Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

New Years Eve rants and raves

And another year has come and gone. Not that this was a bad one in my world. I am out of the RV and into a real house (though some would argue that a 16’X24′ Cabin constitutes “House”. Not gonna pick nits, they don’t have to live in it, while I do, by choice and happily so.)

But what about the New Year coming at us like a daggum freight train? What is in store for us? Hell, I am sure that there are prognostications from hell flying around the nets right now foretelling everything from complete financial collapse, to CERN opening up a wormhole in Europe, to WWIII, to God only knows what. I can’t even bring myself to get hyped up enough to read most of the tripe anymore. We have been hearing it going on for-frickin-ever it seems and to be quite honest, I am tired of it.


Shit is going to get worse far sooner than it gets better. Anyone with any sense (and those tend to be far and few some-days) can determine that we are in the deeper part of a negative history cycle like every large scale government devolves into given a long enough time line. Just like life in an individual, death is inevitable, and governments die just like a living breathing entity. In some ways, I think our government, as we were taught it was to exist, died many moons ago. The current zombie sporting its cloths is not the one I was taught about, and even it is shambling further down the entropic road to oblivion.

We’ll get back to that in a minute or so. My current plans are to finish the house up, and at least get it further along in livability. I have a tub now; a tad on the small side, but it holds water, I can get in it and bath/soak on those days I need a good soak, and the shower works well for all the other times. Still working the kinks out of the hot water system, but I have defeated the leaks for now. I am working on the kitchen as well (all that plumbing, may as well do it all in one shot as best I can) and that is coming along well. Have my choice in stoves for cooking, three sets of sinks (2 from RV’s, one full size from a house) and am doing all open cabinetry for ease of build (and because I am cheap ass LOL) I am looking for a deal on a three way fridge from an RV and even had one not to long ago: sadly, it had developed a leak and all the ammonia was out. It wasn’t in the greatest of shape either so I just scrapped it, instead of dumping good money after bad on it. There are a couple of RV places around here and I intend on stopping in one some evening and seeing what I can come up with in a Renovated Fridge. (figuring about $500ish for one and that falls inline with what I have seen on the net) Things are that much closer to completion.

Shop update. While things are moving on the house, and that seems to be a perpetual project, I have not forgotten the shop. Come hell or high water (and up on this hill, its gotta be damned high), I am going to have the pad poured as soon as winter starts to break. I need to have that, maybe not fully operational, but starting functional, by the time the election cycle winds down. (This will bring me back around to where I started this post.) I don’t know what the economy is going to do in the interim, but I can well imagine that the ups and downs are going to start to feel like a fair radical roller-coaster ride. It won’t be felt very strongly around here, AT FIRST, but when it does start to hit, its going to roll over this area hard. The Appalachia area never really recovered from the first great depression and that is one reason I decided to settle here. People know how to do without, make do with little to nothing, and squeeze Lincoln till he squeals when they have that penny to rub against another. It is not the greatest place to try and start a business, but then, the business I am starting is oriented to fill the gaps left behind in the last fifty years. There are no blacksmiths around here anymore, small foundries are non-existent, and there are enough farms around here, that my skills will come in handy in more ways than not. (heck, they already do and I am building a small but loyal client base, even as I work over the table and pay Uncle Sugar far too much for far too little.)

and now, we are back to the subject of the moment, New Years.

Just some thoughts on things. I know the Media has been trying to play Putin as some lying slick bastard that is trying to start another world war. And yet, the more I dig into things, the more I see that this is just plain bull shit, intended to distract an already deluded audience. I have watched several of his speeches and the man is just saying things that even Trump is saying, and Putin has a much better intelligence agency at his disposal. I know that he was formerly KGB and we all pretty much understand that when the Soviet Union fell apart, the leaders of that mess retreated to the woods for a week, and when they came out, they were no longer wearing uniforms, but pinstripes from the finest suit makers. They didn’t go away, they just adapted to the times. So the fuck what. If a man speaks truth, does it matter what clothes he is wearing?

