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Picking the ball back up

I must apologize to Spud, as I kept dropping that ball I told him I would carry forward. It may be a tad late, but I am going through and doing what I originally intended to do, as best as I can.
Here is the link to James Dakin’s post and a quote from him.

If you’d prefer an easier way to pay, you can PayPal me and I’ll send a check for that amount to Spud. Just make sure to label that particular donation “For Spud” or “Spud Fund” or something similar.

Please help out if you can, Spud was t-boned by a soccer mom while riding his Enduro on an errand run. He had his entire hip rebuilt and is laid up for no less than 6 months with zero income. I am sure there is more to it than just loss of income, but that can be enough by itself.

You’ll have to go to Jim’s site to use that button, I truly suck at the whole HTML thing, but I am sure that Jim won’t mind the added traffic over there.
Thanks to any and all that help out, I know that Spud will appreciate any assist as well.


2 responses

  1. Spud

    Much appreciate the effort Dio !
    After almost six weeks, they’ve just released me from the hospital/rehab.
    Still have knarly deep open wounds on my lower calf and shin which surgeons say they have to operate again to reroute some veins n such cuz they ain’t healing from lack of blood flow…the hip on the same leg is doing well and they expect I can start putting weight back on it in two more months. Then I get to relearn how to walk so they say…
    Overall tho, I count my blessings that I’m fraking alive !
    Thank you all ,from my friends who’ve taken over the homestead chores to the ones who have sent a few bucks my way ! It is all deeply appreciated…it seems paying it forward does pay !

    Keep on prepping friends !

    August 29, 2014 at 6:29 pm

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