Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


One reason I have been quiet of late is due to really covering the blogosphere for impressions of the state of the world.  

Man, it is getting ugly out there.  Divisions started by the Lame stream are really starting to look like crevasses, and in some areas, canyons.  

Racially, I am neutral: dont give two shits about your skin color, so long as you are intelligent, hardworking, and believe in meritocracy.  That whole character above color thing.  And I know many of you have met that ‘white trash’ that is just as disreputable and uncouth as any ghetto trash.  It isnt strictly regulated to blacks.  I have met gangers of all stripes, and all of were worth my efforts of avoidance.  Having been around the country, going to schools in Arizona and Ohio, I managed to get a pretty good feel for character assessment through observation without interaction.  One of the schools in AZ I attended was 95% hispanic 1% (closer to .5%) black with remainder being white.  There were 7 of us white kids.  The one black kid that actually came to school hung out with us white folk as he was REALLY hated by the hispanics.  It wasn’t safe for him even then, but at least he had witnesses that would back him. And we had to on a couple of occasions, as well as hold the line while advancing to the rear.  Outnumbered always, we never started shit, but we learned early on how to finish it, and tacticly removed ourselves from more at the same time.  

I was eleven then.  Think about that.  Not just the age, but the years since and ” how far we’ve come” in our ‘Liberal society’.

At that time, getting an education was secondary to surviving to get home.  I wouldn’t take my books home with me because they slowed me down. I wouldn’t walk the same way twice, and never ‘shortcuts’ through alleys.  Only main roads where, if somehow I did get cornered alone, I at least had room and a chance to make a break for it.  Yeah, run like hell, cuz chances are, you were about to get piled on by at least four.  They never came at you by themselves, singly, only in groups.

But I don’t  profile hispanics anymore than I do blacks.  Those kids grew up, same as me, and that meant more than a few became adults as well.  There are some, not just hispanic, black, yellow, whatever, that don’t grow up.  They are the ones that give the ‘rep’ of ghetto, gangsta, thug, whatnot, that tends to color perception.  There are a few white folk, even around the hills where I live, that act like they are the “typical ghetto thug”  so it isn’t “just blacks”.

Is there a disparity in ratio of black thug to white thug or hispanic thug?  Hell yes!  I may have a different racial perspective, but I am not blind.  I realize that, more often than not, that thuggy shit is directly associated with welfare.  In every situation I have been witness to, the late teen thug that didn’t grow out that shit was supported by the state/county/whatever system and more often than not did not have a father at home, or if they did (rare), the father was just as much a thug.  Moms are wonderful things, but a Dad is needed.  And supporting people the way our system has over the last 50ish years is NOT helping.  It feeds the problem further.  All you need for proof of that is to watch the utube vids of bragging welfare moms discussing how much they earn for popping babies out.  Those kids are nothing but a monthly check to those women, and that trickles down to yet another broken homo sapien in need of support by the system, cradle to grave.  Note, I said homo sapien, not Human.  The thugs are far more animal and don’t rate human status in my book. (Watch a pack of feral dogs, then observe a Saturday night on any corner in Chicago or Detroit. Other than how many feet they have on the ground, the similarities are astounding.)

Thats the meat of where the ugliness has birthed, but not the why of it.  The ugliness I have been reading is reaching levels and content that remind me of earlier KKK days.  And its not limited to whites, I am seeing it in spheres of other races as well.  

There will be no going back if this continues at its current pace. That guy that predicted the Balkinization of CONUS may have been quite conservative in his predictions.  

Most people won’t see the things I am discussing here.  They tend to stay in their little enclaves of society, places where the thugs aren’t likely to visit.  The media blatantly gloss over these things and if they do report on it, spin the words to avoid being labeled racist.  

I may not be ‘racial’ in the normal regard, but with current trends, I have modified my stance some.  I have fast become the separatist.  I stay away from all non-white race areas and am wary of any non-whites I don’t recognize in the areas I do frequent.  (There’s a black guy that eats at the same diner as I do and he is not a thug by any means.  He dresses well, and on Sundays comes in with his wife and daughter, dressed to the nines for church.  No issues with him at all.)  

