Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

A breeze, a walk and some thinkin’

Still beating around in storyland trying to get the mechanix of the story rolling again, took another long weekend in an effort to let my body continue healing itself.(burnin’ up my vaca but for good purpose)

And watching events unfold in the District of Criminals.

I aint happy about certain things, some happening and some obviously NOT happening.  

Take the whole repeal and replace BS that didnt happen.  I’m happy it folded, but only because the Oblammycare-lite that Herr Ryan proposed was not the solution.  The solution starts with full on balls to the wall repeal and shutdown of that mess.  They passed this oodles of times under Oblammy, so what the hell is the issue when the Prez is cool with the idea? Its called, ‘we want “our fingers”in this pie’ (read, Huge Tax Revenues!)


And why in hell is Trump still operating with a 75% or higher level of former president staff in the Executive branch.  I have some thoughts there and no possible way of figuring which is closest to reality. All I can speculate is: its either a tactical move or collusion.  If tactical, this ball needs a good swift kick.  If collusion, Trump needs a good swift kick to remind him of all the people that voted for him and their expectations.  

And Oblammy-o-boy needs to get his narrow ass back to Hawaii , turn off the damned phone and be a retired Prez like all of his predecessors.  I thought after January we would see the last of that faggot, then I see his ugly mug at the top of Drudge first thing today.  Honestly made me lose my breakfast.  (Only thing that coulda made it worse would have been him and his prop wife, Moosechelle)

I dont know.  Am I on the same page as others, as in, something ain’t right and the smell of ‘fucked again’ is starting to spread.  Maybe I am just so used to the mess, that I can’t see any good out of that area.  I just dont know anymore.

Only one good thought keeps me from blowing up completely.  I still have my preps and I am working on getting me back up to par.  Let the leviathan blow, I am still as ready as I am ever been and getting better everyday.


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