Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Where to begin? Lots going on in the world, and lots to talk about, but so little that I care to talk about. I am getting much more jaded in my thinking as time goes by, and that is causing me to just shut the door that much more. I find that I am talking even less to those in my immediate world simply due to the lack of concern that I see in their eyes. Life is still good, they have food on the table, cable bringing in the entertainments (though they don’t get out as often nowadays) and the price of gas, while high (in relation to the price of a barrel of crude) its not out of their budget. As long as they have that, can keep their noses clean with the local LEA, and still have a job, ‘who cares what the world does!’

That just galls my bearings to say the least. I see the time coming when none of the above are going to be readily available, nor cheap, and make plans accordingly, and yet these sheep are so happy to just continue jumping around in the corral
I have been at this for 8 years, since before Oblammy-O-Boy took the throne. I have been bitchin’ n whinin’ about these things to the same crowd for that time, (some come, some go, but the mindset is the same) and NOTHING ever changes. I have stood in protest, I have written the Representatives, (that don’t represent) I have funded (somewhat) others to do the same, and still, nothing changes. Even as I have been doing all of that, I have been preparing as best I can, I have stepped down out of the rat race that I used to belong in, and I have simplified my life so that when the big one drops, I have only a few feet to fall to the bottom. My world is off grid for the most part, (no water bill, no electric bill, no sewage bill) and I try to keep things simplified so that I have less to worry about maintaining. (gravity fed water, solar predominant in a hybrid system.) I know that there are things that must be maintained, such as batteries, and the like, but with such a system, that is the trade-off: maintenance over convenience.

The last 8 years have been a serious learning curve, in a multitude of disciplines. I regret none of the sacrifices I have made to get to where I am at now, even if getting there has brought me down-slope from where I was. I don’t miss the aggravations of TV scheduling, rush hour traffic, or the headaches of managing theater tours and all the fun and games that go with balancing those budgets with production concerns.(admittedly, I do miss the income. But not the aggravation or the time away from home)

And yet, I have found a peace; one that comes with confidence. I know that no matter what comes down the pike, I am far better off now than I was 8 years ago. I have a clue. And where I don’t have a clue, I have the knowledge to back up my choices to make the problem less painful. Even now, I have the advantage over those around me. Nothing much, but I have seen the envy when I have lighting and hot coffee, where my neighbors don’t, when the power goes out in the ‘hood. I don’t rub it in their faces (not intentionally, but I won’t do without my coffee just to appease someones envious nature) and I have tried to help them get in a better position, but I am not going to invest my blood and time (money) to improve their position if they won’t make the effort themselves.

Here are some pics of the stead as it progresses towards completion.

Foundation, ready for joists

Foundation, ready for joists

Getting things together

Getting things together

Shift in subject matter. Had a conversation with a fellow worker yesterday. I am helping him out by taking him to and from work as he is in a bad position with no car, three kids and a wife and a job that barely exceeds minimum wage. (Hand up, not a hand out.) We were headin’ home when we saw a RV (tourbus style diesel pusher) with an SUV in tow. Both were fairly new, I’d say not more than 4 years old. P made the comment of “that guy has way too much money for his own good!” and I had to think about that statement for a minute before I replied. My reply was this: “Who are you to decide who has too much money?” and that turned into a rather heated discussion of “He didn’t earn it!” from P to “And you know that How?” from me. I guess you can see how far down the rabbit hole that discussion went. It took a bad term when P started talking about how he busts his ass to earn a living yet can’t make ends meet, and that people with money just eat him up because “they don’t earn that money like I earn mine”. I had to ask him “so, we work at the same place, busting our humps, and yet you are always broke, where I have money to buy tools, materials, and build a house. Am I not earning my money?” To which he replied “you’ve always been rich!”

Full stop, screeching tires and smoking brakes. “WHAT?!?!?!?”

P- “Everyone at works knows you have oodles of cash. No one knows why you work there because you are rich. Aren’t you?” (despite the fact that he contradicts his statement with a question, I had to answer)

Me- “Hell no I ain’t rich. I am building my house on a shoestring budget, scraping by eating bologna and tuna and ramen noodles. How the hell do people think I am rich?”

