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Damp n muddy

Lots done today, thanks to a friend from work.  Tower base concreted in, ditch dug, conduit laid and the wire ran, all before noon! Woo-hoo, go us!


Rough pic, was using the zoom function


Detail of base and where the conduit exits

Buddy left then, and it was time to go work on the other parts still on the bench.  Was able to get things rolling and had the welding  side of things done (for the most part, one more small section  needed) and was even in the process of paint, when the rain made


Hillbilly paint booth

a return.

I am using the flat earth tones for paint as I really prefer my stuff to not stick out like a beacon.  It’s bad enough getting the occasional sunlight flash off the blades when they are in motion.  That flash can be seen for over a mile, as I witnessed last winter. The blades were powder coated black at work and I find that they still reflect.  Much less than if they were still unpainted aluminum though.  Bright shiny galvanized pipe would stick out hard once the leaves have fallen, so, Camo paint. 😉
Tomorrow (today, seeing how I forgot to post this last night) is housekeeping and laundry day so while I am doing laundry, I will be working on that last section.   May have an update Sunday evening (Monday morning) and hopefully one with pictures.
Still need to set guy lines, pull down the old tower, and I still need the new alternator from windblue, so this will be an ongoing monologue from yours truly.

That said, I can already tell that this design is going to perform so much better than the last one.  In that pic where I have that long section laid out, there was no sag even though it was only supported on the ends.  The current standing tower would have sagged 4″ or better over the same length.  Guy wire support should be much simpler to tune with this one (I can hear the current ones sing due to how high strung they are to hold the tower steady ). In addition, this one is set up further from the house and trees, as well as 18′ higher (current rig is only 24′)  I shouldn’t have as many problems with low lying turbulence.   All in all, I think it’s going to play a much bigger role this winter than what I have, did last winter.  (And I won’t lie, the current genny leaves a lot to be desired in output even when it’s cranking over good.  I am very disappointed on that purchase.)


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