Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Islam and you

Over the weekend, I ran across a discussion on TED that rather “got my Goat”.  I followed along as long as I could, but to be honest, the level of willful ignorance of facts and reality left me gasping for air.   Yeah, there are similarities along the way, but they tend to stop after about the first chapter of the varied tomes that each religion leans the most on.   Pretty much about the time of Noah things really start to separate and go different pathways.
BUT, that doesn’t bring to light the realities that those persons willfully “forgot”.   Like the recent beheading’s of truly neutral persons.  Nor the annihilation of an entire community of Christians who just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Everyone, from old to young and even infants violently removed from our current timeline,,,,,
But what does all of this have to do with us here in the united states safely across thousands of miles of ocean between them and us?
That particular event, little,  but the sum of the whole, EVERYTHING.   What most of those commenting on that site linked above failed to bring up is history, specifically the history of Islam itself.   They forgot that Islam has been at war with the rest of the world pretty much non-stop since the middle ages.   They failed to bring up the Caliphates of the past, nor that current data indicates that there may be a new Caliphate in the next few years.  They failed to mention that if the Caliphate decrees war (Jihad), that becomes the new normal for ALL Muslims, not just a few “extremists”.  They failed to mention that there are Muslims in every single nation world wide that would listen to the decrees of a new Caliphate.  (enemies in your backyard that you don’t even see as enemies until they have the knife at your throat.)  Nor did they mention the precarious establishment within Saudi Arabia.  The fact that the current (new) King of KSA has to, essentially, bribe the population to not rise up against him and his is not mentioned, not even in passing.  The Wahabi factions have been sucking at the teat of KSA since its inception back in the day, and the only reason KSA could ‘afford’ it is the almighty Petro-Dollar.   
Think about that for a minute.   The whole house of cards is built on buying loyalty using a debased and near worthless currency.   A currency now being broadsided by BRICS.   There have been movements to undermine the validity of the current regime within KSA including the assassination of a Key General of the KSA armed forces.   There are many that are loyal only due to the free money passing around and if that free money is in question, than so are the loyalties.   How long would it take for that loyalty to pass over to the other side if they thought it would be more prudent to change flags?   Seeing how things have been going of late, I would say a blink of an eye would be too long.
How long before the oil fields of KSA are no longer such, but the oil fields of ISIS?   How long after that does a new Caliphate rise up and the cooled Crusades begin again?   How long after that, does the petrodollar evaporate like the aether it is?

How long after that does this country explode into civil war?

Here is another historical fact for some that may be leaning toward ignoring this ‘tirade’.   Our current wars are not the first time we have ever fought Islam.   Desert Storm was not either.  The Philippines were not the first either, where “BlackJack” Pershing decimated the Muslims there.  Nope, the first time Americans fought against Muslims was Tripoli.   We went there to remove a pirate menace and those pirates were Muslims.   They were only following the dictates of their religion and persecuting “nonbelievers” and extracting Tax for that ‘crime’.  (of course, as in all things, perception is key, but I think the world view at that time overrode whatever perception the pirates may have had.  Hang’em High may not have been the key phrase back then. but the result was the same.)  Heck, even some of our founders warned about the menace of Islam, even Jefferson made mention of that in some of his writings.
Having been in the Middle East for Desert Storm, and having had some shore liberty at a couple of places there, I saw some things that made me question a lot of what was being passed along on the “religion of Peace”   I won’t call myself an expert by any means, and as individuals, most Muslim are pretty decent people if you can get around the strange habits they exhibit.  But the whole she-bang is not a religion at all, but a ideology of political tyranny wrapped in the words of God.   (even the names are the same in the Koran if that gives any indication. )   For more of why I say that, look up the history of the Prophet Mohamed and see for yourself just how deviant he was and figure that as the catalyst for the directions this so called religion has progressed along over the last several centuries.)  I can tell you some stories that have been told to me by people that have had to deal with them much more closely than I ever did, but I don’t really want to pass along third hand information.   I can tell you this though: if truth (and I don’t doubt it) the persons witnessed are just as morally backwards and perverse as the original yahoo that started this whole mess.

Yes, there are a lot of variables to contend with and I won’t get into one of the side debates about the “evil Jooo’s” that started
(about the time I said enough self-inflicted mental torture was enough)  There is a benefit to re-visiting history on occasion.   Many times, what was, will be again, and with a group that still presides in the 14th century, such will continue to come back and haunt us, and not just with a sheet and rattled chains, but poltergeists and oodles of bad mojo.

I have to say, there isn’t a whole lot that can be done about the situation as it sits right now.   I have read proposals to nuke Mecca and Medina, and I can’t say that would be a bad thing, but on the same note, I can’t say that it would accomplish the goal either.  The only aspect that I do agree with is that there would have to be a blood bath, not just on the extremists of the mess, but the clerics that drive it.  The Imams are the key to what current doctrine is, and with the Koran (Qur’an, or whatever spelling you prefer) all precedent is superseded by the word of the current Imam/Caliphate.  (FYI, all of this can be verified with  only a few hours of research of your own, don’t take my word for it.)  Seriously, if an Imam declares all woman should have their labia removed with glass shards, that over-rides ANY prior word contrary to the decree.   Does that sound like a religious thing or a power thing?    (and such was decreed by one at some point in time or we would never have heard about genital mutilation of young girls)
With the fact that I have no idea how to deal with the situation, nor would it do any good as I am just a little blogger fish in a great big sea of other fish that care or don’t on a whim; I can only suggest carrying on as you have been.  What is coming is either going to blow chunks faster than an RPG into a crowded mall, or simmer over many years the same way the Crusades did.  (and with all the attendant interesting history that provides us.)     THE ONLY ADVANTAGE WE HAVE AT THIS TIME IS SPEED OF LIGHT COMMUNICATION OVER THE ENTIRE WORLD.  And that may be brought to a screeching halt by Government at any moment (and they will if they feel it threatens their position of power.)  So, keep preparing for worst case, and hope you won’t need it.  Sadly, I beleive we are going to need much sooner than later.
Build your personal insurance policy as no one else is gonna build it for you.
😮  More later that won’t be so downbeat.

Update: more about the (H/T to SiGB)Crusades and Jihad


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