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Title to be decided pt3

Private Williams story Chap 3
“Man,,ah’m tellin’ ya, it was nutz.  Fuhst off,,the Cap’n tells us to clear out n level a space 15 feet wide and 200 long and never told us why.  The next day the old guy n cripple showed up and the Cap’n was all hush hush ’bout everythin’, but he ushered those two in like they was royalty er sumpin’.” 

 “This was Brownsville, correct?”

“Yeah, about 60 miles west but close’nuff.  Anyways, these two talk to the Cap’n a bit then went out to their rig.  Nice rig too.  Big Chevy superduty dually with a 28 foot goose necked covered car trailer in tow. They laid out the rear ramp and I saw the ugliest airplane you’se ever seen.  Looked like it had a big eyeball on the tip of the nose and right below that five shiny gun barrels .   Dunno fer certain, but I don’think it was just show either; they was flash burns in the paint just above the top barrel.”

“A plane?  In a car trailer?  Are you sure?”

“Damned sure.  It didnt have its wings on, they was in racks on the walls.  I couldnt see much else behind that, the whole thing blocked out everything else. But damn that thing looked mean.  After a few minutes, the cripple comes rolling out with something big and long sticking up out of the back of his chair.  He motioned for one of us to follow him and then headed for that cleared area.  Rojas went and helped him.  They rolled out what looked like a rope in the middle of that area then set up that long thing.  I swear it looked just like a bird wid its wings spread from where I was.  The cripple then did sumpin’ to it with his phone, it chirped at him then rolled on down that area and took off like it was alive or sumpin’.”

“It took off by itself? ” 

“I swear to you, wudnt no one even lookin’ at it when rolled off.  The cripple was wheeling back to the rig and didn’t even look back.  The old guy was walking back to the Cap’n’s tent with a laptop and wudnt payin no mind to nuttin.”

“What was going on with your unit at the time? More specifically, why was your unit in Brownsville?”

“We’d been tangling with sum Cartel boys fer ’bout a month, and they’d been whittlin’us down next tuh nuttin”.  Couldnt get no help from no one and the Guv was hog tied up ‘ccordin’ to the Cap’n.”

“This was on the American side of the border, not the Mexican side?”

“Don’ go believing what the news was saying, I know damned well we never crossed no borders while we was there.  We were fighting these guys daily and they’d go back across the fence and re-up then come back the next day just as strongs as they left. ”

“So what happened next?”

“Well nuttin much for a few hours, then that bird came back, landed like it knew its way around and rolled right up to the end of that rope and started sqauking loud and clear.  The old guy came out then and took it back to the rig.  Then we did more of what we got real good at: hurry up n wait.   We didn’ do nuttin the rest of the day.  Things got busy when it got dark though.  That was when I got a real good look at that plane. I was part of the crew putting it together.  Other then that eyeball on the front and no canopy, it looked jes like an ol warthog jet like I used to see flying in the movies. Smelled real too, jet fuel smell n all.”

“Jet fuel?”

“Yup, good ol’ JP5 kerosene smell.  But add in burnt gunpowder, resin smells and electronics and that was what I smelled while we were putting that thing together.” 

“What else did you notice? “

“The engines.  They looked like small jet engines, abou’ 8 inches across the front. Two of ’em on either side just forward of the tail, and there were heat marks around them. Those little things were the real deal.  I know that for a fact ‘cuz when that thing took off later you could see the fire in ’em as it rolled down the runway, and loud, jeez  they was loud.”

“Anything else? Were there any weapons that you could see other than those gun barrels? “

“Sho’nuff.  Bunch of rockets mounted under the wings with little red flags on the front end.  I ‘member those cuz I was the one that pulled those flags off before it took off.”

“Rockets?  How many if you can recall?”

“‘Bout 16 or so.  Didnt look like much, ’bout 2 inches across and 3 feet long. And home made, you could tell because the tubes still had the print on ’em.  Just PVC pipe with a metal head on one end and some fins glued on.  Looked fake as hell.”

“How were they attached to the wing?”

“That was simple, two small hooks ’bout a foot apart and there were two small tubes attached to the rocket.  Slide the rocket onto the hooks and tie a piece of string to the front hook and tube.  We used heavy thread.  The other guys were putting what looked like the heads from flares with a pair of wires in them into the back side of the rocket.  ”

“Do you think these rockets were real, as in, that they actually were rockets, or just props?”

“Naw, they was real alright.  I saw the burn marks in the wings when it came back.  Dunno what they did when they flew, but they definitely flew off those wings.”

“What happened later?”

“I told you I saw that plane take off, it was gone about four hours and I never saw the cripple the whole time.  I did see the old guy when he went amd got the Cap’n and they both went into that trailer and a couple hours later that plane came back and we was workin’like dogs to get it back in the trailer. Thats when I saw those burn marks on the wings, and knew they was fresh cuz they smelt burnt.  An hour later, they rolled outta there and we was still bustin ass tearing up that runway.”

“And then?”

“Then nuttin’.  We never had another issue with the Cartel boys again.  We might see ’em in occasion , but they were never strong enough to cause us problems again.  Dunno what those guys did, but they did what others wouldn’t do and what we couldn’t do. ”

“I thank you for your time and honesty Private Williams,  you’ve done us a service today.”

“No problem Agent Dodd, I hope you see they’s  good people and not hassle ’em much. They did us good fer certain and didn’ask nuttin in return.”

“Time will tell, but its not up to me.  Thank you again.”

2 responses

  1. PaleRider

    Pvt Who? That person would become MIA for sure, way to much easily shared Intel, totally unacceptable, diffidently no OpSec from that individual.

    I know everyone it’s fictional and good fiction at that, but do remember “loose lips, sink ships” so as a internal reminder to oneself “OpSec” on all things.

    From your favorite fishing hole or your great private hunting spot to the matters sensitive day to day.

    Good read so far Dio.

    December 14, 2016 at 7:51 am

    • That was part of the point in this chapter. The name part is inspired by an ex GF. LOL

      December 14, 2016 at 8:22 am

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