Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Blahblah, blah blah, blah

Y’all ‘member the original Charlie Brown cartoons on broadcast TV around the holidays?  The adults voices were always the sound of someone mumbling through a kazoo. Whaa,whaawaa whaa! Yeah,  that sound.  

That’s what I hear when I listened in on the debates the other night when HRC was yapping.  The moderator would ask a question,  then she would start by rephrasing it and spinning it off into her ideology and never really touching base of the original question.   Whaa, wawhaaa, waaaaaahh.  And always with a morally righteous edge about her view, right or wrong.

I have seen this before.  You have as well if you ever watched any Perry Mason shows.  The criminal would always justify their actions with a similar spin.

Things that make you go ‘hmmm?’.

Another point, but about Trump this round.  I have noticed that he can not have inflections, without his hands moving.  If his hands are locked to the podium, his voice is flat and emotionless.   Hands moving, his voice takes on inflections and the hands add emphasis.  He may be a mogul of real estate, but he ain’t no poker player;  too many ‘tells’.

Anywhoos, I am back to getting things in line with what seems to me to be an upcoming tsunami of change.  Putting a new clutch and rear main seal in the truck this weekend.  Gonna order another box of surplus ammo, price be damned,  and put back some more longterm foodstuffs.   I have a half bushel of potatoes eyeballing a spring planting.  Also downsizing my shop ideals so that I can get that rolling faster.  Really only need enough space for the machines, even if having workspace for a truck would be nice.  Time is short and I am gonna have to compromise on that workspace if I want to be functional for the upcoming party.

In the next three weeks, what future history has in store for us will be clearer.  Right now, it’s all speculation.  The interesting part is, even the Libtards are scared as hell.  Been reading some of their sites and listening in on NPR (draminine and moonshine, trust me) and the whole frufraw over Trumps unwillingness to pre-accept the outcome of the (s)election had them in coils.  Even HRC stated that he is tearing at the fabric of our “democracy”.  WRONG! He IS ripping apart a very corrupted system, but we were NEVER meant to be a democracy.

Maybe it’s a tad premature, but here is my suggestion towards a change in the selection process, if there is ever a chance to change any of this peacefully. 

Voting: the person’s acceptable for voting should be of 21 years or better, property owners, as in real estate or business property, and can not be accepting any welfare or assistance from a governing agency ( farm subsidies to be included)  . Note, there is not one mention of race, sex, or religious exception.  21yo, property owner, no welfare. Period.  I chose 21 because that gives a couple of extra years out of school to get a better feel for how the world works.

I would also like to see the electoral college put to rest.  There was a time when it made sense, as in week long periods for information to travel, but that time is long gone.  It has become a tool for the elites to manipulate even further, an already manipulated system.

I have some ideas on the actual election process to eliminate or at least reduce fraudulent systems.   But that is a subject left for the future.  As it is, we put our faith in a system, controlled by people within the system and the while thing smells of “letting the 4th graders grade each other’s tests “.  There will be a whole lotta “you give me a good grade, and I’ll give you a good grade ” goin’ on.  I know the election system here in KY is overseen by a known Marxist demoncrat and I have more than my share of doubt that the system is not rigged.  And I am not the only one.

Ah, but that’s crazy talk Dio!

Yup, and if it’s crazy, I know of an English bridge in the middle of the Arizona desert if ya wanna talk crazy? (Google London Bridge in Arizona, if’n ya don’t believe me)

Yup, the establishment is scared shitless right now.  Pat Buchanan wrote about it along the same reasons I just mentioned.  Other voices of better standing than myself are seeing it and saying it as well.  The fact is, we are at that point in history were our founders were at when the Declaration of Independence was written.  Shits broke, the people put in charge of it don’t care, and people are sick and tired of it. Even the racial protestors are sick of it, the only difference being they buy the rhetoric from the problem source.  We all have this much in common; we aren’t in the big club (reference to the late George Carlin)

We can only sit back and watch at this point.  Whatever direction we are headed in will be settled in a few weeks anyway and then, then, well,we’ll see won’t we.  Are Americans still firebrands, or did we smouldering out after WWII.  We’ll see.


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