Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

War on (insert term)

I am bloody friggin frustrated these days.  Between watching the Globalist’s scrambling to finish their brobdingnagian schemes, our “elite” playing 18th century french royalty games, and the fact that no matter who gains the chair of power, the bureaucrats will still be running the show behind the curtains, I just don’t know about some of my personal plans. 
Yeah, this one may get a tad personal. Here is one side of that for you. You can read about some of this at Fred Reeds  site to.  Our current Medical Kerfluffle   (I refuse to call it a system) is a maze of Lobbyist supporting mega corps and raping the people in general.  Obammy helped push through a plan that was originally called Hillarycare written about the time I was wrapping up my stint in the Corps.  THEN, I could afford to go without insurance. Now I can’t afford insurance. What is offered is so much crap for such a large percentage of my income, I seek alternatives to care. Including rolling around with a small trauma kit in my truck, Just in case. And yet, if you live in Mexico, the care is comparable while the billing is actually REASONABLE!  (Some will ask why all the immigration then? My guess is the free everything else being offered.  And I wonder if it isnt ,at least in some regards, blown way out of proportion by the media. I am not on the border so I really do not know. ) this I do know. In TJ across the border from San Diego, I was able to walk into a Pharmacia  and buy, without prescription, no ID check and no questions, a 250 count bottle of 500mg erythromycin tablets for about $12.   HERE on the other hand, that is a controlled substance and you have to have a doctor, with governmental permission, to write a scrip for you and if you are lucky, may pay twice that amount for a 30 day supply with no refills .  Granted there are some places where they offer heavy discounts on generics but the point is, why is it so different here vs across the border.
BIG PHARMA of course. And many bought and paid for politicians, and the behind the scenes appointed for life bureaucrats.
At least the corruption of officials in Mexico is blatant, in your face corruption .   La Mordita ain’t a city outside of Nogales for those not in the know.  It’s a bribe to keep your scrawny butt out of jail. And it is literally everywhere down there. But better that than the high dollar back scratching that rapes every single
person north of that border. 
I do want to bring one point that so many have failed to see.  MEDICARE/MEDICAID are the pricing policy of all insurers now.  Think about that, think about the fraud (on both sides of the billing)that has been uncovered occasionally. Then think about how every clinic , docs office,hospital etc has to hire a damned near army of specialists, JUST TO HANDLE THE BILLING SIDE OF THINGS.  When I worked as a computer tech at the hospital, most of our job was preparing the system for EMR electronic medical records and the communication of such with every single other facility within CONUS (the actual plan was for worldwide, but the logistics of such just wasn’t there,  THEN!    It is now) think about how much that actually costs, then think how the insurers and providers are going to pass that cost along.  Remember, corporations don’t pay taxes or invest at loss.  Those things are payed for by YOU, and everyone else along for the ride.  And what about those on the dole that pay $3copay for office visit and zero for every thing else?  Where does that money come from? Exaggerated billing on hopes to collect a percentage, and of course from the actual taxpayers, and not so obviously, inflation driven fiat money that our “betters” throw around with abandon, and no accountability.

And all of that is just ONE aspect of what’s f@$dup in this country.
And don’t even say “if you don’t like it, leave!”   May as well pack a small bag of clothes and a water bottle and try and sneak into Mexico. Fair warning, they do send ya back if caught. But even if you tried to do it ‘legal like ‘ the IRS  is gonna hammer you hard, then you still have to pay a surcharge for citizenship, that may or may not give you equal treatment as such (not in ol mehico, no voting, among other things and you have to bring a skill that won’t put a native out of work, And you must speak at least rudimentary spanish.   Funny how the standards there are SO MUCH more restrictive than ours, eh) nope, don’t even try to say vote with your feet. It may have worked 100 years ago, not now.  The State OWNS us and it hates losing good slaves. (Heck, it rewards the lame ones and beats the good ones for more.)
Yup, feeling just a tad frustrated these days. Watching the whole dog and pony show going on in Cleveland isn’t helping matters either. It’s all glimmer and shine and what substance there is hasn’t yet hit the wall of Mordor on the Potomac.  IF it makes it that far.  Too many things are telling me that the Wicked Witch from New England has the fix in, scary as that thought is.  (Recall,  Obammy made it in TWICE)  I can hope but I ain’t gonna hold my breath. And God only knows how far the disruption will be if that “fix” is blatant. One only need watch the disruptions already taking place then factor in a multiplier.  
That is what I see as our future and that  doesn’t help my frustration either. 

Anywho, I am gonna go back trying to move things forward, I only hope I am not wasting my efforts.  I think that is a lot of what all of all of us are feeling. An insecure future.  Doesn’t matter about our financial success if what determines that is toilet paper in 6 months/year/?  .    Doesn’t matter how much we have squirreled away if certain actions by our “betters” aren’t stopped and soon.  And not one damned thing they do has shit to do with us here at the ‘berg level, but all of it can and will affect us. And people still buy it. That is where my real frustration comes from. 
Fuck it, gonna mow the grass and weedeat the scrub along the drive.  May not be real productive, but my yard will be lookin good. And that’s more than I can say for the future.


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