Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Title to be decided pt4

G’s diary chapter 4:

 March 2012: R&D isnt cheap.  We bought 6 of those turbines from the guy in Switzerland and he gave us a hella deal, but €35000 took a large chunk of both mine and T’s savings.  Now we just gotta get ’em outta Customs hands.  

July 2012: crates just showed up, now we get to figure out how to make the engine mounts.  Looks like I am welding again. Gotta figure some way of keeping the spat out of my lap. That shit hurts and its not like I can get away from it easy.

August 2012: mounts are ready for testing and I didn’t burn my dick off,  yay me!   We loaded up T’s beat up ranger and have the engines and mounts bolted to the bed.  Gonna take it down to the track and open them things up. T figures if they can get the truck to rolling from a dead stop and the mounts hold up, then we are about one month out from a test flight.  Can’t wait, feeling like a kid at Christmas here.  Want to see what the world looks like through those eyeballs we gave this bird.


WOOOOOT! TOTAL AW3SOME SAUCE! 75mph 1/4 mile from dead stop and 800lbs overweight!  We have SO got this.  And we have 4 back ups to boot.  Those Swiss really know how to build this shit!

I can’t hear shit now, even with those huge mouse ears,  this is better than any rock concert I’ve been to.

Sept 2012:  just cabbed back from my favorite gunny’s house. The Brrrt is almost ready and he is tossing in a pallet of Israeli 308 nato to feed it.  Said all he wants is to be there when I do my first strafing run. T is out truck n trailer shopping,  his early retirement came through and I swear, he looks like he shed about 20 years in the last 24 hours. Can’t say I won’t miss this town but there are people that need what we have, and it will feel good to be doing something besides welding and glassing airframes. And why lie, the view just can not be beat; I forget I am sitting in a rig while flying and forget I dont have legs.

(This isnt whats in the editor, so y’all get more yet.  Hang on, trying to juggle greasy piglets and keep my world turning on one axis isn’t as easy as it looks.)

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