Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Swinging a breaker bar at the third rail

Again, a Bastión of Liberty, via Col Bunny link and a little quote from same,

(the article talks of other things, the quoted text just stirred up a pot I had on the back burners.)

Abortion, for example, is worshiped as a beautiful thing in and of itself, but its reality is ghastly and contemptible — and a central tenet of liberalism. 

And here is where I rear back, and ready that swing.

Abortion is not a subject I touch on very often, and not due to any cowardice, but because it is not a situation I have to deal with.  I can’t get pregnant, nor can I impregnate someone, so,,,

Ah, but I do have an opinion (what’s that smell?) Fair warning; some of the following could be used for a psych majors thesis. 

We all know that environmental variable definitely effect the growth of a child in womb. I feel that there are other variables as well, like emotion, that have a deeper resonant effect.  I also think this could be measured, at least qualitatively  (seeing how emotion is really not quantitative,,,). How a women feels about the child she is carrying is, IMO, going to have short term effects in the physical develoment, and long term effects in the psychological development.  I believe that child will KNOW if the mother loves it, or despises it’s existence: and that leads to a balanced person or a psychotic fiend disguised as a person,  further down the road.

With that thinking in mind, I have no problems with allowing a women to make that choice if she so desires.  I would rather the judgement of her actions and the actions of those that do the procedure, be with a higher power.  I would rather that then the long term effects of dealing with a nightmare, born of hatred, walking the earth.

I  can not stand the idea of a helpless baby being killed for a whim, or a lifestyle, and would prefer the child carried  to term then released for adoption, but even there, the damage is done and a lifetime of healing to be done.  And I see many that were adopted out, that still, 20, 30 years down the road, have emotional issues, some extremely well hidden, that need healed. (FYI, there is an orphanage near here and even to this era, it’s a rather busy place.)

Another point to be made; You can not legislate morality.   It didn’t work in the 1920s with prohibition, it isn’t working now with War on Drugs, it just does not work.  Even if Roe vs Wade is overturned, those that desire the procedure will find someone willing, or find some alternative, and in all likelihood, at great risk and expense, possibly even death, and not just of the child.  End result being far uglier than what we have now. (And it ain’t pretty.) If one really wanted to ‘legislate’ the whole thing, make it so the horrible side of the practice is out front and unavoidable.  Make the woman hold a funeral for the child, burial and all with a publicly displayed Obituary.  Let her see, really SEE, just how small and helpless the child she just murdered was. Let her see a casket that you can hold in your hand. (This would be a double measure of horrible as well as ending (hopefully) the sale of fetus parts that is just evil on so many levels.) But to legislate the practice away will only put it all underground the same as anytime something is legislated verboten. 

It’s a tricky area to talk about because it covers so many different moral areas in one fell swoop.  Murder, right to life, personal responsibility, accountability, etc etc.  And there are many with extremely strong emotions about it, in both directions.  I know my views on it balance between horror and exasperation due to the fact that I strongly feel it’s a personal choice that I have no say in. I can only advise, or opine.

And that’s just my opinion. 


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