Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Gonna try this for a bit n see

Picked up a cheepy tablet at the local pawnshop for a song, as well as a wireless/bluetooth keyboard.   Running the wordpress app (same as on my phone) I can do what I need, offline, then upload when I do have net access.  
So! I said that I was gonna post pics of the windmill for y’all and I am gonna try that for the first time from this app.  Lets see what happens.


grey and dreary, good to hide inside with a fire.


calm day, no whirligiggn

Well, seems to get into the post from this end.    Yah, I am rambling.    Little details here.   Swept area is 80 1/2″  Each blade is over 5″ wide and about 3″ at its narrowest.  Total static weight of the spinny bits is 10# but very well balanced so resistance to wind is minimal.   Takes about 6mph to get them going, and they will continue to spin down to about 2mph when the cogging effect overcomes the lift.  I may only get a few watts when the wind is down. but that few watts is better than nada that I was getting out of the other set.   (and that other set wouldn’t work except during stormy weather)  This was a VERY good investment towards my system.

I enjoy and hate learning new toys.   In this case, I truly hate the damned advertisers and how bloated the technology has become with social engineering strata.   Oh yes, there is a huge amount of “Big Sister” buried in every piece of tech out there today.    If you buy a PC from a store, its loaded down with info gathering bots to help “customize” your experience.  Phones, especially ‘smart’ phones, same thing.   What surprised me was just how intrusive shit has become within just the last 4 years.  EVERY SINGLE app on this tablet has “control” and Permissions to nearly every single point within the tablet itself.   Even down to the memory aspects.  And you have to accept the terms or you can’t use the app.   They can delete or modify files, that even the operator can’t get to!!!!!   Even scarier is the control aspect of camera and battery:   I see those permissions and I think “No, there isn’t some government agency behind this app’s development!” (snark off)   Least to say, This tablet is of extremely limited use to me.  Blogging only and I intend to limit camera use to the bare minimum as I can’t figure out how to strip the metadata off the images (likely a blocked feature nowadays.  Gotta know where and what you have been up to!)
I was thinking about loading a different OS onto the thing, but this particular unit has the image area blocked off and no user interface that I can figure out to hack the beast.    But then, I do get what I paid for.   Heck, even the USB port is fairly proprietary.  Well, the slaves of yore, were fitted with collars and shackles; we happily pay for our shackles now, so long as it can be used to facebook, blog, and play solitaire! (ps: Am I paranoid enough?    I already know I am paranoid of a lot of things, but the real question is, Is it enough paranoia?   A little research will find you just about any tech toy that is stripped to the bare essentials and able to be used in a high privacy mode.   The problem is, expense.   You must pay for your privacy in today’s world, and somehow, that grates on me just a bit.   Something that should be as obvious as privacy should be respected by all, and yet, in today’s world, that is the one area that is the most intruded upon and seemingly, no one cares one whit about it.   WTF?!?!)
All in all though, seeing how this is just a simple test of a system I cobbled together for as little money as I could spare, not too danged bad.   Getting used to a micro keyboard is easier than trying to post with thumbs!  And I don’t have to carry the keyboard with me to post, I can do that with a couple of thumb strikes when I am at an upload point.   Right now, I think this may allow me to post more about observations across the WWW and my (worthless that it may be) opinion on what direction things might take.   I can say, that with some conversations I have had of late, It isn’t worth prognostication on what is going to happen because when Pandoras box gets opened, the snakes that spew forth will be of the most violent and venomous natures that any of us will be lucky (?) to survive.    And there may be a point where the saying “and the living envy the dead” carries great weight.  Nope, at this point I will only try to point out connections historical and political to try and shine a light on the “why’s” where the MSM’s will manipulate the facts to spur radical patriotism.   Re-read that last please, because when you get up in arms in the future over what Iran is doing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or how Russia is ‘attacking’ Crimea again: it will be because the MSM’s have just taken fact, and twisted it on the belief that you weren’t all that historically savvy.  And they will do it with a straight face and a beautiful smile (and maybe just a hint of cleavage)  Trust me on this, if you aren’t all that up in history:  what is coming has been on the platter for hundreds of years.  It is partly a religious war and most definitely a power struggle coming down the pike, and sadly, this country has been weakened to the point of not being a viable player in it.   Honestly, I am watching the goings on, between countries, currencies, and what not, even the continual bickering of patriots, and I wonder if there is even a chance that this country will hold to speaking English over the next 20 years.   Mandarin or Russian, with a smattering of Spanish and French thrown in, with only a few hold out townships speaking English (most likely in Utah region)
OK, gonna step off the soapbox for a while.  I will try to come up with something constructive for us to ponder, that doesn’t involve world politics or anything.   Maybe a way to continue practicing shooting without actually burning up any ammo, or finish up my sawmill for you all. (weather being what it is, hard to figure out what days I can do castings to finish up what I started)
Anywhoos, y’all take care and I will post something here in the next couple of days.  


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  1. It works. But my neck is sore… 🙂

    February 2, 2015 at 10:16 pm

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