Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

First week in review

Back again, another year come and gone, and the start of something new.   Wishing that you all had a fruitful Christmas and a safe and happy New Years.    Things were a tad interesting around here for the New Years.   The usual suspects of firing off ammo at the drop of the ball were mysteriously silent this year.  Kinda.   Actually, He fired them off at midnight, on January 1st!!!!   LOL, we all called him up and gave him all kinds of shit for sleeping through the new year festivities.
Update on hot water.   I am throwing in the towel on this endeavor.   I am ordering an on demand system within my range of expense.   The reason I am giving up is due to my own demands and criteria I set for myself in the early stages.   I could still do what I intended, IF, I were willing to move a wall or two and make the run to and from the stove much much shorter.   I lose way to much heat, even with insulated pipes in that run.  The only way I could get the water in the tank to comfort levels (not even talking HOT here, more like luke warm) was to run the stove full tilt boogie, and then the interior of the house was stifling hot and any effort to clean myself would have been wasted with all the sweat I was pouring out.  Given what I have learned, if things get really wonky in the future (and they may just yet) I know what needs done and I have the material on hand to make it work.   Never throw away good plumbing parts, EVER!  I also know what I need to do to improve the heat exchanger side of things and  I will probably do that as a first project once the shop is up and running.   Little space to really dig into things like castings and what not as yet.  Soon though.

Anywhoos, a little bit of development going on in the bigger picture of the world since we last talked.  Thought I might share some of that with you.   Did some reading on the Kerodin/III Arms debacle and what I read only confirms my gut feelings I had at Mercer County (was it really 4 years ago?   WOW, how time flies.)  I don’t need to go anymore into that but if you want to do some digging yourself, Wirecutter has a great start point for you.  Just go to his place and look in the menu and start the fall down the rabbit hole from there.   
Oblammy-o-boy followed up his threats on the gun scene, kinda sorta, sumpin like.  Reading the list, the only real damage he did, maybe, is to open up a can of worms on those getting SSI.   Heres a tip.  When the doc asks “Do you own any guns?” the proper answer is “Nope, sold the last of those last year .” or somesuch answer.   Heres another tip: If you feel like making the investment, find a druggie or street bum willing to sign his name a time or two (however many guns you have) for a couple of bucks.   Have him sign receipts to be filled out later and there is your ‘proof’ that you sold said guns.   Just remember, its on you if you follow my tips, I take no responsibility if you do and get hammered. 
Been watching this whole mess out in Oregon.  I am going to stay neutral on it.  I think the media is doing what the media does best and blowing the whole thing outta proportion, basically condemning the guys involved to a loss in the courts of social media.  That being said, the militias, IIIpers, and any body else that the SPLC douchenozzles have labeled as Domestic terrorists or whatever buzzword they are using this go-round, are going to be, YET AGAIN, collateral damage.  It’s not as if the whole schloznozzle wasn’t ground into the dirt during the last Clinton era, but here we are, going into another one and they are getting a headstart on the defamation of Patriots, and pretty much any and all Constitutionally minded patriots are going to be ostracized by the media.   (yeah, I am pretty much convinced the game is rigged to get Hildibeast in office.  Side note: If I ever hear anyone mention that maybe its time for a woman to be President; they are gonna get jawjacked, then I am going to demand that they prove Hillary is actually a woman.  I have my doubts.)  At this stage of the game, it does not matter how the stand off ends, the Media will spin it the way they want it to be portrayed; IE, a negative for Freedom lovers.   Hope you are good at PR, its gonna need to be handled locally by each and every swingin’ Richard to try and rebuild images.  I ain’t mad at the guys in Oregon.  Not at all.  I think it could have been handled differently, but, and a big but, How many people would have ever heard about the mess the BLM has created out there, if these guys hadn’t stood up, even against the wishes of those they intended to defend.  Maybe, just maybe, there will be some people that open an eyelid to see if there is more to what is going on than the media is reporting and start the wake up process.   I have my doubts there too as there are too many people of the short attention span theater mentallity and the media has become expert at keeping people off balance.   One only needs to watch one week of news to see emergency after emergency being slammed out there like it was the end of the world or something.  
But here is what I am really thinking about.   I once heard someone say “its not what they are telling you thats important, its more ‘WHY are they telling you and WHY now?’ that you have to ask.”  All of this stuff coming down, Executive suggestions (note they didn’t call them EO’s this round.  Too many legal complications, and they have a new AWB in the halls to play with) Militia stand-offs, upcoming Primaries, N Korea testing a nuke, The usual SNAFU in the ME, etc etc etc.   My question to you is, What aren’t they talking about right now?  
and the next question is “Why not?”
one thing I can tell you on that note, The whole Nuclear deal with Iran.  The one that everyone blew a gasket over for five minutes before the 24/7 newsfeed distracted them with something different.  
Wanna know a secret the Media didn’t tell you? 
Too bad, I am going to tell you.  The whole deal was such a farce, the Iranian president didn’t even bother to sign it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it is sitting in the round file right next to the mans toilet.
It isn’t what the deal was about either is my assessment.  It is more that the U.S.of A has been so emasculated over the last 7 years, if not in reality then at least in the eyes of the world, that even if we had the punch to back up our words, NOT ONE OF THOSE COUNTRIES WOULD BELIEVE IT.  And I am not so sure that they are wrong at this stage.  Our Generals are all political suck-asses, the Command Cadre has been whittled down to only those that are Diversity Compliant, and I hear several times a week about NCO’s and SNCO’s bailing as soon as a slot opens.  What remains is exactly what O wants it to be.   A hollowed out shell of a military, that needs permission to ask permission.
Heck, even Putin stated as much in one of his talks (New World: new rules or No rules conference,  Look for the one with subtitles as its in Russian)

