Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

A short fiction?

​November  10th  2016, In a  darkened room  somewhere  on the  east  coast,  Hillary  is  staring into  a  computer monitor. 

“Ms  Clinton,  and how  are  you  tonight  dear?”  comes  a  voice  from  the  speakers.

 “I’d be  much  better if you  had  held to  your  end of the  deal  and  I had been elected.   Whats  with  this  Ms Clinton anyway?   You have  always  used  my  first  name.” 

“In truth,  its  a  diplomatic  way  of feigning polity  in  a  conversation.    To be  honest, I am  not  at  all happy  about  the  current  situation.” 

“You think!”  screeches  Hillary.  “  I was  supposed to  be  the  first  woman  President  of the  United  States, and  here  I am  having to  concede  to that  womanizer.    What  happened?  This  was  supposed to  be  in the bag?” 

“We did  everything  we  could on our end, but  the  voters would not  have  accepted the  outcome  we had  in mind.   The  actual  votes  for Mr.  Trump  exceeded even  our most  outlandish predictions.   The actual  counts  before  our manipulations  had  him  at  73% of popular vote.   Your supporters  only accounted  for 15%.    There  was  no way  we  could flip  that  many  without  drawing an  inordinate  amount of suspicion  on our end.”

 “15%?!?!?!  My  people  Love  me, there  had to  be  more  than that!” 

“Sorry  Ms, Clinton, I am  only  being  honest  here  to show  you  that  we  tried what  we  could,  there  was  just no way  that  we  could  accomplish this  without  tipping our hand.” 

“Well  I sure  hope  that  you  have  a  solution  for all  of this, because  when that  man  takes  office, people are  going to hang.    He  won’t  back  down on that  promise  to the  people  to fix the  corruption  he  claims  is rampant.”

 “We  do, and  you  will  be  well  taken care  of, no worries.”

 “So where  am  I going, there  is  no way  I can  stay  here.   That  man  will  have  every  law  agency  working overtime  to find every  last  bit  of dirt  on myself, Bill  and  Barry. ”

“Don’t  worry.    There  is  a  team  enroute  to  you  as  we  speak,  to help  take  care  of the  details.  One of your own people  is  a  part  of that  team  now  and  he  will  fill  you  in on the  details.” 

“Good.   I want  out  of this  stinking  country  with  its  rednecks  and  hillbillies.   How  long  before  I know?”

 “It  will  be  shortly,   Your man is  going to  give  you  details  just  before  the  team  gets  there.” A soft  click  is  heard as  a  door opens.    A  large  black man  in a  suit  peeks  in and clears  his  throat. “Hillary,  its  time  for your meds.   Are  we  able  to do this  right  now?” 

“Give  me  a  minute  Tom.” 

“Sure  thing Ma’am” He  steps  back  out, closing  the  door behind  him.

 “Ms  Clinton,  go ahead  and get  your meds, I can wait.   There  is  more  that  needs  said yet.”

 “Ok, this  won’t  take  but  a  minute;  Tom  is  the  best  at  this, and  that’s  why  I kept  him  on-board  even if  is he  is  a  man and  black,”   Hillary  says  as  she  gets  up from  her chair  and proceeds  to  the  door. 

“Tom,  go ahead  with the  meds, but  keep  an eye  out  for a  group that  is  supposed to  meet  us  here please.”    Tom  approaches  her and  administers  a  hypo  into  her upper shoulder,  then hands  her a  cup with  some  pills  and a  glass  of water.    After  she  swallows  the  pills, she  grabs  the  door frame  and  Tom grabs  her left  arm  to support  her.   Her eyes  go wide, looking  at  him, but  she  says  nothing.    Tom  then assists  her back  into the  darkened  room  and puts  her back  in the  chair  facing  the  screen.

 “Ms  Clinton,  I am  sorry  about  the  way  things  have  turned  out, but  I can’t  say  I am  sorry  about  what  just happened.”  says  the  voice  from  the  computer. Wide-eyed,  Hillary  looks  at  the  screen, then  to  Tom, and  back. 

“Tom,  the  rest  of the  team  will  be  there  in 20 minutes.    At  that  time,  make  the  calls  from  the  list  I sent you.    The  Team  will  take  care  of the  details  I need  addressed,  You just  need  to continue  playing the role  you  have  been.” 

“Yes  Sir.    It’s  been  a  pleasure  sir.” “Indeed, it  could have  been a  more  pleasant  one, but  good people  make  the  worst  more  bearable.”

 “bu-bu-bu,,,,,”  burbles  Hillary,

 “As  for you  Ms  Clinton.   I told  you,  no worries.   Where  you  are  going, there  will  never be  any extradition.   You won’t  have  to  worry  your little  head  about  doing  any  time  in  a  prison, nor hanging by the  neck in  public.    I think you  would thank  me  for this  little  outing, as  it  will  be  much less  painful than  the  outcomes  you  could receive  from  the  hands  of your fellow  countrymen.” 

“I was  s-sup,,,”  Hillary  gasps, her face  taking on a  mottled look  as  her  blood pressure  starts  to soar.

 “Yes, yes, you  were  supposed to be  President,   you  were  supposed  to do great  things  in  the  name  of progress, and socialism.    You were  going to remake  the  US  into Hillary-land,  and everyone  would  be happy  and get  along  after  the  purges.    Yes, yes.  Unfortunately  for you, your greed  and power hunger overrode  propriety  and you  crossed over too many  lines,  needlessly  exposing  the  machine  behind your power.   The  team  that  is  coming is  to sanitize  any  and all  traces  of that  machine  from  your  world leaving only  the  dirt  that  you  made.    We  will  not  be  exposed, but  you  will  have  a  place  in history,  just as  you  wanted.” 

Hillary  is  going  pale  at  this  point  as  her heart  has  started  to prolapse  and is  unable  to keep the  blood flowing.   Even so, there  is  still  life  in her eyes, as  tears  start  to  fall  down her  cheeks.

 “Well, Ms  Clinton.  I see  its  time  to  say  good-bye.   Enjoy  the  trip  down,  The  real  Boss  is  ready  to  make your acquaintance  in  person.”



4 responses

  1. Spud

    I just hope Trump sik Musseleni doesn’t revert to what he’s always been….a liberal pussy


    November 3, 2016 at 5:24 am

    • Yeah, I agree


      November 3, 2016 at 6:18 am

      • Spud

        Tho as a vet, I’ll not ever forgive some of the things he’s said….
        Nor the fact of his five deferments !


        November 3, 2016 at 7:04 am

      • With that in mind, keep this thought as well. The role of President is mostly figure head, and without the support of congress, definitely figure head. The executive branch is most purely bureaucratic as we see with Lynch, and her ilk. The CEO (read president ) can suggest, or replace the head of that bureau, but can not directly run it.
        I see lots of trouble no matter who gets the election, but I see Trump becoming a lame duck with lots of bluster and no support.


        November 3, 2016 at 7:35 am

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