Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Touching base

I am still working on that dialogue between Diogenes and Lucretius, just so you know: I have to say, the entire work is really taking it out of me and there are times were I have to question my own sanity,   Those are the times where I just save the whole shebang, sit back for a couple of days and then go back and re-read it as if I were just looking at it for the first time.   Part of the reason for that question in sanity is the fact that I am playing both roles in my head, and while I am solid in the one personality, the other is a bit more of a reach for me these days.   Imagine if you will, stepping back in time and having a heart to heart with yourself thirty years ago.     We all have stated “If I knew then what I know now,,,,,” and that is pretty much what I am trying to accomplish with this, without the actual going back in time part.  Playing the apostate while hammering logic can get near schizophrenic at times.   I am just channeling my teenage, early twenty something self and finding that what I knew then was fairly complete indoctrination.  (and I thought I had a pretty decent school, that avoided that kind of shit.  Wrong!)
Anywhoos, on with the Diogenes show.  
Been watching a lot of stuff on the webs, some of it is encouraging.   I see people, many people, waking up to the facts that many of us already know, and have had the hardest time getting others ears for.   Like ‘THE MEDIA LIES!’   for one.  Second: Voting is how they keep us on the plantation: we may be able to vote in a new master every four years, but who is really choosing who we get to choose FROM.   As noted on the Drudge a week or two ago, one of the Delegates flat stated, “the people don’t choose the candidates, We do!”  And if you don’t get to separate the chafe from the wheat, guess who gets the chafe in their bowl in the morning?  YOU.  Just one more piece of evidence for the masses, that we do NOT have a representative Republic, but an frickin oligarchy.  And like Stalin said, it only matters in WHO counts the votes, not who you voted for.

Let me fill you in on some of my doings.   I have been playing around with what started out as a whim, and has quickly turned into a “what if,,,,” thought line.   Here is the first half of the story.


That is a replica of an 1858 Remington Percussion Revolver.   Obviously a black powder weapon, but it was deadly back then, and can be so now as well.   It has the advantage over the Colt Army/Navy designs of being able to swap cylinders without complete disassembly. (on the Colts, you have to pull the barrel off to pull the cylinder.)  I bought this because I have always been interested in hunting deer with a pistol, but most states have this odd rule about needing a barrel longer than 7 inches.   (the barrel on the Rem is 7 1/2” as measured outside of the receiver, actual length is 8 1/2”)  I chose this model because I wanted to be able to load hot and that top strap allows you to get a tad aggressive with the loads.   Current load is 30 grains of Triple7 under a 200grain Semi-Wadcutter.  I have not measured the speed of this (yet) but I can tell the thing is going to kick some serious ass.   I also shoot 40 grains/.454 round ball/wad and that is just flat devastating on a rabbit.  (found a seriously sick rabbit on the trail and all I had was the pistol.  Least to say, I burned it in two pieces.  The poor thing looked like it had swallowed a bottle of nitroglycerine and got it stuck in its throat. Yes, burned it, because the problem it had was a tick infestation that drained it.  The poor thing was dead already even though it was still breathing (barely))
Looking at the above numbers, one would think shooting a heavier bullet, one would want more powder pushing it.  I thought so at first, but looking at the amount of contact of lands and grooves the SWC has in comparison to the ball, less is actually better.  There is a noticeable recoil difference between the two and the SWC is much more powerful  (it also compresses the powder better so there is a better burn with a decrease in the amount of smoke.)
So, where does this leave us?  I want to use it this year for deer hunting, but it also got me to thinking about BP in preps.   Believe me, I like my cartridge guns, especially for those longer shots, and I still take more than a little pride in being able to STILL accurately shoot 500+ yards with iron sights.  Not driving tacks at that distance, but I am turning pie plates into colanders.   I don’t believe I could get that kind of performance out of a BP gun (and I am more than willing to be taught otherwise if anyone can do so)  But there are aspects of BP that make it seem quite fitting for a prepper to consider.
1. Variable charges without having to bust out oodles of gear to change ONE shot.
2. Lead is much easier to cast than composite bullets of lead/copper/mild steel.
3. Black powder can be made with minimal issues, and materials tend to be fairly common and naturally occurring. (minimal in the sense of modern smokeless powders and the need of serious acids to reproduce them)
4. Black Powder can be used in several different methods, not just for loading a firearm.
5. Even the caps in percussion pieces can be reproduced if need be, though you may find it much easier to stock a couple hundred thousand caps than it is to stock a thousand rounds of anything other than .22LR
6. Black powder is not limited to single shot rifles as is so easily forgotten about by so many. (more on this in a minute)
7. For those with Federal restrictions, this may be a viable alternative.  Do NOT take my word on this, do your own research and cross check with your state laws.  Example, here in KY, it is legal for a Felon to own BP guns, but they can be busted for having a loaded firearm if they have a cap on the nipple during transportation.  (ain’t laws fun, trying to figure out where they hide the trapdoors to bust you.)
So, with minimal fuss, an extremely limited budget, and no need to go through an FFL or even walk into a brick and  mortar, I have added a fine piece to my collection, and loaded up with nearly a thousand bullets, several pounds of powder, and am working on getting those caps up to the same level as bullets.   Using the Triple7, clean up is a breeze (hot soapy water) and I have the ability to hot swap cylinders nearly as fast as dropping a mag out of a 1911.   (Granted, I still need to purchase a couple extra cylinders, but that is coming.) (For an example of how easily the cylinders change out, watch the final shoot out in the movie Pale Rider and you can see Eastwood swapping cylinders in detail.   Sadly, the pistols he used in that scene were modified for cartridges, but Remington did that around 1873 or so.  Of course, that means that the cylinders could be reloaded even faster between shooting rounds.)

