Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Overheard at the local hunting shop (two parts, one post)

“Ooh!, That braided handled pigsticker would look so good on the shoulder strap of my Bug out bag!

I don’t think I need to point out the fallacy of that statement to my regular readers, but, Here goes.  Just who in this forsaken time period, worrys about FASHION ACCESORIES on a damned BOB?  First and foremost, that braided handle wrap is worthless as a survival tool IF it lasted long enough for you to need it.   CHEAP ass steel for the blade, the pararcord may or may not be 550 stuff (likely not) and if you ended up needing it, the blade then becomes a liability and potentially crippling if you needed to actually use it as a knife.   Blisters are a real bitch to deal with when hygiene practices start to become harder to have, with questionable water.   Yeah, looks good dangling from that shoulder strap like your were some sort of operator.    I wouldn’t even take the time to strip it off your corpse when I raid your pack for decent stuff. (I already know you won’t have anything GOOD , because you wasted your cash on crap that ‘looks cool’)

Part two:

My recent posts are about education.   Trying to teach something, without making it a boring dry run drill.   Maybe you never need the info, but maybe, just maybe, you might, and even if you never practice the skill I presented, it may stick in your head enough to allow you a fighting chance.

Education.   Thats a subject that was just brought up in comments over at Soffitrats blog.   It was also a point that was brought up time and again in an Ebook I just read.   Eric Rudolph wrote a book entailing his run from the FBI for 5 1/2 years, and the events in his life leading up to it.   Extraordinary  read.   I won’t delve into my thoughts on what he did, but I have to admire the guy for living between the lines of Drift for 5 1/2 years, dodging the group looking for him, and not losing his frikkin mind in the process.(That last rule of threes applies to my thoughts on this.  Three months without a companion.)  Even if you don’t like the guys politics, reasons, or what he did, the book is a valuable read for the insights he has on living at the most base of levels in the wilds.  And its free.(Google “between the lines of Drift by Eric Rudolph” and look for the PDF version.)

Back to my thought line: Education.   I have spent the last 8 years in a fairly steady state of self education.    Most of what I have learned, I paid nothing for, but that is not to say the education was free.   I had to work at it, I had to research it, I had to wade through the trash to find the gems, and I had to make mistakes along the way to enforce the learning process.  There were somethings I learned where I had to make an initial investment to have what I needed to progress.   I bought my 3-1 blind, because I knew that I could not progress without it.   I broke stuff, I wasted some money buying things that I later learned how to make, and I invested even more on dead tree editions of books that I had ecopies of, (because you just never know, and I prefer the tactile feel of a book in hand.)  That beginning opened up even more avenues of education to me.

There is no excuse to not educate oneself.  In todays world, with so much information at out beck and call via the internet, there is absolutely ZERO excuse.   Heck, just trying to find stuff is an education in and of itself. (thats where you learn to wade through the crap to find the gems.)

I mentioned in comments to Soffitrat, that I had found, in hindsight, many many gaps in the education I received in public indoctrination school.  Things that, while seemingly unimportant at the time, could have radically changed my world  views.    I remember being told that Ayn Rand was a truly nasty writer and I shouldn’t waste my time.   I could never access the Anti-Federalist Papers (until the net that is) so was never able to see the other side of the Constitutional Debate.   Alesander Spooner was NEVER EVER mentioned and questioning any aspect of the curriculum was, while not verboten, definitely frowned upon.   And I went to a fairly conservative school. Even so, the tenticles of progressives were taking hold and choking the real teachers into submission.(I had one history teacher that encouraged us to question his curriculum, but was hindered by the admin of the school on what he was alllowed to say.   He could only point us to the information and let us decide.   There were only a handful of us that ran with his guidance.)

This is what happens when you allow a Government free rein. “like fire, a useful tool, or a horrible master”

And that education thing, is all by design.    Control the education of people and you can control how they think (or if they even CAN think after you are done with them.)  A person that is unable to think for themself, is not going to be able to govern themself, so will be dependent upon outside governance IE THE Government.   Give them a lifetime prop-up in the form of ‘assistance’ and you have a useful idiot tool at your diposal.  Whether that tool is for cannon fodder, or voting as you wish, it will fulfill your needs until such time as you no longer need it.

The real problem that I run into was illustrated quite well in a cartoon.   I can’t find such now, but it was a picture of a guy sitting in a personal library with this look of horror on his face.   The caption read “It’s not so much that People are doomed to repeat history, its that those who know their history will be doomed to watch as others FORCE us to repeat it.”   I continue watching the slow motion collapse and all the political wrangling going on and can only think one thought.


We are on the edge of the next dark ages and there is such a small percentage of persons able to see it, and that percentage is so small, all we can do is look on, yell into the void hoping to wake others, and pray that something of merit will survive through to the other side.

With our current ‘lack of education’ system, the only hope I can wish for is that other patriots see the problem as well, and take steps to remove their children from the influences of the State.  Damn the cost, damn the inconveinence, just do it.   Most kids I have ever met (prior to high school that is) WANT to learn.  They absorb information around them like a sponge, and want to know the why of literally everything.   It takes an extraordinary effort by our ‘educators’ to destroy that, and yet, by the time most kids hit middle school, that desire is burned out.  Don’t let them do that to your children!  There are many resources online for Homeschoolers, and there are textbooks for near everything under the sun, and usually much more reasonably priced than the crap the schools buy.  There are even groups of homeschoolers that lend the books as needed to spread the cost amongst themselves.  You will still have to register your child for school in most states, but there are ways to do what needs done without exposing the child to the mind washing that takes place in those institutional walls.  (and I hear all the time about ” but the child needs to be socialized amongst peers” .   that is what little league is for, or gymnastics, or any number of other group events are for.  (I would say scouts, but,,,,,,))

I have much more to say on this subject, but it is late, zero dark thirty comes much to early, and I am starting to drift in my thoughts.  

Talk more laters.

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