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Bad blogger, no sausage biscuit for me!

I know I know, I have been lax as hell lately.  I have to ask for some slack though.   Things have been a tad hectic lately and part of that hectic has been due to the following.

Yup, New (to me) truck.   96 Chev S10 4X4 Extended cab, 5 spd and standard bed, with a 4.3 Vortec.   Patience has paid off and I managed to get a pretty good deal out of it, AND, managed to give Lazarus a new home in the process.  One where she (odd calling a ‘hicle named Laz female) won’t have to worry about asphalt ever again.   The guy I bought the above off of, wanted a beater truck for the woods and Laz fit that bill quite nicely. 

I do have an upcoming installment of “SO there I was” but it is not quite ready for prime time just yet.  A couple of tweaks are needed and adjustment for current events or the whole thing won’t make a lick of sense.  Hopefully, the whole story line is just an alternate future/history, ((a Heinlein thing, sorry)) but only time will tell.

So, with some other events happening in my little world, that I have to keep under wraps just a bit longer, I leave you with a musical interlude/intermission(and a bit of a teaser to upcoming fiction) (Note: Not for all tastes, but apt for the story line)(Unable to embed at this time, here’s the link)


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  1. wonderdawg

    Good to hear from you again. Know from experience when you an army of one, time for anything but existing is limited. Throw in weather, breakdowns of equipment, tools etc, makes it even more challenging. As yo I commented sometime back maybe a GF would at the least be a needed extra pair of hands….damn sure thinking that way myself lately. Had ole galpal hangout with me a few days and had its ups and downs,no pun intended,lol. One thing that stuck out(no pun again)is that after 4 years of recluse living, the adjustment of fairly constant human chatter and having to consider others needs is larger than I realized. Biggest test was sleeping with another other than a dog, although sex is nice, not sure it offsets being able to move around during night without waking one another. Definitely will require more test runs before deciding to make such a change permanent. Don’t know how I got on subject, moving on….glad to see new wheels at the stead, know Laz was well used up and time to replace. Same sitrep here. 300Kplus on Casper is showing its ugly head too much now. Finally suspended all construction on house to concentrate on getting garden in this year and critter pens up and functioning. Happy to say lots of green edible things are showing up nice. This week main goal to finish fish traps and get them in my creek. So ole bud, things still perking here in the bottoms. Stay safe bro.

    April 29, 2015 at 9:46 am

    • Glad to see you are still out there. Yup, solo warriors preppin’ have one key flaw, “Two is one and One is none” ANYTHING gets flakey or broke and you are down for however long it takes to make right, and that goes for more personal matters as well. (as you can attest after your failed flying attempt. )
      I have been thinking long and hard about that very matter, but run into some critical issues right off the curb. Like you mentioned, having been the Bach for several years, How will I handle the company of someone not four legged and furry. Second; What I have seen around here leaves me breathless with anticipation for better. Not that KY girls aren’t pretty (just like anywhere, you have your good bad and damned “what truck hit that?” ugly.) but damned if I am going to settle for someone that wraps their life around the tube, and that seems to be a majority around here. Or the other side of the coin that is quite a problem, addicts. Pills are a serious issue in this neck of the woods and I really am not impressed with those that I have ran into (understated, but I don’t think wordpress would allow me to post my true thoughts there)
      Third, Other preppers tend to be loners by nature and that alone means even lower chances of meeting up. (and that just means when I get serious about adding personage to my stead, I am going to have to,,,oh shit, I have to say it, Socialize? (gah, that hurt)
      Have to admit, I have grown quite accustomed to silent nights, but it would be nice to snuggle up to a permanent heater between the covers on chill nights, and to have someone else around to help pick up the inevitable slack that comes from running this mess. (like not being able to keep a fire going in the winter because I am 40miles away for 12 hours a day)
      But I ain’t bitchin, just airing my thoughts. I chose this route, and I have stated and am sticking to, the fact that I won’t start looking until the house is completed. (been burned twice to often on losing property due to splits, I am keeping my hard earned work this round dammit!)
      About the truck, yup, Laz was a time bomb waiting to happen, and while I kinda miss her, I needed reliable and and something with more utility, than sport. Hard to haul wood, rock and building materials in a closed cab SUV. Did it, but man the mess was a real ,,,,,. Sides, in relation to the earlier part of this reply, Having something nice to look at other than my glorious face (LOL) won’t hurt in hunting the elusive split tail.
      anywhoos, y’all stay safe out there and I will post again once I have the next chapter to my satisfaction. talk soon.

      April 29, 2015 at 8:19 pm

      • The video is up on an alternative site now. Thanks!

        May 5, 2015 at 12:40 pm

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