I am also not limited to just a pistol.


Pretty sweet huh? (my next purchase and I drool over this picture at least once a week.)
18” barrel,  .44cal six shooter, and if you purchase the pistol from the same manufacturer, the cylinders are completely interchangeable.   Imagine this and a pistol, four extra cylinders (two in the guns) and you now have 36 rounds ready to unload in haste.  No, it ain’t an AR or AK, but this is not intended as a battle rifle.   You may find you need that kind of firepower though depending on your situation (like taking out a pack of ‘Yotes, or that mamma black bear that thinks you want to hurt her babies.)
Both guns, the extra cylinders, powder, lead, dual bullet molds, caps, wads and a learning curve for under $1000.    And no need to have a permission slip from the principle to purchase them, nor need to even ASK.  Other than your credit card slip and shipping transactions, NO PAPER TRAIL, for those of you that find such important.  Heck, they deliver to your house; how cool is that?!?!
No, it ain’t a squirrel gun, but I can tell you, I can take a squirrel with it but shooting the branch underneath him. (Supposedly Boone used this method and called it “barking” squirrels)   I could probably do similar by shooting underneath a rabbit.   I could also load it with a shot wad and use it like a shotgun in close quarters (the equivalent of a .410) though the rifling would probably make anything past 20’ impractical.  (No, I haven’t tried it, but I have seen shotshells for other  pistol combinations and I know they are good for killing snakes and birds.  I could see such for small game in other cases.)
So, if’n you think long term, like I do, and more than just the next battle with Goons and JBT’s, you may want to consider this little combination, or even just one side of such. The investment is minimal in comparison to modern rifles and bullets and magazines, and while I wouldn’t want to get caught in a firefight with this setup, I know I could use it in a pinch if need be.  (part of the reason it would be a no go in a firefight, every time you pull the trigger you send up smoke signals pointing out your exact location.)

(Funny thing is, while doing my research on the pistol, I recall reading some comments on the nets about people just not thinking these things were efficient enough to take game.   My thought at that point was, ‘Hell son, they used to kill each other with these all the time, and taking game was pretty much a daily thing back then.  How is the design less efficient NOW compared to then, when we have better powders available to us, more stringent manufacturing methods of bullets, barrels, etc? “  I can tell you this much, after seeing how much of that rabbit was left, and the hole in the ground behind him (damp earth, the hole was about 9” deep before I found the ball.) I can tell you, with proper shot placement (important no matter what you are shooting) this pistol WILL drop a deer in its tracks.  I would not be surprised to see it take a black bear, or Boar Hog either.   I am looking for a bullet mold to make hollow point bullets, but so far, no luck on that note (yes I found some, just not in my caliber.))


2 responses

  1. Danny Rowe

    black powder long guns have no minimum barrel length, 12in barrel length on a double barrel shotgun is legal. can be bought with yhe barrel that short. also 20 gauge double pistols are avalable.

    March 28, 2016 at 7:53 pm

    • The “rule” I mentioned was only for hunting deer with a pistol. It wasn’t about federal regulations on BP guns. Because most BP guns are considered antiques no matter when manufactured, the ATF doesn’t regulate them. The exception are those newer centerfires built upon current cartridge rifle receivers. Most of the Thompson CF’S are based on the Remington 700 I believe. Those require an FFL to purchase and kinda mess things up. Just like when people started making AKs into pistols and the ATF ruling steel cored ammo ‘cop killer’s ‘ and restricting it’s importation.

      March 28, 2016 at 8:33 pm

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