More on him in a minute.

Next off is the whole election cycle. I can’t believe the things I hear at work about this run-up to a Presidential election. Are people so fuckin’ blind that they can’t see how stacked the deck is, or how the media is going to spin shit for whomever is signing the paycheck? Lets take a gander at how I see it. These debates are in turmoil. The dem debates are being scheduled in such a way as to minimize viewers, and the low-man on that totem pole is raising Cain about it, and I don’t see much changing despite that ruckus. Second off, the Repub debates; Trump is nailing the polls, but does anyone think that he has a chance of making the primaries? Seriously? The RNC is so shocked by him and his stance, they are going to do everything they can to get someone else into that slot. IF that happens, Trump said he will run as Independent, so now we get a three way vote. Those that are sold on the the Donald, the loyalists’ to whatever party (and lets admit, it, after being sold down the river by Ryan recently, is there really any difference?) With that scenario, I see Hildebeast taking it by a cunt hair, and THAT just means that what we have seen the last 7 years will be continued, if not accelerated. (and there is a part of me that, reluctantly, cheers that line of stupidity on. “ Bring it on, embrace the collapse of this mess so that we can start the recovery!”

Anyways, I am watching this whole thing as closely as I can without losing my cookies, hoping, that I am wrong. But there is the whole history of the last 16 years of questionable elections (hanging chads, electronic booths that always vote Dem, no matter what the voter puts in, 114% turn out with 100% dem votes in one Floriduh county. Etc etc etc) that give a precedent to what is going on. I have my doubts about this one as being even remotely legit. Let me put it another way, something stinks when I am watching this election, and I keep checking but it ain’t my feet.

Back to Putin for a minute. One thing he said recently bothered me. A LOT. He made mention of the whole ME thing as being a great training operation. One that would allow training and hardening of troops INDEFINITELY. WTF? That can only mean that his country is NOT the only one with that in mind, and the fact that we have been at war there for FOURTEEN FUCKIN’ YEARS, tells me that our country, with or without intent, has the same goal. Only one group is making out on this deal and it sure ain’t the American people. (though, some people actually have jobs due to it. Someone has to make the tools that get destroyed over time in combat, as well as the ammo, ordinance, etc)

Granted, fire hardened troops are an asset, assuming they survive intact. But this borders on shit I read about in Frank Herberts’ DUNE series. The only reason I didn’t go completely off the hook on this one was the fact that at least he outright SAID it, whereas our “leaders Pretend” keep spouting politically correct horseshit designed to keep the general populace feeling, maybe not good, but at least not so bad that they start revolting.

A little homework, if you are up to it. Find a recent Vet, now discharged, and ask them how many tours they had. I can guarantee you it was more than one if they are not maimed, or completely out of their mind. (at which point, you have to ask “For what?”. Defending America? That can be argued from here till hell freezes over and the only point will be that those arguing over it will dig in their heals and hold their stance. I have my opinion on it and will leave it at that.)

Paul Ryan. Currently the biggest schlemiel in the District of Criminals. Sold out to Democratic guile and sold the Tea Party out in the process.

Then a new AWB comes out within 48 hours of that stupidity in the wee hours of heading to holiday break (seems to me, a similar stunt was pulled in 1913 and we ended up with Income Tax and the Federal Reserve (in that order).) Well, Fuck Ryan! There are enough people pissed off about the whole sell out, I am certain that someone has him at the top of their list. Let it roll is all I can say. That AWB, which in reading it has Barbara Boxer written between every stinkin’ line (including that whole barrel shroud thing,)

Why now? Coupla points: First, this is the Coup de Grace, their dying gasp to push that part of the agenda. Second, its great distraction from Ryans betrayal and will supposedly rally people to the Repugs to “do whats Right” and help them recoup lost points. (strategically, it makes sense. I am hoping that more people see through the fog for what it is; a political ploy, nothing more.)