P- “Cause you have this nice truck and you can buy a generator with cash, and you buy tools with cash, and no one ever hears you complaining about bills or mortgage or debts.”
In that light, maybe I am rich,(it’s all in perception obviously) but like anyone that has reached out and taken hold of the money flow to get into a better position, there are sacrifices to be made. Not talking slaughtering a calf or lamb, but the loss is the same in the long run. I have sacrificed my social well being by not going out chasing a woman, nor blowing money on trivial things of vaporous reality, like cable or partying. All of my choices have been well thought out and balanced with my end goals, and that, in their eyes makes me rich I guess.

At that point, I just dropped the conversation (not really, but it started getting heated to the point of anger so I deleted that out of this post for your convenience) What I see is that NO ONE wants to give up the big screen, or the McMansion, or any other ‘status symbol’ no matter how much doing away with it would help them achieve a better way of living. The lies that have been fed to these generations on what constitutes a proper lifestyle (big house, multiple cars, trophy wife, etc etc) hold them back from being free to do what they want. And they are so sucked into the paradigm, they can’t see that they aren’t free to do what they want, and that the psychotropics being prescribed to them to ease the pain of existence would be unnecessary if they could just live they way they were intended, and not as some societal standard dictates. Yeah, I am weird, I live in an RV on a hillside in what constitutes a construction zone with all the materials and growing foundation and what not. That is just one sacrifice that I have made to achieve the ends I work towards. It isn’t exactly a comfortable arrangement, but then, when I get my house built, I will appreciate it all that much more for the sacrifices that led to it. (and that is where I will FEEL rich! Not monetarily, but in possession.) ( And that house is just one step in my list of goals. I still have a shop to build, I still have to start working that shop and building a client base. I still have lots more to do and the feeling of being under the wire is getting VERY Heavy of late.)
I can tell guys like P how to do what is needed to get them on their feet and moving forward in life, but telling someone and them doing it are always two different things. I won’t lead them, they have to do that for themselves or the end result is a backsliding trip and hostile feelings towards the leader. It makes me appreciate more, the religious saying of “God helps those that help themselves”, seeing how I am helping myself, and actually achieving my ends. I see those that wish for such and get nothing but further down the hole. I can’t lead them out of that hole; I can only do for myself, and hope the example sticks. I think what bothers me the most about the above conversation is the whole Class Envy thing rearing its ugly head. It is becoming more fractured as time goes by and is showing up in places I hadn’t expected And the fact that I am considered ‘rich’ by those I work with just blows my mind. I work where they work, make the same products and make roughly the same amount: the only real difference is how I use what I earn. I see some of these guys buried in debt for cars and trucks and houses they really can’t afford. I understand the mindset because I was there in the earlier part of the century. But now that I am more aware of how the REAL financial system works (Fractional reserve banking to be specific) I see the trap for what it is, and avoid it like the plague. Many of these guys are borrowing from the easy credit lenders on a weekly basis and then trying to figure out why they are always broke. (I ain’t even going to start trying to educate someone like that when they can’t figure the math out for themselves.) I hear the term “gettin’ ahead” from them, but they seem to always be falling further and further behind. (must be that damned tax rate thing right? LOL How about that ungodly percentage rate you pay the lenders, fool!) I then hear them talking about the newest 4wheeler (quadrunner for some) or getting a couple of horses (fodder monsters with zero value ’round these parts) and I have to wonder just what is really going on in their heads.

Then I find that over half of them are receiving some form of assistance from Uncle Sugar, either through a wife and kids or something. Then it all starts to make sense. These people don’t really believe in earning anything, they want it given to them. Just like the majority of kids coming out of college wanting that 60K/yr job they were promised, not realizing that college was just the first step, not the ends to a means.

None of this will end well, if more than half of the country is infected with that mindset. And I am to believe the statistics I run across, I think we are well past that half-way point.
Anywhoo’s, on with more of the same. Notice what the stock market is doing? 500 points drop on Friday. 3.12% drop. Nothing to worry about, keep borrowing money, spending money, walkin through life, lalalalalalala. *

This is just the first tremor in my opinion. I see a rally after the feds mumble some hocus-pocus on Monday, then another, more drastic drop the first week of September. More mumbo-jumbo from the feds and another rally, then come late September, the wheels come off.

