot of civil strife taking place at that time, and it was coalesced around Slavery, but it wasn’t the heart of the issue. The heart of the issue was money. (isn’t it always? Whether in a marriage, or some other fashion, money can always be a problem.) The Northern part of the country was taking advantage of the southern part of the country through import/export taxes and the southern side was trying to find a way around it.

Fact 1: England had abolished slavery a few years prior and did so in a very civil fashion without fighting a war: the Government bought all the slaves and freed them. In terms of cost, not just monetarily, but in physical lives, this was the cheapest route, obviously.

Fact 2: This option was presented to Lincoln, who rejected it outright, before the festivities of blood and mayhem commenced. Why did he reject a civil option for a violent one? I have an answer, but I will leave it open for now to come back to later.

Fact 3: The Emancipation Proclamation did NOT free all the slaves. Don’t believe me? Go read it yourself. It only freed the slaves of the opposing States: it was a military maneuver designed to start infighting on the opposite side; a common tactic in those days when slavery was still commonplace. (and don’t think for a minute that it is a dead institution, its only been driven underground, and still takes place with a regular fashion, especially in the ME and in Islamic countries. Guess thats one of those icky points the media doesn’t like to touch.)

Personal opinion time (but a common one down south): Lincoln was not some saintly martyr, as was painted to us in school when we were wee little’uns. He was a rabid Statist that wanted to consolidate power for a longterm goal. And he was only one cog in the machine and that machine was built by Bankers. Jackson had thwarted their goals prior, and they had to make up ground, and war does an excellent job of driving indebtedness. The south has never fully recovered from that point, 150 plus years later. The power of banks is in debt, as long as they are the receivers of that debt.

Fast forward about 50 years. December 1913. Most of Congress is home for the Holidays. A handful are still in DC and they, THEY, pass a bill into law, to create “The Federal Reserve”. This is a Non-Governmental institution headed by non-publicly elected persons within the banking industry, that has no Governmental oversight, and controls the Money supply to the Government. It has never been audited by the Government, it loans money to the Government at interests rates determined by itself, and has the power to call in that debt at anytime without Government approval (of course, because that wouldn’t be sound business to allow your customers to control your business practices, now would it?) It wasn’t a majority of Congress that did this; only a handful of them, yet they passed the bill near unanimously and the President at the time nearly burned the ink off his pen to sign it into law, BEFORE the majority of congress had returned to DC after the holidays.

Four years later, we were involved in one (the first of) seriously bloody war that had been manipulated into existence by a series of stupid choices spread across the board. I look back at the events that lead up to “the Great war” (stupid phrase, I know) and not one of them should have started anything more than a local fracas. But, History shows otherwise.

That war created the situation to build the events that lead us into the Second World War, again through stupid choices spread around, that by themselves shouldn’t have amounted to anything. The key event that lead up to that point was financial in nature and could have been alleviated early on, except that there were many sore asses left over from the first war.

I hold my opinion of events during that war. I don’t have enough information on certain things to finalize that opinion. I know that Hitler rose to power from the financial destruction of the Wiemar Republic. I know that he and his political circle did horrendous things; I should say “ I was taught that he,,,” as I don’t know for FACT that those things happened, but I haven’t read anything to contradict that teaching either, therefore, until further learning, I have to use that as my foundation.

What I do know is that the war itself was manipulated into existence by financial manipulations. The rise of aggression in Japan was manipulated by financial means, and that can be researched fairly easily. The German Wehrmacht was financed by investment bankers in the US, and certain parts of that machine were sourced from American vendors that had whole control over what was being sold. The fact that there were engines used in planes by the Germans that absolutely had to have a certain additive in their fuel: an additive in sole control of an American Company, shows something that needs to be considered when looking at the larger picture.