Yeah, we are in for one tough row to hoe at this rate.   I don’t believe we would see a take over by another country, as we have a whole lot of land to cover and despite the attempts to disarm the populace, there are still, and will still be, a whole lot of firepower to contemplate (Admiral Yamamoto I believe was the speaker that stated “there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass).   I think the real enemy that we all have to face is shown to us everyday in the news cycle.   It ain’t a candidate either. 

It is us.

Our own division is tearing this country apart and we can’t even agree to disagree.  Division in the IIIpers, militias, and even among the lonewolf keyboard commandos has turned what should have been an opportunity into a PR nightmare,  Racial divisions abound, and then we have the invasion of refugees (notice they don’t even mention the influx of ‘children from Latin America’ anymore?  Bet that hasn’t slacked off either, but, crickets,,,,,,,,) 
Balkanization is only a breath away, and I don’t think even a tenth of a percent of this country has a clue and will scream for help when it happens.
And that brings me around to another thought I shared with a ghost not too long ago.    I have stated over and over again, I DO NOT WANT TO LEAD.   I don’t.  I didn’t any of the times it has been thrust on me.  I hate leading.  
But there is a problem.   Success leads to leadership.   If you are successful at surviving, you will become a leader, PERIOD.   If you are able to defend your AO, You are going to become a leader, PERIOD.  If you are able to keep a small amount of infrastructure functional for your tribe, YOU ARE GOING TO BECOME A LEADER.   
I don’t want to be a leader, but I refuse to be a failure; its a paradox, like so much of life.
Leadership can be a burdensome bedfellow.   I was good at what I did when I was on the road and the number of hats I had to wear on a daily basis was ungodly.  But, I was good at it, and for each one I excelled at, the more I found I had to wear.   If I hadn’t blown my hearing, I would likely still be on that road to this day, doing more and more with more responsibility and even less budget.(they liked cutting budgets, a lot.)   It is not a bedfellow I want to court again.  And yet, If I can keep this little dream of a working retirement from society alive and well, I will attract those that want to be led down the same path.  

I guess we will all have to cross that bridge when we come to it.   It’s not one I am looking forward too.

Hey, only 1800 words this post.  I must be running out of things to say. LOL  
Y’all take care, I will post some pics of the house soon, swear. 


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  1. Soffitrat

    “Generals are all political suck-asses” Boy! That is a mouthful! Things do seem to be speeding up. Choose your leaders carefully.

    January 7, 2016 at 8:18 pm

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