Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

A letter to President Putin

Mr Putin, I am just a lone blogger voice in this world, reaching out to you in fear of a possible future. I read more than just the propoganda spilled on these shores as ‘news’, and I see your actions as one reserved, but determined.  These are the traits of a warrior, something the war mongers here misinterpret as weakness. I see actions in your country showing concern for your people, the true heart of a country, not the real estate.  I also see no such actions on our shores and see it as a sign that the very people that make up this country, are considered as either expendable or cannon fodder, but I repeat myself. In fact, as evidenced by the arrogance and corrupt news of a certain candidate, we deplorables are unwanted by those on high.

Mr Putin, I don’t think I am out of line by saying that a majority here share that sentiment; we don’t want them either.

You and many of those in charge of nations about the globe are watching the outcome of this year. We here, at least many of us, are as well.  We know that the future of our country is at stake, and there are some here that do not care so long as they make a profit on it. There is more to this than shows within the bounds of our shores, but most choose not to see it and refuse to have such illuminated for them.  We have reached the nexus where the barbarians are not at the gate, they are in the walls and manning the watchtowers.   This country is doomed.

It has taken a while for that realization to sink in thoroughly but I can not see any other conclusion.  The reason I am reaching out is for the sake of the humanity that still exists here, and not the sake of the union formed in the 1860’s. I don’t know how this election will fall out even though I have my suspicions, but as I have stated on my blog elsewhere, the outcome will determine which version of war we will see: not if not there will be a war.

I pray for the sake of the whole world that it is not the global kind.  

Not only would I not wish war on the world,  as one such seems disposed to, I would rather our internal issues be resolved peacefully. Alas, the divisions are much too deep now.  As such, I know and already see signs of what is to come.  I would ask only that yourself and the peers of yours refrain from intervening while we work out our issues.  Such was the case in the Lincoln years, I can only hope for the same now. Even Great Britain sat out of our War of Northern Agression and that country still had interest in us then. 

I do not speak or read Russian but I have watched some of your speeches, so long as the captions were correct, you speak as a nationalist, and your actions do as well.   No matter the language, the emotion comes through, and that is one thing I do not hear in the words of our ‘duly elected’.  They are completely separate from those they ‘rule’. Our lives mean nothing to them. And as we mean nothing to them, they further alienate us, fomenting the very things we dread.  While I have reservations about the least bad choice, I have no delusions about the other choice; she is the epitome of all the ills this country face; Unwarranted arrogance, deluded reality, no sense of proportion, physically ill, and power hungry to the point of destruction (everyone else’s prefered.)

Maybe when all of this is said and done, whatever remains of this country can get over its empirialist addiction and start as a friend of other nations again.  Maybe our children can finally be taught truth and what it means to really be American. I have to have some hope seeing as all the other hopes have been shattered like glass. Yet, I am also a realist; I am quite aware that I will likely not see the end of the troubles. I came to grips with my mortality many years ago, no worries.

In the event of the other choice being stolen made, I realize that any decisions you must make, will be with your people in mind first. That’s your job, why your people chose you.  I ask only that you keep this thought; that the people that actually make up the entirety of this country, are not the ones attempting to pick a fight with you.  Keep us in your prayers.  And know this; we would and likely will fight the very same people that are the ones picking that fight. I believe we would fight now if we didn’t feel so solitary in our lives.(and I believe this is by design and fed by propaganda )  As is, when we have nothing left to lose, we will fight and we will do so as true Americans.  We may lose, most will die, but we will fight. (Proof is how well we fight amongst ourselves when we have no common enemy)

May this letter be for naught, and God Bless you sir.


3 responses

  1. Shell

    Very well said.

    October 22, 2016 at 7:51 am

  2. wonderdawg

    Same from an American Patriot in Mississippi

    November 4, 2016 at 12:27 pm

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