Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Another official stone behind me



There they are! My books now have a home instead of storage boxes.   YEAH!!!!!
Ya might note there is also a car stereo and a pair of speakers in that wall as well.  Much more energy efficient than my computers’ sound system.  Uses USB, line and Bluetooth as well as the usual fm/am bands and no need to fire up an inverter just for music. 
Yeah, it’s not the quality of sound I prefer as it’s just a little $20 walmartspecial(I had the speakers in the Beast already so they are ‘salvage’) but it puts out enough that it makes cleanup and long quiet nites a little more bearable.

More on events that are going on outside of my small sphere of reality.   I notice that every one is still using the term “Presumptive” in relation to the Hitlary/Trump scenario.    With the whole Brexit thing having taken place and now behind us, I have to wonder what the reality is going to be once the Conventions take place.   Will the Dead Elephants pull the plug and install a “more acceptable” candidate and force Trump to run independent?   Will the Demoncrappers realize that trying to get an elitest felon prone to venomous outbursts and perpetual lying in to the oval office is going to take seriously more fabrication that what it took to get Oblammy=o=boy in?  If so, would they be foolish enough to actually put Biden in her place instead?

Funny, I actually hope both parties try to play their reindeer games.   Let them REALLY show how “ELITE”they are.   Let them show the populace what they look like without the masks on.   Let the populace get as irate as is possible and MAYBE, just Maybe, we will some real change in this country.   Like Henry Bowman type changes.   Let them feel that burn of not  
knowing if the guy/gal down the hall is cleaning offices or cleaning OUT the offices.
Yeah, I know that can be broadly interpretted as a threat, but to be honest, I don’t give a rats ass any more.  These pathetic little throwbacks from hippy daze need to be rattled more; keeps ’em in check.  The founders knew this and accepted verbal threats as a critique of their job. 
Our current leaders pretend are special snowflakes though. 
ah forget it, I am going back to read one of my books that I no longer have to look for while I have some lite music low on the stereo.   Beer thirty it is and I have to work early. 
Y’all take care till later.

Update 1(I know the pics didn’t publish. I will get the ASAP in the morning when I have better connectivity in town)


2 responses

  1. palerider

    Nice book case with sound system. 12v much better than all the drain from the other way and also increases life of all equipment that you were using. Nice job Dio.

    June 27, 2016 at 11:59 am

    • Thanx Pale. Been some time since I could browse through my books without digging through boxes.
      Figured to keep as many ideas from the RV as possible because the hybrid system worked so well while on the road.

      June 27, 2016 at 12:38 pm

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