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Oops, spoke to soon

Water water everywheres and I’ma gonna be able to drink it!!!!

Well, I spoke just a bit soon.  My Dad is completely responsible and I humbly stand aside for his accolades. He found a spot up the hill a ways and dug down to stone and even before he could install the collection bucket the hole was filling up on him.  The tank was placed and the water ran to it and within the space of 4 hours had almost 100 gallons in it.   It was completely filled by the next morning.
The collection bucket is a 5 gallon bucket with some holes in the side and a fitting to attach a hose to. The hole it resides in is about 3′ across and the remaining space is filled with limestone gravel to act as a sediment filter.  Limestone also does a bit of a trick in getting rid of other things that may creep in as well.   I am not going to run a filter on the line as most of the water is for utility use, but I am going to have a Berkey filter for drinking water. 


Still in install phase, water level is down after flushing line out.


This flow is constant. about a gallon/5minutes


Lotsa diggin in my future. Say hi to Jack-jack


Tank looks tiny from this end.

There is still a ways to go yet before the system is functional for me, but by Dog, I think we’ve got this.   Lots of digging in the near future to get the pipe under frost level, but that isn’t as deep as you would think around here.  I have to dig a trench to cross the drive here but like the rest of it, a mere matter of labor and the worst is out of the way. 
Yet another step towards self-sufficiency; its gettin on time for the garden as well.  
Next step, House and shop.  or should it be Shop and house?   I be thinkin’ that Shop/ House is in order, only because working at home will make more steps feasible over having to travel for a paycheck. (and having somewhere to make things out of the weather is always nice.)
Side note:  For those that have thought of taking the RV/Travel trailer path.  If you do it, do not plan on being in the thing for very long.   They are not intended for sustained living.   The amount of maintenance to do on them gets outrageous very quickly.   I have been in mine going on three years now and the wear and tear is getting to a point where I am thinking total renovation would be needed.   Small leaks become big leaks after a freeze and the small ones are the harder to find/fix. Eventually, you have more patch than structure.    As it stands now, I am not going to renovate the beast.  I am going to build that house, use some of the fittings and such to fill in the house (stove, fridge, sinks, maybe some cabinitry) then scrap what I don’t use.   The beast will not be for re-sale after I am done as I wouldn’t want to pass along the mess to anyone else.  Besides, there is lots of good steel in the beast; 1″ square tubing, and the like. (she was made before they started using the aluminum framing) The frame would be the biggest part to reconfigure, and the panels that make the shell can be re-use’d for other things like insulation in the floor of the house or something. And of course, miles of wiring; with the price of copper now, the hell I will just send that to the scrap yard.   I already have plans in place to pull the Onan 4K and put it in it’s own little genny shack for powering the shop when I need to.  I want to convert it to propane or woodgas, but that is just a small detail that will have to be addressed later down the road.  No need to junk such a useful piece of machinery.  As for the mechanical side of things on the beast, I will likely part it out.  Its a 2 1/2 ton rear axle set up and I am sure that someone around here could use it.  It doesn’t have a boatload of miles on it like Lazarus the SUV does so it will fill the bill for someone that needs such.  The engine needs rebuilt, but the transmission is newly rebuilt.  (Heck, I know a few racing types that would happily cough up cash for a Turbo400! LOL)   (and now I am just rambling on and on. )
Nothing goes to waste around me, but it’s likely you won’t recognize it later.
Well, the temp outside is getting to the point where I can work on this water mess and get some diggin’ done.  Talk atcha’ll laters.


2 responses

  1. wonderdawg

    Sounds like major progress on the one item can’t do without. I’ve already dealt with one frozen pipe, didn’t lose tank full, but did get my attention towards what needed to be finished and insulated. I have a 900 gal tank and I catch rain from metal roof. Use two filters, 1 from main tank to pressure tank and another at kitchen sink with screens at end of gutters and leaf shedders on top of gutters. Couple times this past summer had to add chlorine due to algae. Usually will flush itself so no algae. Looks good and Jack is inspecting everything just like my two, even ole Rufus still at it. Safety first brother, downtime sucks.

    February 17, 2015 at 1:30 am

    • It is major progess and one that made some decisions I needed to make, much eaiser. While the weather around here is pulling one last gasp of winter out (and doing a bang up job I might add) all of it is on hold. I have the lines laid out roughly where they are going to be after trenching, other than the part that crosses the drive for obvious reasons, but there they will sit until the weather starts to cooperate.
      I bought a test set up for pools for attempts to keep the algea at bay, I don’t think I will need to be anal about it, but with the fishbowl weather patterns we have around here, I could be wrong. Once the spring hits and all of this finallized and in use, it may be a weekly thing for me to keep on. The one other tank on the hill (below my level, fed by a spring) has serious issues with black algea and the people that use the tank only use it for toilets and showers. I still don’t understand why they don’t clean it out as the water smells horrid (and so do they seeing how they bathe in it.) I think the reason behind the black algea has to do with the cover they built over the tank(and lack of maintenance, but I digress). it keeps the tank in shadow 24-7 and while that keeps the water cool, it doesn’t do a damned thing against bacteria or other buggies. That’s what I liked about Picks black tank. That water would get hot and kill off many of the bugs that get picked up in water.
      yuppers, safety first, whether that is building, or shooting, or just out movin’round. And keep that cell phone handy, as you found out. Glad to see you are back up and moving again and glad you made it out to comment. GIve Rufus a pat and a bacon strip from me. (and watch him bury it with his schnoz LOL) Voodoo says “Woof!”

      February 17, 2015 at 9:16 am

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