So, am I prejudiced?  

Yupp.  But prejudice is not ‘racist’.  It literally means “pre-judged”, nothing else. I don’t even trust many of the whites if they dress like street trash.  Color aside, if someone is dressed decently, doesn’t smell like a dog or like a dog with half a bottle of cologne on, and is acting civily, they have a chance to prove they are decent.  If they drop any one of the above criteria, they will be treated as such until proving themselves otherwise.  (I know there are days where I know I am going to trash the clothes I’m wearing so don’t wear anything nice.  At least I try to not smell bad, and not by drowning a stink in cologne.  I expect that others do similar when the situation calls for it.) And if they ‘strut’ or whatever that silly ass street swagger is called, I go code red and watch for trouble.  Color doesn’t mean a damned thing as we have more than a few white trouble makers around here that act the same as the black thugs I encountered in Cincy. 

Heinlein said in one of his books (“Friday”, my first introduction to Heinlein) that the first sign of a dying society was personal rudeness.  Treating people badly as first choice.  We are at the stage where even those ‘raised better’ are starting with rudeness, before polity.  Example being one such as I have stated in prejudicial stance. (I’m no hypocrit, I admit my fallacy) .  Also, the state of public restrooms is a symptom but one that is readily seen.  You might note that in higher income areas, the public restrooms are pretty decent, but that level starts to fall as the income level, and even gets to the point of non-existence because proprietors aren’t willing to clean up after animals or make constant repairs on facilities. (And have you seen the prices on plumbing fixtures? Even doing repairs themselves, that costs! Add in hiring a plumber, astronomical! I can’t blame them for keeping the toilets locked up.)

Ugly divisions between and even within groups.  Lack of common language  (I don’t speak ebonics, or any of the other slanged bastardized variants of English common in inner cities.) No common principles. (And many without basic principles!)  Religious factions at odds with other factions (Christian vs the Mohammadem.(which really isnt a religion but a political ideaology wrapped in vague religious trappings))(and this area is growing no thanks to an electorate playing silly ass games with population for personal gain.) The list just keeps getting longer, and the divisions wider.

I hate the facts, but I won’t ignore them.  I just bide my time, prepping, hoping, trying to teach some of this stuff to any that are actually listening.  

K, enough of this tonight.  Y’all take it easy ‘n keep your eyes open.


3 responses

  1. Spud

    I mostly agree with your stance on racism Dio.
    My stance is much the same , and I tend to just keep myself apart from groups which hate.
    These days this is difficult however , as everyone seems to be hating on something.
    Though if you’re correct on social and economic status being prime motivation toward hate and racism. Then what the hell is with Trump ? That dude carries some major hate toward everyone it seems. Even though he was born with a silver spoon firmly embedded up his ass. Which kinda ruins the stereotype of poor equals racist rude dude in his case anyway.
    He is nothing more than a con artist.
    Yet he seems to have a loyal following of haters wanting yesterday….

    Kinda think it is a good time to be a separatist…as there is no good leadership on the horizon.
    The left just wants to cater to the metro sexual , fringe 1% which are LGTB or gun grabbers. Whereas the right seems to only think of the upper elite wealthy.
    Leaving the middle with no voice….

    June 27, 2017 at 5:17 am

    • In response to your question about Trump: I’ve met and I am sure you have as well, people that just don’t like anyone, period! Trump seems to me to be one of those. Such people can put on a good show, but in the end, nothing is different, they hate the world. I dunno the why, but, if I were to hazard a guess, it would be something with hating themselves more and the external hate is just a reflection of the inner problem. Look at other examples in history of stupendously wealthy types and you’ll see similar traits there as well.
      I think there is a lot of division in this country, as already stated, but I don’t see Trump as the cause, but an outward symptom showing, in response to the patient looking for the cure. Think about that for a minute. There are enough people beyond frustrated with current course and speed that even a bad choice was good enough to get off the couch for.
      To little to late IMO but,,,

      June 27, 2017 at 5:37 am

      • Spud

        There is no doubt that Trump is a reflection of 30-40% of the public.

        June 29, 2017 at 1:44 pm

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