Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Political dissent

some of you that I have talked to in meatspace, are aware of one of my political beliefs. For the rest, I will list it.
“If you are after political office, the likelihood of you being fit for it are nil.”
I am going to make an exception for Trump on this one because of his history as a business man and the fact that his main selling point is to fix the fuck up of the last 8 (read 100) years.
Can he do it?   I have my doubts, but not because of Trump in general.  No, My doubts tend to the fact that he is an outsider in the beltway and those that are there are going to stonewall him at every turn out of spite.   He may be able to heckle his way into some of his intentions, but for the most part, both sides are going to treat him as enemy number one.  I just don’t see any other outcome.  
(all of this is assuming that he even gets the nomination. let alone gets elected, which is still up in the air despite his track record thus far.)
All that read this know that I despise HRC (I won’t even type her full name here anymore.)  That evil POS has haunted the hill since Nixon was in office and even then was in trouble for ethics issues.   Her history precedes her quite well, even to having a book written by a secret service agent that served under her husbands tenure as Prez.  
(Note: I really don’t think Bill wants the witch elected.   It would put him back under the microscope again.)
So what is this post really about?   Just wandering thoughts mostly, but in correlation to the last post (that linked book in particular.  You did read it right?) I want to make a slight prognostication here.   IF, a certain Femfatal (intentional misspelling) gets the brass ring she so desperately desires, I think the chasms that are infecting this country are going to blow wide open.   The whole mess will stink of corruption like a cracked septic tank.  Hell, it already does, but at that point, the crud will be leaking to the surface.  I can think of a few people that will blow sky high at that point, and only God knows what that would lead to. 
Lets face some facts.   The shooting war in this country has been pretty one sided for the longest time.  The events in Dallas show that its starting to become a two way range.  The facts that certain types are “above the law” and they don’t care one whit if the peons are angry about it or not, shows that “Rule of Law” is a whithered corpse.   That two way shooting gallery may open up even further.   There may even be some states that choose the day after elections to start the whole secession cycle (depending on outcome of course)  

But then again, there may just be enough apathy for the whole shebang that nothing at all happens no matter what the election outcomes are.

I have said it before, I say it again: “they NEED US, we do not need them.”   I am just feeding that fire of ego by even mentioning them.  SOooo,,,,,,,,,,, with that in mind, I am going to let the ball drop on that for a few posts and try to get back to what is really important in my little world.   Next post I will put up some pics of some changes in “Mi Cabina” .  Little stuff, but one of them is pretty cool IMO.     
Talk at ya’s later.  Voo out.



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