Add into the fact that America was the SOLE Survivor of that war. I say that meaning that America was the only country that came out in far better shape than at the start of the war and was the only country that hadn’t had its soil touched during the war (other than Pearl Harbor, and the Japanese never went after the Civilian points, only the military base and warships. Thats another point to discuss amongst friends. At what point did it become acceptable that Civilian areas become target-able during wartime? But I digress.)

That war made this country into something.

And that something is NOT what is (was) being taught to the kids. (I say ‘was’ because with the new “common core” they don’t teach history, AT ALL.) Since that war we have been involved in war after war after war. Korea, Vietnam, the Balkans, many many skirmishes in the ME, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Iraq, now Niger. And all for what? Peace and Liberty for all? Seriously? I miss the logic from the first word of that saying; “Peace”. Its like living in some Orwellian dialect: “war is peace” “Ignorance is knowledge” ‘we have always been at war with PanAsia’ The saying ‘Military/Industrial complex’ is more than just a phrase, its quite real. It goes hand in hand with that misbegotten “Federal Reserve”.

I have to expand a personal view here to clarify some things. Yes, I am former military; Marines to be exact. I do have a personal dislike (understated) of Islam/muslim/Muhammadan teachings, but that is not coloring my world view. Something is very wrong in the world and I feel it all starts with the two mechanisms in the prior paragraph. I think the Muslim world would have been fine if we (the US) hadn’t started mucking around trying to “bring peace and posterity to them” at the point of a gun, all for the sake of controlling crude oil and the Petrodollar. The fact that the US military (the strong arm of the Government) has military bases spread around the world doesn’t show the world our strength, but does show intent on empire. Our actions in the ME and other third world areas, support that intent, and only the American people themselves are unaware of it. Its quite obvious to every other little country in the world, and for many of those peoples, Americans are spoiled children: is it really all that surprising, that in most other countries, we are not liked?

Now, current events. We have been involved in a long term war, that eats up lives and equipment, going on 15 years now. In the last 16 years, a new generation has grown up under the most Orwellian government that has grown by leaps and bounds during the same time period. These kids have never known anything else. They have been taught that this is the “New Normal”, and for many of them, history is as fictional as the games they play. Heck, some of them seemingly think the games are more real than the life going on around them. They are bombarded with leftist propaganda nearly 24/7, whether it be gender twisting, or ‘leave your protection to us’, and the current educational curriculum have zero critical thinking involved.

And many of these kids will be voting or already are voting if they were born in 1999. These are the kids that are the tax base for the next generation of retirees. Some of them get it, many are manipulated into thinking they should get the ‘freebies’ first. Most all of them are angry, even if they really don’t understand WHY they are angry. And they have reason, at least in my opinion, to be angry.

But will they fight for freedom, or communism? As current events show, most are stepping up to the communism plate. Why not? If you haven’t been taught to think clearly, see other options, the communist planks “sound” good (critical thinking would expose the contradictions in the planks, but,,). They haven’t been taught history in any meaningful way, so have no basis of what works and what doesn’t. They aren’t taught about anything that would actually make them anything more than another useful revenue source, just like a head of cattle. They are lead by people that tell them Capitalism is a bad thing, that profits are a bad thing, and yet those people that lead them are wealthy, have no concerns over where their next meal is coming from, and enjoy their positions of untouchability while feeding the frenzy of hate that we are seeing becoming a near everyday event.

Or so it seems.

Many of those hate groups (contrary to what the Media call them) are located in blue States, in blue cities, and aren’t any concern to people such as myself in ‘fly-over country’. The kids here, even if the schools aren’t capable of teaching critical thinking, know when what they are being served is shit or icecream. These kids may not have the best education, but they aren’t stupid. They know that meat doesn’t come out of a styrofoam and cellophane package. They know that vegetables take work to make grow. They know how to handle a knife, even if just to clean under their fingernails, and they aren’t afraid of guns or other instruments of lifetaking. Some of them, many of them are capable of handling a chainsaw, splitting maul, kindling axe, without anymore danger to life and limb than the instruments themselves are capable of. In other words, they are competent to do things without supervision. Most of the boys and quite a few of the girls, hunt on a regular basis. Many of them are capable of the kill, field dressing, and hauling out the harvest, WITHOUT adult supervision. (I am talking the millennials here, but there are some pre-teens that are equally capable though the parents tend to be nearby, just in case.) Most all of these kids has spent several months worth of time sitting on a riverbank, fishing.

