Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


I have written about the area I reside in, and how it has never truly recovered from the great depression.  I can think of nowhere that truly shows such as the people that are no longer. The dates on headstones declare what a hard life many in this area endured. Some of them, so sadly, are single dates: born and died at birth. This is just a reflection of how poor this area was, and in many ways, still is; and becoming once again. 
The hospital in town, has no doctor on staff.  They ‘borrow ‘ one from up the highway once a week.  This is actually a new problem from over the last 4-5 years. 
I don’t need to elaborate a cause amongst my readers , do I?
I leave above as a reflection for y’all.  I have enough to keep me melancholy for weeks. 
Take care all.


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  1. Shell

    It is like a different world when you step in that area. Being from Cincinnati, I see a lot of poverty and homelessness here but when traveling south where you are, I feel rich in my world back home. Believe me, I am far from rich. What is that area going to become when the government cuts off all ties to welfare and social security? That worries me. And I don’t see that being far away. Economical failure is upon us and it is going to start with the government failing to support these people who have become accustomed to it. What will they do? Who’s door will they be busting into to feed themselves and their families? It’s a scary thought to ponder.
    Aside from this terrible picture, I do want to take a moment to reflect on those who have given their time, lives, and duty to protect our nation. Unfortunately, I don’t believe this is what they were fighting for. Our nation has changed and if we could just go back to taking care of us as a nation and letting the rest of the world fend for them selves, I believe we would have a more fair chance of surviving this torment we are walking into. But to those who fought to keep us free, Thank You. It’s unfortunate that the government who makes us believe they are protecting us are actually the ones who are destroying us.

    May 29, 2016 at 2:26 pm

    • Thanks for bringing up the voluntary military heist. Served “my country as you know but in hind sight, was a simple tool towards an agenda. As are all of those who have and are serving.
      Dang sis, you really had sumpin’ to say today. Maybe you should write a column or two.

      May 29, 2016 at 6:53 pm

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