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Repair, re-use, or re-purpose.

A couple of years ago, I was given a 40+ Y.O. lawntractor.  16hp B&S v-twin engine (not original equipment) but the engine had a broken rod in it and didn’t run anymore.  (The guy stated specifically, “if’n anyone can do sumpin widdit, iz you. Have fun.”.) (I have the engine still and when the shop is finished, plan on rebuilding it.  It’s well worth the effort.  Have you seen the prices on V-twin mower engines lately? Yikes!)

Now, I have another B&S engine, but its a single cylinder 14.5 hp.  I had to play around as when this tractor was built, there wasn’t any standard patterns drilled into the engine deck. It’s now mounted, had to replace an idler pulley but the belt is good.
A little detail about the tractor itself.  Its an old Sears-Roebuck model.  Has a 3spd transaxel in it that also has a hi-lo option and that option works in reverse as well. The original owner had installed wheel weights (the big heavy steel plate kind) and chains to the back tires.  They used it to haul logs out of the woods.  It may have had a mower deck on it many years ago, but that thing is long gone on the scrap heap to China.(and I am not interested in it as a mower.)

Well, looking at my collection of steel (what? Ya think I’d chuck honest stock, just because its a little rusty?  Ya, right!) As well as the pile that my uncle has accumulated, and started getting an idea forming.  My and my Uncles drive are NOT tended by the county, and we have been stranded up here a couple of times when the snow is heavy.  I am going to make a plow attachment so we can dig our way out if need be.  I am also going to make a box-blade so that we, not some hire-on, can maintain that drive. (as well as clean the lumps out of my yard so I am not killing lawnmowers)  If this little tractor can haul big ol’ oaks out  the woods, it can do snow too.  We tried it out today by hauling an old telephone pole around and that little thing didn’t blanch or stall-out once.  It ain’t big, but damned if that thing doesn’t put some serious torque down.  It hung up once going up a hillside; it dug in until it had more grip then kept on going. Those chains just chewed right in until more tire was gripping.  

As for the blade for the snowplow attachment, my uncle has an old waterheater that sprung leaks at the seams.  I am going to cut the side out of it for the curvature and grind the inner face smooth.  To get rid of all that polystyrene insulation, we’ll cut out the ends with a whiz wheel then light a fire inside, but thats before I cut the side out.  I don’t want to breath that crap when I am torching those long cuts.  

Granted, there’s more than just those two items it can be used for, but with winter coming; I am thinking the plow is paramount. (Also want some used mower blades to use as furrow teeth for the boxblade: people just pitch ’em after a season of mowing rocks around here, go figure.)

I love being mechanically inclined and a welder/self taught machinist & foundryman.  If it rings, dings, or pings, I can make something out of it. And that includes beercans LOL.

I really need to get that shop built!


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  1. SnakeIN

    How’s the new job…still welding or doing something new? Sorry so slack on comments. Cancer #4 now in the books. Melanoma, the gift that just keeps on giving. Really enjoy the more frequent posts. I got me one of those “bump stocks” about a year ago. The libtards will never understand that something like that is just another toy. I had some fun with it and now it’s just laying on a shelf. Great way to burn up copious quantities of ammo, but it was fun for a short wile. If I now have to give it up with a new ban or some such, it’s no loss. I can still do whatever I need to do with the guns as they are.

    Hunting here looks like it’s going to be about average this year. SIL and military friends are going to try and restock the freezer. First time we’ve run out of venison in a long time. He lucked into a big pile of shipping pallets about 8 x 10 feet solid plywood and they’ve been building blinds all around deer camp. Really miss hanging out with you on the ridge. Keep thinking I’ll try to run down your way if you’re up for that. Maybe I can get Rachel to drive me there. Anyhoo, keep on keeping on and shoot me an e-mail if you get some time. BTW, I’m finally gaining some weight…I’m up to 115 pounds lol.

    October 8, 2017 at 10:10 pm

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