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Hot water n soup

Been a crazy week or two here.   Kinda lost track of time what with the water heater fiasco, weather doing its Febuary Tango, and some issues with the mom unit that still need addressed.  It is not something I have been advertising here and only a handful of people are aware of it, but my step dad passed away not too long ago, leaving my mother with a mess.  I won’t go into details as it is unimportant in this venue, but it is putting some strain on my sister units.  And myself as well, though not as intently, nor at the same level, I just don’t have the time or resources that they are able to expend at this juncture.   And yeah, there is a twinge of guilt there.   Move on.
The mess out in Oregon is resolving in some manner and I won’t go into to it here, but I do want to pass along as WireCutter did, Lavoy Finicum’s book on Kindle.  It won’t help him now, but any amount of income to his family will.   I purchased it, read it and I did give it Five stars.   Damned good read and I am not usually one for Cowboy based stories.   Good mix of Cowboy, post-apocolypse, self-reliance fiction.   Well written, and backed with information links within the chapters for those unaware of certain facts.   Go get a copy (kindle only as far as I know) and help his family out.  The only thing that bugged me about it was the fact that the man had to die before I found it. 
Product review time.   EccoTemp L10 Tankless water heater.   Product description is pretty accurate on Amazon so if you need details of that nature, go there.   What is not on that site, either in comments, or otherwise, I will put here.  (disclaimer: I am not a professional installer, or engineer, just a jack-leg mechanic-tinkerer-goofball of a human.  Your milage may vary) Water heater installed last monday,  My dumb-butt forgot to get the D cells to power the ignition system so I was not able to get a hot bath shower until tuesday,   I initially installed the system with a Shur-flo water pump on it as the parameters called for at least 20psi and my system is only 18psi static.  That worked, kinda, but the pump really didn’t like the setup and seemed to cause cavitation in the heat exchanger.   I would get bursts of steam.   I pulled the pump out of line and that cleared up.  I did have to turn the gas regulator WAY low, but I have two settings now marked on the face of the unit.  One for 90 degrees and the other for 100    I like the lower one for showering and the higher for doing dishes.   I don’t have to open the cold spigots at all, just open the hot wide open and I get the temperature I want (after having turned the regulator there of course.  )   That took a little fiddling, but at this point in the season, I could have ran three hundred gallons through that little furnace and not put a dent in my tank level. (times like this where I wish I had a thousand gallon tank up there instead.   Would make September a little more bearable where we lose water levels for a spell.)   Some pics for ya




Surprises for me with this unit.   I expected noises on ignition, like some crackling or popping noises: didn’t happen.  A little ‘fwoosh’ and there are flames and that happens as soon as you open the valves.  No delay to speak of.   You do have to wait for the hot water to reach you but then, even with a tanked unit, you have to wait for the cold water to clear the lines from the tank so no change there.  I did splurge one night and took a long hot shower, I figured what the hell, I have the system and the infrastructure is still working, I can handle a little extra gas tonight.   An hour later, still steaming hot water falling on me, no fluctuations in the water temperature, at least as far as my skin could detect, and I was pretty much thoroughly basted with wrinkly fingers and toes.  
I can’t say that a tanked heater would have been able to do that.  I recall the heater at the old house running out within 20 minutes and then the temperature flucuating wildly for a spell.   I also don’t have to worry about anyone opening a cold tap or flushing a toilet here so that eliminates that surprise factor that is common in every indoor water system.  (at least, I don’t have to worry about it YET, but there is a future possibility, slim as it is for this grumpy crusty old curmudgeon.)  Also, I have not ran the vent like I was intending, I wanted to see just what kind of performance this unit puts out.   After an hour of a full use during my shower, the rain cap on the unit was only about 130 degrees,  the outer wall was warm to the touch but not at all hot.  I am just going to run a vent over the top and not an actual flue setup.  This is just to keep the CO poisoning risk down.  The heat exchanger works very well, and the unit does not get much hotter than the top of my stove when I am running the oven.  
Anywhos, Tankless water heater works friggin awesome, short version, I will highly recommend the unit or similar to any that are following along with my build or off on their own tangent.   It would work well in a tinyhouse format, as well as a cabin.  The company above also makes an indoor unit sized for permanent install in a 2-2.5 bath setting.  I haven’t priced that but it is something for others to investigate if they are so inclined.   I know the units I priced at the big box store were outrageous and I could find little in complimentary reviews in them, but the smaller cheaper unit I picked up works very well for my needs.
I am going to start adding something to the end of my posts now.   Y’all know I am a voracious reader.   I have started and finished two books in the last two days, one I reviewed up top, the other I am going to list but not review (at this time) but I still recommend it to any and all Freedomistas, and even to some that are not so much, though they don’t know it yet.
Here is the other Book.

The Iron Web by Larken Rose.   Get it on Kindle as the printed versions are way out there (unless you get from Larkens site.)

(Edited to add link)


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  1. Soffitrat

    Those units work really well. Perfected in Europe. I was still afraid to use them in a house our size, but kinda wish I had now. Sorry about Step Dad. Best wishes for Mom. Looked like an out-n-out ambush to me. Link is not working. Take care, bud.

    February 10, 2016 at 3:23 pm

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