Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Three days, 72 hours

​Its  been  72 hours  since  HRC conceded  the  run to  President  Elect  Trump.   In that  time, I have  watched the  immature  whinings  of both sides  of the  win/lose  aisle,  and all  I can  say  is, same  old same  old. I don’t  think  there  is  one  person about  my spheres  that  voted for  Trump because  they  thought  he  was  a cool  dude.   I pretty  firmly  think  that  his  success  as  presidential  candidate  had everything to do with  the fact  that  us  “uneducated white  male  racists”  are  just  sick and tired of the  status  quo in the  District  of Criminals,  and  Trump sold us  on the  promise  to “Drain  the  swamp”.   Another factor  that  I think  played a  role  was  that  many  die-hard Democrats  of the  old-school  type  just  didn’t  want  to  give  HRC the  win and  stayed home.  Even many  of the  older  democrats  that  share  coffee  on my  uncles  porch couldn’t swallow  her BS  and stated as  much.   There  are  many  that  did  so in  these  parts  and a  danged  good reason Kentucky  looked  so Red in  the  maps.    Louisville  and Lexington  areas  were  the  only  blue  zones.   

Well,  all  of that  is  water under the  bridge  as  they  say.   Or, Is  it? Seems  that  we  have  a  long road  ahead of us  still.    We  may  have  thwarted  WWIII by  electing  Trump: God knows  that  there  are  more  tables  being  set  for negotiations  than  there  were  a  week ago.    Putin, Dueturte, and others  are  all  willing to sit  down now, not  just  rattle  sabers  and prepare  the  armories.   This  is  a  good thing,  and only  because  SHE  didn’t  win.    Thats  the  easy  side  of  Trumps  win.   Granted negotiations  can stall, fail, or even  flare-up.  But  negotiations  are  so much better than  blatant  troop movements  without  diplomatic  intervention.

 Still, there  is  the  whining from  the  win side  that  is  bothering me.    We  all  know/knew  that  a  Trump  win would cause  the  losers  to  immediately  go into  protest  mode.    And on cue,  they  did  just  that;  if  you want  to call  riots, protests.    It’s  all  good, they  are  operating by  the  playbook,  as  expected.   What  isn’t by  the  playbook is  the  winners  whining that  Trump isn’t  playing right.    That  he  is  taking  on old-school cronies  from  the  Bush and  Reagan eras  as  his  advisors, and  that  is  just  not  right,  wha-wha!    Heres  a  clue  for you, and one  you  already  know  if  you  know  anything about  Trump.   “You’re  fired” ring  a  bell?    He  is  going to  hedge  his  bets  with  known people  at  the  starting gate.   He  is  going to  have a  time  period in  which  he  wants  to see  a  certain amount  of progress  on what  he  needs  done,  and if those people  are  not  doing so, or waffling, or even  metastasizing  into  something resembling  what  he  is replacing,  then “You’re  Fired”  comes  into  play.    The  man  has  resources  that  are  NOT  located  within the  Beltway.    He  has  the  ability  to push hard when need  arises.   I am  not  saying this  man is  a  saint, or hero.  I am  saying its  been a  very  short  72 hours  and  already  the griping  is  coming  out.   I have  to say,  I am  far more  impressed by  Trump than  I have  any  other president  elect  since  I left  the  higher school.   He  has  made  more  of an impact  on the  WORLD, just  by the  fact  that  his  election snuffed the  smouldering  burn that  was  about  to erupt  into  WWIII;  and that alone  is  giving  me  hope  that  there  is  more  than  just  words  about  this  cycle.   

  I don’t  care  if they  ever build  that  wall  on the  US/Mexico border.    Just  enforce  the  laws  we  have  in  place  and that  would do it.  Let  the  ICE  people  do their  damned  job instead  of telling them  to  stand down like  Oblammy-o-boy  has been  doing.   I don’t  think  his  import  Tax on US  corporations  shipping in  from  overseas  will  play  out the  way  he  said it  would.    This  one  seems  like  a  loaded  gun with a  plugged  barrel  to me.    Anyone  that knows  even the  basics  of economics  knows  that  Corporations  don’t  actually  pay  taxes.    Those  costs  are calculated  out  and added  to the  end product  and  the  consumer  pays  it.    Think  about  that.    A  30% tax on Ipod/Ipad/Iphones  would bump the  price  up that  much, if  not  more.    Apple  will  happily  pay  that price  if they  are  still  able  to  sell  their products, and  the  winner  is?   Big Government.    They  get  more money  and the  loser, the  consumer, gets  to pay  it  for  Apple.    So, no, I think  this  plan  needs  some  other considerations  before  enacting it.    There  has  to be  a  better  way  of getting  the  manufacturing back  in the  States, and  punishing the  corporations  by  attacking the  pocket  book of the  consumers  is  not  that way.   I have  further thoughts  on this, but  not  enough of a  thinktank,  nor paid enough to  really  go into depth.   I do think  that  there  needs  to  be  renegotiation on many  of our  Trade  Pacts  as  these  really  are what  set  us  up for where  we  are  now, at  least  as  a  manufacturing country.   Now, none  of the  above  is  intended as  a  gripe.   I know  and knew  going in,  that  over  half of what Trump  was  saying  was  designed  to get  people  to  vote  for him.    That  is  called politics, and  it  has  been that  way  since  Ogg sold Ugg on moving  across  the  river  for better  hunting.  No one, not  no one  is  ever ever  going to be  100% satisfied  with the  end  product  of politics.    And never ever  forget  that  politics  is just  War played  nice.   Another  way  of looking at  it is, war is  what  happens  when politics  fails, but  fact  is, they  are  one  and the  same  coin,  just  opposite  sides.   With that  in  mind, my only  fear is  that  the  facade we  were  seeing  in the  election  cycle  is  just  that,  a  facade;  a  thin veneer disguising a  clone  of HRC.   I can  only  hope  that  some  of his  rhetoric  rubbed off and he  started seeing  a  patriotic  side  of himself  that will  keep him  in line  with  his  “sell”. 

