Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Title to be decided pt13

An intermission :

Aug 2016: T and G hook up with a group of anarchists outside of Tucson AZ. One has a hangar in the desert, and that is where T and g part ways for a spell. 

Nov2016 :Trump wins the presidential election and the lefties start to blow up.

T sells off the dually and trailer in Oklahoma.  ATF is tracking his movements.

Dec 2016:Trump wins the electoral college vote with room to spare and the lefties start making plans to disrupt every aspect of his presidency. 

G starts laying framework for a carbon composite F18 Eagle in 1/4 scale.

Jan 2017: Trump takes office with almost nothing getting out of hand in DC.

T is apprehended by the ATF in Montana, but no charges filed, and he is released 2 days later. 9 hours after release, the local ATF office is destroyed to its foundations in the middle of the night. Evidence indicates an LPG tank wrapped in tannerite was the method.  T is not a suspect due to the nature of the bomb, Agents on the case say the bomb was too crude to indicate his involvement. 

Feb 2017. New Supreme court justices are sworn in, tipping the conservative progressive stance 5 to 4.  Justice Ginsberg retires claiming health reasons and Trump adds another Conservative justice to the bench making the ratio 6-3. The progressive scream can be heard on Mars.

G gets delivery of a large crate from Sweden.  Inside are two quarterscale turbo jet engines with afterburners and variable diameter exit nozzles and hardware/software package.  G’s new friends get to see how a guy in a wheelchair can dance.

April 2017: Work begins on “The Wall”. Contrary to media reporting, Mexico provides 90%of the labor force, while the remaining 10% comes from Army Corp of Engineers.  All material is sourced from local providers.  The dollar hits a new high in the markets.

Jihadists begin attacks on public venues along the eastern seaboard.  National Guard is called in to support local police forces.

California Governor fails a recall and a new election ensues. State Congress  immediately starts Secession proceedings with approval of the Governor Pro-tem.  Trump shuts off all water transfers via the Colorado River saying “when you can pay for it, you can have it.”

T returns to AZ, but maintains a discreet distance from his friends by getting an apartment in Phoenix.  ATF is still watching him.

G makes a maiden flight of the new F18.  Top speed of 387knots. His friends get to see that dance again.

Late July 2017: T makes a trip to the Slabs in California. There he purchases a full size Sportsman RV and a small 4×4 pickup with a towbar already mounted on its front bumper. 

September 2017: President Trump, President Putin, and three leaders of Independent European countries meet to work on trade relations.   The IMF collapses, followed by the remainder of the EU and the Federal Reserve implodes. China closes all ports and all shipping is recalled, while the Chinese navy takes an agressive stance in all of its shipping lanes. 
T returns to Tucson and retreats to the hangar. There both G and T begin modifying the RV to accomadate 2 planes, flight rig and a workshop/chemlab. ATF had dropped his trail when he went into California.

Oregon and Washington State join California in Secession; all three enter into negotiations with China.  China plans to establish a base on the old Camp Pendleton  and uses Coronado Bay as a naval base. War drums begin to be heard from DC.

October 2017: President Trump  in a move to alleviate Government spending cuts all welfare benefits with the exception of disabled Veterans.  Social Security is suspended for any not already in the system, and Medicare/Medicaid is eliminated entirely.  Riots break out in every major city by months end.

November 2017: Martial Law is declared and all overseas military are recalled home.

Our heroes begin trekking with the new rig, eastward.


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