These kids are more likely the next generation that WILL accomplish something, but what I am seeing is they have no desire to pursue that something. Most of them could give a wooden nickle if the Government kept going. Their attitude stems from the fact that most times they have had to see the government in action, someone they know and love has gone away for awhile, sometimes permanently. They know the basics of life. The two rules that everyone should know after kindergarten: Don’t hurt people and Don’t take their stuff. And yet, the government shows them often that it doesn’t know those two rules. They have been given nothing to aspire to. They see through the gilt covering of most of the current ‘heroes’, they see the veneer as what it is: a pretty surface to hide the garbage underneath. They have more sense of right and wrong than those ‘heroes’ show, and they don’t want to go down that path. Better to get a decent job, stay in practice for hunting season to arrive, and keep the fires burning amongst the families. To someone from the coastal enclaves like NY or LA, that existence would seem completely pointless and boring as hell. But what those coasties don’t see is the depth of the existence, the family ties that extend generations in all directions. They have never heard the welcoming you get everywhere around here when you go to visit someone: “Ya ate yet?” Those places are dog eat dog, this place is Dog sleeping in front of the Fire. Here, the comfort of family is more important than anything. Family is security from bad times. And bad times are often enough, why aggravate them with ‘guv-ment’.

I apologize, I turned a corner there and lost my train of thought, but I am leaving it in because it is the truth. This area will change in time, but change comes very very slowly. People don’t like to give up things around here, not without good reason, and certain things are as ingrained in their living as their DNA is.

Back to the topic. History is coming full circle for this country. I would like to point out another book to read for y’all. “The Fate of Empires” by John Glubb. You can get a free copy online in PDF format. As his research over the many empires shows, this country is in its collapse stage. In fact, we are very near the last stage of collapse and it is accelerating. The USA may go on for a few more Decades, maybe even a century or two, but we will NEVER regain our footing that we had right after WWII. Look at the UK, they still exist, but they certainly aren’t the powerhouse they were around 1776 or 1812.

One of the key points in that collapse is dissolution of commonality. Not that we all have something in common, but that we all see our country in the same light. We don’t. There are more factions with a different perspective of what this country means to them, hate or love it, and even within similar groups, you are not likely to find two people with a similar definition. Once that is lost, its just a matter of time.

Another key point is financial. I keep seeing that the Dow Jones and other market tickers are continuing that up-sweep. This makes me very nervous. The faster the growth, the steeper the fall. We are past due for another ‘crash’, and when this one comes, it make take the bottom out with it. With all the welfare and workfare people in this country, I worry how that crash may play out on the societal stage. The financial aspect that Glubb talks about is loss of confidence in currency. I already see that happening in a small scale in these parts. People are more willing to barter amongst themselves than attempt to sell for cash. Granted, it still takes cash or some semblance of to make transactions with box stores and such, but if its between locals only, barter seems to work better. 

All of those points are visible now.  Things will only get worse from here. 

Well, that all being said, I have to wrap it up with a silly idea. My opinion of the human race is that we are INSANE. We keep doing the same silly ass shit, building empires to have them fail, and then pull it all back together and do it again, expecting that this time it will work. Thats nuts, by classic definition. I have to think that the people at SETI are barking up the wrong tree. I think that any ET already has us scoped and is waiting for us to cure ourselves or is ready to wipe us out if we manage to come up with a viable way of traveling amongst the stars before that cure. I think we are in isolation from the rest of the universe until we can get our shit straight.

But thats just my opinion.

Y’all take care, and if ya wanna talk, that email does work.  



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