And on that  note, we  ain’t  done  yet.    There  needs  to be  a  watchdog  mentality  amongst  us  that  is  willing to  step up and let  him  know  with  no uncertainty  that  he  is  wobbling,  if and  when such happens.     I know  I am  tired of watching people  get  sent  to DC to fix  the  ills  of this  country,  only  to  watch them morph  into the  very  thing  we  sent  them  to fix.    (Keep  that  in mind  Rand Paul.    You ain’t  your  daddy, and  we  wanted  a  younger version  of him  up there.   Ya  may  want  to get  back  in line  soon and we  gave you  a  second  chance.)    Its  only  been  72 hours  and so far,  so good.    Time  will  tell  if our choice  has  any merit  or if we  have  been  taken  again.    And if we  find  we  have  been taken again, only  God knows  what  will  happen  to this  country. So, keep  at  it,  we  ain’t  done  yet,  make  some  plans, stick  to them, and keep  prepping.    Only  history  is written in  stone, and preps  are  just  insurance  against  the  unknown future.  Keep improving  YOU, and your space  in the  world,  and don’t  go depending  on someone  with “good hair”  to do it  for you.

7 responses

  1. wonderdawg

    Amazing 72 hours and already so many things improved. .FIRST, the MSM, Press have been exposed for the absolutely phoney fools they are….his leaving them behind on the Tarmac as he flew to DC for the obligatory meetup with the Chump and sitting the Chump up to seem important, when Trumps body language showed the contempt he really feels for that imposter…the dishing the press once again and leaving them in the dust once again looking and sounding like the fools they be,lol…
    His transition team already had a few “your fired” moments, as Christie was demoted to co-chair and only family and close, loyal trusted non- leakers seeking the absolute best without concerns for political payback…refreshing to me for sure….
    The true deplorables being shown as being the HRC whiners and protesters with support from Soros…which if a map overlay of the hotspots matchup exact with the blue states and counties…
    The stock market at highest EVER and the dollar value very high. Leaders from allover that thought the Chump just a joke have reached out, including Russia, Israel and Philipines and so many others that just days ago were posturing for war…
    Another icing is the outting of the irrevelant celebrity crowd that thought their threat of leaving might carry weight, lol…just proved once again what a bunch of phonies…
    So, so much more positive things have occurred since 3 am Nov 9 when HRC conceded….BUT, one thing in particular moved me to tears… I attended a Veterans Appreciation Function at my Grand daughters school yesterday and witnessed first hand the relief and happiness shown by the little ones over Trumps Victory. The showing of colors, the songs, the speeches all rung home like never before….
    There is a change in the air and its Positive Change….don’t blow Mr. President Elect Trump….those little ones depend on you.

    November 12, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    • Been hearing similar from several places. Damned good feeling. Feels like a death row inmate getting a last minute pardon , instant relief. We gotta keep this rolling.

      November 12, 2016 at 3:42 pm

  2. Spud

    It was announced today that HRC will play a major role in his administration……WTF ?

    November 12, 2016 at 4:00 pm

    • Spud

      No worries…..
      It was a joke put out by Joe the plumber…..

      November 12, 2016 at 4:11 pm

      • Only if by being ‘apart’ and not ‘a part’ :huge distinction there.

        November 12, 2016 at 4:35 pm

  3. Call T. Don

    You economic example of apple only applies to apple products built in foreign countries……any made here in the Good ‘Ol U.S.A would not pay the tax…..and which one does the consumer buy? Almost certainly the one that is produced without a 30% “fine”. If it can’t be made here cheaper, then we have economic problems alright, but they are one of weakness on our part, and no longer because of unfair monetary or other manipulation on the part of foreign producers The idea of import taxes is to persuade companies to locate here. In the short term prices may rise, but prices will level to match demand and may even drop depending on freight cost changes. Even if that were not true I would prefer to buy higher and have something, rather than continue on the path of supporting those not working so my iPod is cheaper. All this “cheap” foreign “stuff” costs way to much.

    November 12, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    • “If it can’t be made cheaper here, then we have economic problems alright. ”
      Yes we do, most explicitly, have problems alright. I understand the reasoning behind the tax; an attempt to create an imbalance to coerce the companies to return to our shores. I also see large flaws in it, essentially the lack of a reward. I know the proposal is not complete as of now, I just wanted to point out how there was a flaw that may cause it to backfire.
      Apple was just one such, but there are many many others, just as there are many that would pull back home. One aspect that Trump touched on is the minimum wage thing, and not raising it but lowering it. This will have to be handles with lead lined gloves due to so many in this country thinking they “deserve” higher wages. And we need to deal with those on the support that don’t have anything wrong with them that a month in rehab should deal with.
      Lots more on this but it can be dealt with in a post.

      November 13, 2016 at 5:15 am

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