Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

100 days (plus or minus)

Here we are, election year and one of the most transparent, in your face, “we’re elite and you’re a peon” elections that I can ever remember.
And ya know what?
I just don’t give a rats ass anymore. Not one of those people has an invite to my homestead, same as I haven’t one to any of theirs. I would probably find the food too rich for my tastes and their cardiologist’ would blow a blood vessel if they ate mine. So, what does it matter if they spend megaoodle big bucks for some fancy title.  Doesn’t change the way my little reality operates.   The only way that could happen is if one of them drops the nuclear football,  and while I wouldn’t put it past one of them (use your imagination for which one I mean), if such were to happen, chances are, I wouldn’t be able to stop it nor would I know until such time as ‘it’s too late, kiss your ass goodbye.”
All I know, all I have driven forward towards , is right here, right now. I have projects in process, in planning, and on the back burner, and none of that is of any interest to the power hungry, so why would I invest any of my mental gymnastics on their projects or goals?  Nope, gonna leave it alone from here on out.  (I always say such, but I be thinking, that the way this electoral theater has run this year, that this time is it.)
Well, with that outta the way, update on weekend post.  Found the culprit on my welder. Kink in the liner about 4″ out from the rollers.    Fixed the leads relief spring to one of a higher strength to (hopefully) avoid this issue in the future and put in a new liner; should be back in business this coming weekend.   Figured what I managed in the last post is good enough to make the base out of and seeing how it will be encased in concrete,  a good heavy paint job should protect some and I won’t need to go back patching pin holes.   I learned enough about the stresses I am building and how to combat them, that  it’s time to start the full 10’ sections in earnest. The biggest stress is in shrinkage on the weld side, trying to bring the longitudinal pipe to a center point.  I thought the jigs would be enough but not so.  I an using sections of pipe now so that I can hold close to the joint and flex the unit out ward slightly. This helps tremendously  and the jig was able to slide freely afterwards.   In illustration, that flex is nearly invisible until one is sighting directly down the pipe. Then it’s pretty obvious.  It is likely only a percentage of a degree, but add that up over 12 welds and 10 feet and the difference is INCHES.  Like I said, pretty much have that issue licked, the welder back up to snuff, and a MUCH much better attitude about my personal reality.   Gonna be a fun project now. 😎
Stay tuned in for updates and pics as this progresses. 
Yup, feel a world of weight off my shoulders today.  Time to get busy.

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