Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

 Questions of the mind

In many ways, one could call me paranoid. According to the Wacky dictionary Paranoid-adj- one aware of all the facts.  Well, I KNOW I don’t have all the facts, and that fact alone makes me paranoid, so the definition above is bunk.

(even so, I can see how it would apply to some one employed by the Clintons.  LOL)

But there are questions that must be asked, preferably on a day to day basis.   

  • Who benefits (cuo bono)
  • Why Now! (why is this information being “leaked” now?)
  • Where’s the money?  (follow the money)

These things help narrow down the few facts available.  As SiGb shows in his recent posts, a little investigative work, even at the civilian level can expose answers that the Eliteist find uncomfortable with.  The three questions above lead to a fourth. 


lately, as in the last 17+ years IMO, whole heartedly AYUP!  War on Drugs, War on Poverty, War on whatever twangs the heartstrings of the electorate this week.  All designed for one thing,  POWER.   Get them to give permission for X, use X for expanding Y, and Z will will flow in like water in the bottom of an old Ironsides with wood rot.  Constitutional protocol be damned, “Its for the children,” “It keeps people safe!”  yada yada yada, ad infinitum.

Heres a simple thought for ya.   see if you agree.

I like that one because it opens up a counter-argument, almost immediately: ‘But without licensing, how do we know who is qualified?’  My rebuttal is two fold.  How do we know those arranging the license are qualified? And what criteria of minimum is acceptable?  Take a drivers license for a simple example.  Pass/fail.  If the criteria are set too high, you lose revenue at the state level, and open up a series of other problems.  Using a closed market (law enforcement) you regulate those not qualified by removing their privilege.  Now, using that example in a truly free market, imagine a health care professional. (One recent ran a series of offices for years, but I do not believe he was guilty of anything other than avoiding the state permission.) Imagine a person goes to school to become a doctor.  Spends 8-12 years dedicated to this mission and oodles of money doing so.  Shouldn’t the market determine his success, not some government drone that did not pursue such a dedicated course?  Lets assume the doctor isn’t  up to snuff, mediocre at best: wouldn’t word get out around his patients and their families?  Isn’t word of mouth advertising one of the best or most damning of advertising methods?  

Now, while I am not at all happy about the state of Oblammycare, (gonna start calling GOPcare since the fukwads couldnt get a simple repeal done correctly (yeah, I’m lookin’ at you McStain!!! You and a few other quisiling shits!) )  this post is NOT about that, specifically, more about government in general and how, on a day to day basis, we truly don’t need it. A government that governs best, governs least.  (There have been some that are arguing for a return to monarchism, but I have reservations even with that)

Some call it anarchism, some call it other things, I just think its common sense.  

So, who benefits?  It certainly is not Joe blow average in the heartland.  The guys that buy into joining the military to defend the US anf liberty and freedom for all.  It sure isnt the little shop owner that struggles to make ends meet while jumping through hoops to make sure they arent in violation of some obscure wording in some even more obscure way, all while being an unpaid tax collector.

Why now? Why not?  Even Greenspan is saying collapse is imminent.  Some one is leaking shit to stir up the gristle in the bottom of the pot.  (This answer should lead back to question one, but for simplicity, I will continue forward)

Wheres the money?  Blown away, blown into vapid things called debt instruments, blown out of your wallet before you were even born.  

And there lies the fourth question: Are we being played?  I will leave you all with that warm n fuzzy feeling to think about for awhile.


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