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Dio gets his annual stress test.

Yikes, that beast was scary in getting it to fly.


It’s not fully installed, I just wanted to fly it and tune the upper guy wires and make sure that my anchors were placed properly.    I actually off set them about 5 degrees counterclockwise from the tower.  It seemed like I was able to get a better pull on them to line things up.  They still need further tuning,  but I have the lower lines to install as well as the actual whirligig atop the steel toothpick.
Did something a little different on the anchors as well.



There is 4′ of t-post below that bracket and the brackets are now at ground level (and yes, they are painted as well.  Don’t need them rusting away.). That’s 1/4″steel plate with a grade 8 shouldered bolt and I brazed the nuts in place to keep them from walking off.  I woulda/shoulda  used thread locker, and will, if I ever need to pull them, but as it is, they ain’t goin’ nowhere.
The ground around here is mostly clay and rock and I figure 4′ of post driven into that virgin soil should be near enough to concrete as I can get without actually having concrete.  Feel free to call me a fool but from what I saw of the staying power on my previous anchors, for a much less stable tower,  I doubt it will be an issue.
Anywhoos, the whole thing is back on terra firma , and I am working on the rest of the rigging and feeling oh so much less stressed about this project.  I will have the new genny in hand monday, at which time I will do what I have to to adapt the frame to it, the blades are direct fit (same 17mm shafts ) and then it’s just hard wire and fly! (I’ll slip in some painting of exposed metal in there somewhere. :mrgreen: )
I also have two rectifier’s to play with.  Both 100A , one from one source, the other,,,
I am just curious to see how the different units perform so I will use the original for a short time recording what info I can, then switch and see if I get an improvement or not. 

More later, but there really isn’t all  that much more of interest other than how it performs.  That will be in a couple posts spread out between others.  (I will label them as something that can be searched for though.)
I will post up a video and pics once it’s flying and spinning. 
So y’all take it easy and we’ll talk later.  Ima gonna have a beer n relax for a bit.

ps: I forgot about the new tailfin I made at work.  The last one was a largish sheet of stainless and heavy as hell.  This one is same gage, but aluminum and “different “.    I like it!


(Dontcha just luv my camo stylin’ and muddy dawgpaw covered steps)

UPDATE: made a tool to pull my old anchors. HA! Bent the livin’ hell out of it and only yanked one anchor up. The other two didn’t budge! And those were only 2 1/2′ -3′ deep. The t-posts are 4′ and one is known to be into rock. We felt it breaking up as we drove it (in our feet through the ground.), likely sandstone or weakened shale. We have loads of that in the hill from the old coal mines.


2 responses

  1. Robert Dudley

    Looks good my man.

    August 27, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    • Thanks. Should seen me running ’round, drenched in sweat, barking orders, tightening lines and did I mention sweat? I’ve had a stress test that was less strenuous.

      August 27, 2016 at 6:55 pm

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