Fact: an AWB is going to be useless, unenforceable, and just another division in an already heavily divided nation. The only other possible scenario is this could be what they hope sparks the war they need to push that agenda further.

Of course I am just guessing on all of this, but after watching the shenanigans of that steaming pile of dog crap we call DC for the last 15 years, it fits the bill.

So, AWB up for vote, lets do some number crunching and figure out why I say it will be unenforceable.

Since the inception of NICS checks in 1989, there have been over 400 million checks done. Recall please, that a NICS check is for one purchase order, not “one” gun. It can be multiple guns being sold at that time to one buyer. For ease of crunching, we will go for one check, one gun. So, since 1989, there have been a respectable number of gun sales. Given that there are only 350 million people in these united states, that is more than one gun PER person. Recall also, LEO’s and LEA’s do not need a NICS check, so those numbers are not tabulated, nor are any private sales between individuals. (Private sales don’t really count anyway as they are prior purchase)

350 million people, with age ranging the spectrum as well as a legality spectrum, so for calculation sake, say 50% are legally able to make that purchase. That means 175 million people own 400 million guns. And there is no reasonable way to calculate how many rounds of ammo is on hand for those guns, but I can well imagine it ain’t zero.

NOW, Here is how it becomes unenforceable. There are 1900 police departments in these united states, of that, there are only 1,000,000 officers (rough number) all of whom want to go home at night. Everything about their training revolves around that simple idea. That is why they are getting a bad reputation for abuse, among other reps they may have. Here is the simple math. 174 armed citizens to 1 cop. Maybe, just maybe, the first few raids will be successful, and the media will cry about how great it is that these tools of mayhem and murder are ‘off the street’.

Then they meet someone that says “don’t cross this line” and has the balls and firepower to back it up. The only option they have at that point is to burn them out, and do not for one minute think they won’t. They burned out one of their own when he went rogue, and you and I are even less important in their play book.

At that point, if the media even mentions the event, and it won’t matter how they try to spin it, the rules of the game change, and not in favor of the police or whomever is assigned to carry out the orders of the Criminals. There are enough people in this country with the McGuyver streak, to come up with all kinds of party favors that make an EBR not so scary to the Libtards. Of course, they haven’t carried that part of the calculation out all the way, and of course, their form of social calculus does not give any weight to the term “Unintended Consequences”. Trust me, one of those “Bitter clinger, bible thumping , rifle hugging rednecks” with a little aluminum powder, some fertilizer and a 15# canister of LPG can make a building disappear! And he won’t lose a wink of sleep over it either. And the cops still want to go home at night. Dying ain’t on that wish list so the first deaths will likely start an avalanche of resignations.

And like the men (and women now) in uniform fighting in the sandbox can tell you, when your opponent looks like every man woman and child on the street, you have no idea who to shoot at. SO when the Criminals get their wish and outlaw our personal property, they are going to have one hell of a time trying to figure out if that janitor down the hall is there to mop the floor, or MOP UP THE MESS.

Anywhoos, to wrap all of this maudlin epiphany up, I come back around to Putin. I am wondering, just in a rhetorical curious fashion, if any groups from inside CONUS have attempted to reach that man and maybe strike up conversation about support in overthrowing the current Federal puppetshow. Granted, he would not be the one doing the talking, that whole ‘plausible deniability’ thing, but I am sure that there would be some interest in that facet of the world stage. He hasn’t come outright and said it but there have been a few points in his talks that imply his desire to see our current leaders pretend forget about that first step on the stairs. (and for those that cry TREASON!!!!!, ya might want to take a closer look at what certain individuals are doing to this country and then re-read your constitution! Recall this as well. “Treason doth not prosper. Why, for if it prospers, none dare call it treason.” Right now what I call treason is prospering quite well on the hill, and trust that the bank accounts of those there are showing it as well.)

Nuff. Y’all a have a safe and happy night, stay safe and I will talk at ya laters.

Rip me a new one on this one if y’all feel the urge.


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