Just guessing of course, but that whole 7 year cycle is starting to show some serious consistency that gives me pause when I look at the bigger picture. Talking to WonderDawg, we discussed the implications towards WWIII, or massive Civil Unrest (Civil war III?) I made comment that if we bust out into another World War, it will be due to our Current Leadership screwing the pooch and pissing off Russia and/or China. I don’t think there will be any serious threat from the Middle East, but then, there are some serious players there with the FunBomb and itchy trigger fingers, so its anyones guess. Massive Civil Disruption? I dunno. The Current Leaders Pretend, have been playing some games with our military and setting things up in a fashion where the games could become our new reality. Like was mentioned by a ghost, The militarization of our police units, is not to enforce the police state, but to put known equipment into place without raising red-flags about military force. (not saying that our police aren’t becoming militarized, all one needs do is count how many bounce between cop and soldier on a regular basis.)
I am not going to dwell on any of this though. I can’t stop it and the solution is nearly as painful (if not more so) than allowing it run full cycle. I know it won’t be resolved in my lifetime, and likely not in the lifetime of my grand-kids. But it WILL resolve one way or another. Either the Human race graduates Kindergarten, or we annihilate our species and millions of others in the process. (my bet is neither, but another round of same ol’ same ol’ with only a microscopic evolution towards sanity.) One can only hope to weather through until such time as the Reaper comes to collect.

(God, I am so fun and cheerful today ain’t I?)
* I wrote most of this Sunday morning before the Chinese markets opened. That adds a whole new factor into the prognostications, and definitely a level I am not comfortable with. As of the time of this writing, I believe the NYSE is closed for the day, I am getting no updates to my phone. I still say that this is just a precursor of whats coming, but its anyones guess and gamble.
PPS: ignore last subset, Markets are open and if ya ain’t watching, taking a beating. NYSE has set a 7% ‘circuit breaker’ and I believe they will hit it yet today.


6 responses

  1. SnakeIN

    I be dawgone! I didn’t know I had a rich man in my very short list of friends. BTW, nice progress since I saw your building site. Think you’ll have a roof by bad weather? Old Farmers Almanac says this winter should be long and snowy and cold. Sure great to see a post. Missed you. And in terms of skills and goals, you truly are a rich man. Say, can I borrow $20? Just til next payday…

    August 26, 2015 at 12:43 pm

    • It’s all about perception, I can’t perceive me being rich, but obviously others do! LOL (sorry, Just had to borrow $10 for gas since mister “he has too much money” stiffed me on gas cash today by not showing up to work.)

      August 26, 2015 at 1:38 pm

  2. Well then, can I borrow $15? I’ll gladly pay you back next Thursday.

    August 27, 2015 at 8:23 pm

  3. Steve

    I just found your blog through “Blue’s Blog”. A quick comment about your perceived “richness”. My momma used to say, “you wrestle with a pig; you both get dirty and only the pig is happy”. Seems like you are getting the dirt from folks that are jealous of your ability to be tight with your money. Like you have said; they are being trained to spend. They just don’t understand the “saving” attitude. Take heart young man; there are folks that appreciate the path you picked to walk your life.

    September 17, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    • Welcome to the shop Steve. Remember meeting Blue at the Indy patcom thrown by China and friends. Good man, and dedicated from what I saw.
      Yeah, I know that there is a certain amount of jealousy involved with guys such as above. Since that post, loser has left his wife and three kids and shacked up with a pillhead AND quit his job. So while I feel for his wife n kids, I have zero pity for him. His choices will bring hell on earth to himself.

      September 18, 2015 at 5:27 pm

  4. Steve

    Ha, I could have won some money on that fellas behavior track!!! I think we need to teach two things to our spawn, 1) Believe in God and 2) your choices have consequences. Those two things could actually revolutionize the world!

    September 19, 2015 at 2:50 pm

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