Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

No matter,

Someone, or some group, is gonna be pissed.

That was the consensus of a conversation with a long lost brutha by anutha mutha.

Yah, whatever the outcome Nov 9th, some group is gonna be butt sore, and rarin’ ta pick a fight.

As I said to Pickdog, my biggest fear is the Killery gets in and within months of lying  swearing in, she steps on a dragon or bears dick, and it’s game on; nukes a flying, and cyber shutdowns on major infrastructures.

At least of the Donald wins, we need only worry about the welfare types going all medieval, which is a situation that can be handled at the local level.  

Third world war, not so much.

Yup, it’s a cloud  covered, dreary, cold pre-winter chill running up here this week, and it leads to less than optimistic thinking for yours truly. I have friends around that are not in the greatest of shape physically and my thoughts are with them every time I go over what is barreling down on us.  In as much as I wish we could all pull it together, in one area, all of us are highly independent mentalities, if not fiercely so, even if the body refuses to cash the check our minds write. Short term, we get along fine, long term, there would be serious head-butting going on.

And that is where I see the problem for freedom and freedomnistas.  That whole “herding cats” thing keeps rearing it’s ugly head.  I know, in my heart, and in my head, that how I live, is right.  It’s just getting the rest of the world to see that they DON’T need a leader to live according to whatever higher power they believe.  Just look at where our “leaders” have led us so far and you can see the fallacy of the argument “but we need government! ”

I think I should drop this for now and report on some positive stuff.

Winter coming fast, but that’s not the trouble it used to be while living in the beast.  First fire of the season and all the stove parts work just fine. Didn’t have to clear any nests or other strange things outta the flue. The combination ceiling fan/wood stove works damned well on keeping the house comfortable.  It’s still warm enough that I even had to crack a window because it was a little too warm in the house, but still not nice outside.

Was at the roadside swap meet today, ‘just looking’, and found a students sliderule in a box with its cheap cover, paid $1, even though the guy only wanted fifty cents.

He was old enough to know what he had (and it may have been his while in ‘higher school’.) I tend to snag these up when I can find them.  It may be worthless in our high tech, smartphone in every kids pocket,world;  but when it comes to learning the higher maths, I feel they give a broader understanding of where all the numbers related to each other. I know some of the hangups I had in learning trig and such, were alleviated when I started mucking around with the sliderule.  There are still resources for them available online, and I took one to kinko’s and had it printed up and collated into a book form.    Cost  as much as the original book but was well worth it to me.
It’s cooled off enough that it seems the snakes are laying low.  So far, the dogs are still winning.  My cousins dog, Tick was nailed by a rattler but survived; the rattler did not.  And even though her head swelled looking like a pumpkin for a day or two, she doesn’t seem any worse for it. So the score at the end of the week is; snakes 2, dogs 6, and the snakes are still 0 for kills where the dogs stand on 6 kills.  (I give credit for the kills to the dogs, as it is their noses on the line finding the things.)

OK, next is a little product review.  A good handwinch for a small shop, BUT, you may want to make a mod or two to it.  I took the bolt that acts as the axle for the spindle, chucked it into the lathe, bored an 1/8th” hole 3″deep, then bored slightly into that just shy of 1/4″ so that I could tap it for a zerk fitting.  I then crossed drilled at the 3″ mark and now I can lube the axle without having to disassemble the works.  

As a winch, the thing just flat works.   I bolted it to a stump using lag bolts and used it to put some tension on my tower to get things just a tad straighter. I was probably applying  several hundred pounds of pull, but this little winch never strained my arm.  Advantage of it being worm gear is that it won’t slip on you, as I have had happen with a ratchet winch. Downside: it is bloody ssllloooowwwwww. That brings me to my next mod. (I have not done this yet so,,,) but I plan on putting a 3/4″ nut or two on the worm axle, and welding a 3/4″ socket to the handle arm.  Then I can use a power tool for spooling out the wire, then switch to the handle for the grunt work. 

So my opinion on this tool; if ya can play with parts and modify them, this is one hella deal. 

Ok, nuff of my rambling, not much else to talk about right now.  Keep watch on the world so it doesn’t take ya by surprise. 

(Updated to add pics)


7 responses

  1. Hello Dio! You have been mighty talkative of late. I still enjoy your posts as we are like minded. I do not post much anymore but I am still here and not to far from you. Keep on with what you are doing you know what is coming even if those around you do not.

    October 1, 2016 at 3:36 pm

    • I’m glad to see you are still around Alan. Pickdog just got back in touch and there are a couple of others I have been conversing with still. It’s getting to the point where we will need that community , even if there isn’t an actual community.
      Keep in touch, it’s only a couple hours between us.

      October 1, 2016 at 4:00 pm

      • Will do Dio, you know how to reach me if there is a need or question.

        October 1, 2016 at 6:26 pm

  2. Spud

    As you know, I’m concerned no matter which one gets in there….
    Though I’ll have to admit , her appointment’s to SCOTUS worry me.
    We easily could lose the second, and all else because of this.
    The land cannot survive an all liberal Supreme Court.

    Whereas an all Conservative court would only maintain the Constitution, and that is a good thing.
    Yet. The Frumpy Trumpy , is a foul bitter pill to swallow…..

    Spent the day filling buckets, lined with mylar, oxy absorbers and DE added to food stuffs….
    Makes a total of sixty of the things now. One thing for certain. Mom and I , ain’t gonna starve real soon.

    I be one of those which you speak of. Don’t get around near as well, as what I did before the accident. Tribe would make a huge difference. Type A’s don’t mix well at times though. Especially if they’re also not very bright heh heh, yet think they are….
    Present company excluded of course !

    October 1, 2016 at 6:34 pm

    • ROFL yeah, us type A’s tend to have more head than brains at times, buts that’s why the womenz luvs uz. Might also be why I am single, living in what some would consider a shed, and content with that scenaro.
      Glad to hear your getting more put aside, ya might need it yet.
      As for SCOTUS, as long as Ginsberg still breathes, and the puppet Sotomayor sits there, the Constitution is doomed. Of course, just my opinion.

      October 1, 2016 at 6:42 pm

  3. I think if we are lucky, Trump just slows the train down. That being said, I think I might enjoy the schadenfruede of watching the FSA destroy their own areas and the SJW narrative. LOL

    It was good communicating Dio. I missed you.

    October 5, 2016 at 7:36 am

    • Yup, was good to hear from you as well. Knew you had some issues that needed addressed in a dire way, glad that is now behind you.
      The schadenfreude you mention is likely what the dragon and bear are waiting for, with the backup plan of EMP to kick of the party and shut down the glory hounds of DC. As we have said and said,”time will show all” and all I can do is report and eat popcorn until then.

      October 5, 2016 at 7:43 am

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