Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Been holding back on this,

but ran across this article from David Codrea.  RTWT, it wont take all that long.
Ya back?  Good. 

That one question, one so very simple question, is the one so many lefties, deep down statist, and all power mongers avoid like a vampire avoids light and holy water.

What law would have prevented this tragedy?

Its already illegal to kill people.  Its illegal to kill oneself, most states and cities have ordinance’ on discharging weapons in city limits, etc etc ad nauseum.  

And they will NEVER, let me repeat that last, NEVER!!!!!,  stop someone intent on doing bad things if they are so inclined.  PERIOD!

I can damned well guarantee you, that if they outlawed guns, they would still have 600 million weapons in circulation on this continent, as well as a large portionof the population in violation.  And that is just ONE class of weaponry.  There is a huge blackpowder class, that ranges from pistol, all the way up to range guns that fire large steel balls at high rates of speed.  There is the primitive weapons, from bow to atlatl, as well as much more modern versions.  

And none of that can take into account the things people such as myself can come up with in our basements or garages.  With not much more that a high school chemistry education and some wherewithal, even high explosives are not out of reach. (Bad example, but the islamist jihad bad guys make bathtub plastique on a regular and highly successful basis.)

(Note, I recall reading an article from some British rag whining about Amazon’s “other people bought ” lists linking all the components to make anything from Black powder, thermite, thermate, and more that a few things like PETN, and the entire C-X family of boomy fun.  Wonder why those people (cough) are purchasing such stuff in the old empire. (Hint: y’all invited them in and they aren’t looking at lighting off firecrackers for new years.)

(Second note: only a complete whoozit would order ALL of the components through one location and under one identity, but then, these guys aren’t known to give a shit, amd most law enforcement types really like the idea of living to collect that pension, so it kinda balances out.)

 Here in the US, we have a written law called the Second Amendment. It is meaningless now since there are more laws restricting so many types of arms, and we have agencies that write rules against such with near zero oversight from the congressional pogues.  Its also meaningless since my right to self defense is inherent in my existence.  There is not one creature under God’s blue sky that won’t attack to defend itself if all else fails.  A rat WILL attack a terrier if cornered.  A mamma cat will defend her kittens at full risk of her own life, and I have seen a 4pound cat run two full sized dogs down a street, yipping in fear.  Even harmless little bambi will turn full terrifying when escape proves impossible.

Take away convenience of properly made weapons, you only open up underground black markets, and you can write laws against those as well (oops, already wrote ’em have ya?) And it will stop NOTHING.  Get rid of all the weapons to include those of law enforcement, and people will drop large rocks into concert-goers.  Fact: people kill people, not inanimate objects that require a certain amount of manipulation to work.  Outlaw killing (oops again) and people will still kill each other.  Outlaw the tools of defense, and someone will find a seller, make a zipgun, something or ‘nother, if they get the notion “he needs a killin’ ”  .

Laws. Change. Nothing. When. People. Aren’t. Willing. To. Obey.
Personal observation on the events in Vegas this weekend.  The blood dancers are back out, stories are convoluted and contradictory, half (or more) of the MSM is lying about something, and the rest are trying to get that headline for ratings.  With that in mind, one needs to sift VERY carefully through the shit, because the other option is to swing into acceptance, or the other way, full bore conspiracy. (And I am not discounting the last, we saw way to many unexplained things around the Cxlintons and Oblammmy,,,)

And on that note, my condolences to all those that went out for a fun night, and ended up in that nightmare. My thoughts go to all of you; the dead, the physically wounded , and the traumatized by scenes they never asked for.  God Bless you all.


3 responses

  1. Spud

    Expect almost anything to come from the swamp. The chameleon in charge has been known to flip and flop. Remember , he was pro assault weapon ban , back in the day.
    Trust no one… especially a carpet bagger…

    October 5, 2017 at 3:14 am

  2. Spud

    The more dense the population is packed, the higher crime escalates.
    We don’t have a gun problem, we have a birth control issue. The world is getting too crowded and resources are getting stretched thin.
    Nature has ways to balance things out…

    Yeah something stinks with our leaders of the swamp, but We went from one selling assault rifles to cross border drug dealers to a egomaniac throwing paper towels into a crowd like an orangutan at the zoo. Sad.don’t expect much from the chameleon in charge.

    October 5, 2017 at 3:22 am

    • I agree with you on population density. Even here in the hills, we are getting thick on the ground. You can’t find anywhere except way back in the hills where you can walk 500 yards and not end up in someone’s yard. Crime isnt what it is in, say, Detroit, but it isnt non-existent, and is mostly drug related in some way.
      I am not and will not be worried by Trump. His effectiveness was not his selling point to me. His whole value to me was “he ain’t Hillary”. The fact that he has been jacked up by the deepstaters he has been surrounded by worries me, but it wasn’t unexpected. In some ways, its refreshing because it shows WHO those people are where before it was in question.
      As for the events in Vegas, keep watching, but not the MSM. There is a cover -up in process but not a conspiracy. I believe this to be a situation such as Benghazi where things got out of hand on a weapons deal and now they are screaming ‘what does it matter’, while the MSM is playing the background noise they want.

      October 6, 2017 at 6:30 am

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