Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Ya may have already heard this

Being of active mind, healthy (relatively ) body, and steady spirit, I have noted many things in my life.
Being an INTJ, most of those things are about me, LOL.
One thing, and you may have noted this yourself in your own life, is that sometimes, no matter what, things just ain’t gonna go right.  Murphy seems to have taken up office and dwells in anything you put your hands on.  Instead of the Midas touch, we get the Obama touch, and everything turns to shit.  Bolts get cross threaded, screws hit the floor and dissappear over the event horizon, weather betrays us, you name it.
What I have found when this happens, is the best thing for me to do, is just sit.  Sit it out, let the mind wander a bit and relax.  Nine out of ten, the problem isn’t Murphy, it’s me.  Too many fires going, even if they are not all at the top of my thoughts.  Another thing that helps is music, but it has to be stuff I have heard since I was a zygote, or it will distract me. Stuff that keeps the more primitive parts of my mind sedated, so the forebrain can do its thing unhindered. 
I was doing a side job yesterday, deep in concentration,  when my boss walks up and asks if I would like a water.  My response was so polite and clinical it caught him off guard and he made a point of it to me.  (Actual wording ” yes please, thank you sir”)I had to explain that my thoughts were so deep into what I was doing, the response was an automatic, pre-recorded kinda thing so that I didn’t get distracted from what I felt was important; IE the job at hand. He started laughing about how I can be so robotic about life but intellectual pursuits are my passion.


I am what I am and don’t EVER try to change me, or you will get cut off like a gangrene infected limb, and with just about as much emotion.  Once people  get to know me (read; I let them in my barriers ) they find out I can be just about the most caring person you will ever want to meet.  Before that though, I am as cold and calculating as a computer.  I also have a tendency to brutally honest.  As a bud from work puts it when I call things as I see them, “Man, that was cold!”
And I know it is an inherent fault but as such, is a feature of my life.  Get it or don’t, I am what I am.
And that feature is why I am good at the things I do.
And also why, sometimes, my personal Murphy bites me in the ass!
Murphy has residence this weekend, so I am likely NOT going to be doing anything cool.  Just routine matters to aleviate the many many thoughts whirling through my brain.  These are the weekends where my best choice is to sit with a notebook and jot down notes. (I have been through A LOT of notebooks over the years)

So y’all take care and I will get back at next week, after I have evicted Murphy from the comfy chair.

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