Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Title to be decided pt6

Chapter 6; G’s ruminations:

   30 minutes from nowhere, and that nowhere is 85 minutes from anywhere. Its frikken hot here in Texas mid-July, and the only time you get a breeze, if you want to call 40mph gusts a breeze, is right after dawn and right around sunset. We had to drive stakes in the ground to tie-down the trailer due to those breezes.  Lost a day to that alone, but this location makes it worth it.  We have enough distance between us and the nearest living thing not on hooves, that we can launch dummy rockets and test the new design out.  Of course, T is the one doing the ‘fun stuff’, I get stuck packing a black powder and confectioners sugar mixed with alcohol into a clay like mess, into tubes.   Can’t really complain, I’m in shade, its not hard work, and it means I am less likely to have a flame out on our next run. Have ta say, seeing those pressure gauges whomp down to nothing always gave me a start. I’m kinda attached to that plane emotionally and having to ditch her would be like losing my legs again and my best friend in one blow.  No thanks, I’ll stuff rockets until we get this shit right and never say boo about it.  

Maybe I shouldn’t even think bad about it: T is in the trailer cooking, and he can only do that when we can run the genny to power the AC unit.  His side of things is a whole lot touchier than the goop I am playing with and he won’t touch it if the temps are above 60 in that trailer.  I guess I am getting used to this heat ’cause I freeze my butt off if I have to give him a hand.

That’s alright, I hate chemistry and I still don’t understand how acids can make boomers.  That RDX he has been making really rocks my world from the air, and its just as potent as some of the high grade stuff I used to play with in the sandbox. He says its just proper application of grit and good detonators,  but the pound of it we put in those warheads on these rockets really does a number.  Hell, I’ve seen condensation rings from the concussion.  That’s no improvised level boom, thats high grade straight out of Uncle Sams bunker kinda boom. 

Yeah, good detonators,  make me laugh.  They work but damned if they don’t scare me.  A .308 blank with double base followed by PETN and a star crimp to keep it all together.   Load in the back of the warhead in its tube, insert ball point pen spring, push pin into place and then the ball bearing  and lost toy charge, and seal it up. Its loading that PETN that bothers me.  That stuff can be pretty touchy and here we are adding smokeless powder to it and then adding friction by crimping that case.  T says it would not do much inside the die in the press, but I can just see that thing launching the top of the press through the roof of the trailer.

There,  another tube ready. These ceramic nozzles seem to be working loads better, but I really won’t know until I launch one from Damocles.  Then I get the birds eye view and I can see better whats happening. Perspective is everything.

One more project we have here is to  layer the leading edge of the wings in aluminum sheet.  Don’t want to burn off my wings while doing a strafing dive from 3000′ .  That wouldnt be any fun, even if the view would be incredible.  I found this epoxy that Lotus used when making the Elise.  They put that entire car together without bolts and the frames held together so well in crash tests, the breaks occurred along the epoxy joints, not in them.    That is going to move my CoG forward a bit but shouldn’t mess with me too much: I’d rather be a little nose heavy than tail heavy. It can make final approach more interesting, but then, final approach is always interesting.

Only 30 more tubes to pack, gonna be a long day, but this heat actually helps by drying the mix faster.  Next stop, Nogales Arizona.  T said he has some friends out there that need airborne recon done, possibly air support though not like what we just did in Brownsville.  Those poor guys needed that help, and I think the Captain was more than a little shocked by what he saw.  That cartel was getting ready to cross the border and wipe those boys out.  I know for a fact I blew two jeeps apart that had mounted heavy guns on the roll bars.  Those boys wouldn’t have stood a chance against heavy weapons.  Its just a cryin shame that our first black president won’t do anything but play the quisling for world whatever.  Talking to some of the ICE people back there, they don’t even bother sending reports uphill anymore, and just look the other way when the militia does what they can’t.  I only hope that that incident gets buried in all of the shit that has been happening down this way. 

Maybe things will change sfter this election cycle.  I hear that Trump guy is taking names on the establishment and giving no mercy.  One can hope.  My biggest hope is that whoever gets in, they take care of all the mess the last eight years have left us in.  

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