Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Border war, or Civil war: Choose one.


Oh where to begin with my thoughts of late? Been working on solutions to issues on this end, alternatives to the FRN dilemma that seems to be a growing concern for nearly all middle classed persons I know of. In my case, as noted, I want to build my house and the current growing inflation (that the Fed fully denies is happening, or at least denying the severity of.) means that materials are rapidly increasing in cost, far faster than the income. SO, the solution there is the alternative that I have been discreetly documenting over the last couple of posts. I am picking up the square tubing this weekend and things will accelerate much faster.

Now, some thoughts on the current events taking place down south and west in CONUS. I am of two minds on this, not because I think immigration is a good or a bad thing, but on the tactical standpoint of it all. (like anything in this world, in moderation, its good, abused, poison.)

I fully believe this is a ruse, and one of a two sided nature, like a wickedly sharp sword. I can’t give credit where credit is due, as I couldn’t tell you “Whom” came up with this, but from a distance and time standpoint, this is a coordinated effort to undermine further this once great country. This is right up there with that “Fundamental Transformation” that was alluded to 6ish years ago. Follow along, and lets see if I can give some illumination on my dichotomy.

First up, a step back in time. The Bundy Ranch. I feel that this was a test to see 1) the time line of response of the patriot community 2) what our logistics chain looked like and 3) to further isolate our communications network within the sphere for further analysis. Now, I know that the debacle on the border and the logistics of moving all of these “children” (hide the reality behind the cloak of the heartstrings, typical leftist emo horseshit.) has been on the table since before the turn of the year. I don’t know who posted the image, but there was a call for “contractors” to handle transportation of “children” here illegally, as far back as January of this year. That implies that there was formulation of some plan further back and the implementation of it is just now showing itself. Another point that caught me was a headline on the drudge a day or so ago. Some of you may have seen it “Propaganda song warning of riding the death train is in top ten on radio in SA” (not verbatim) which later the headline remained but the whole propaganda line was dropped like a a hot potato. Now, I just can’t see a song like that hitting the top ten anywhere unless there was a lot of cash behind it. (and south of the border, cash really knows the language.) It wasn’t the headline so much, as the content and then the dropping of a detail word that spoke volumes to me.

Call me paranoid, but shit like that is the slit in the curtain behind the mainstage and the giant emerald green head floating in the mist.

OK, enough background on where this is coming from, on to why I am of two minds on it. Obviously this is a planned and coordinated event. Why, or more specifically, to what end, AND to whose benefit? Sometimes when you ask the question properly, the answers are obvious. Not always though. Some of the answers in this case are obvious, and those are the ones that lead me to be suspicious of the whole scenario (well, MORE suspicious I should say.) And as more details come out around the board, the louder my warning bells get. Here is where I get my tin foil hat award I guess. Think of the implications of a majority of patriots from around the country sitting on firewatch on the border when the entire economic system collapses. All of these patriots isolated in a hostile environment which, essentially will equate to a two fronted battle field. On one side a hostile government with deep pockets (created out of thin air) and on the other a hoard of immigrants of questionable intent and background: Literally an army of unlimited cannon fodder being driven by empty promises and myths.

In addition to that army, there have been reports (squelched out in the MSM’s) of OTHER persons besides the children getting that free pass across onto our soil. Chinese for one, and what about that Urdu dictionary and Islamic prayer rugs found in places. Another point, why is the majority coming through Texas and Arizona with only trickles (at least as reported) in New Mexico and California. ( And the fact that .GOV is shipping “the children” into those last two states is proof positive of this.)

Take into account that the illegals are coming THROUGH Mexico, from countries that are even more third world, and bringing all of the diseases that run rampant in those hot jungles; bringing those diseases that have not been a factor in at least a generation in this country. A country that has been vilified by WHO for its ‘over-use’ of antibiotics for years. The same country that has a society of weakened immune systems because of our sterilized lifestyles (disinfectants everywhere. Our immune systems are fallible if they never get used. Just like a muscle, it atrophies over time if not used.)

Can you say “Crisis waiting to happen”? I knew you could.

And as was so eloquently stated by one from this administrations’ staff not so many years ago “crisis are opportunities to do what we couldn’t do prior.” (never let a crisis go to waste)

Now, the other side of my mind on this. I see the pieces in play, I see the board for what it is and I see through some of the haze into corners that aren’t being shown by the MSM. (mostly because of the fact that AREN’T talking about them leads me to investigate further.)(H/T to Santelli for voicing economic concerns the other day. That opens up a new(old) aspect on this war.) “This shit’s about to get Heavy” I keep watching and what I see really doesn’t give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about “doing whats Right” (IE, getting to the border and defending this country) I see a serious pincer move getting set up and keep thinking that being behind the lines would be more advantageous to the whole. I know that sounds odd, but there are times where being behind the lines is a decided advantage. At least there you know where the enemy is (IE, EVERYWHERE). And the serious side of all this mess, it is two fold, with a backup plan in place. IF, the economy doesn’t completely exit the bowl its swirling, by the time things settle out, than the patriots will have painted themselves into a corner where the DOJ and Admin can really ‘settle’ the whole ‘racist’ profile. Just like the Clintonistas painted the militias as subversive skinhead whatchamacallits back in the nineties. (Recall, a certain AG was assistant to Janet Reno about the time of Waco. Don’t think he didn’t learn a thing or two from that time. This is just polish on the shit kickers they use.) If the economy does tank and there are a plethora of Patriots out there, than those patriots are going to be hanging in the breeze for whatever comes down the pike or across the border. The Admin won’t even have to do much other than look the other way and say “oops”.(key advice for commanders with boots on the ground. Better have at least 3 ways out of that mess without depending on outside sources for the exfil. We will need you more than ever if things fall out the way I am foreseeing.) and the backup plan is in place as is being shown by rental car purchases from certain airports recently in Colorado and other places. There are already foreign troops on the ground in CONUS, and their status is being blatantly ignored by TPTwB and mainstream across the board. I can’t say for sure what groups or where specifically, but I have seen some of them in my travels, and am still getting reports from others on the same.

There are times where I have to ask myself if building my house is even an option at this point. I wonder about it because of current events and the fact that what I see building up likely means that I won’t have any time to enjoy said home. I won’t be able to sit on my laurels on a hillside while the country I grew up in, is at war with itself. I would want my shop up and running but that is one of those things that with a little prior work, can be made mobile and fully functional. And a fully functional shop may be the deciding factor in certain situations. Hell, post-collapse, a fully functional shop will be a pivot towards the rebuild. The other pivot will be the farming side of things. People need to eat, and to grow the things to eat, they will need tools. The real question remains of how far will this country actually fall when it does fall. Only time will tell that tale.

But I continue on the same way the rest of the world does. The big picture doesn’t ‘effect’ the here and now, as is shown by the complete and willful ignorance of those that surround me. Things move along, the same as yesterday(and yesteryear) albeit with a little more difficulty, but they continue to trundle forward. It is more than a might frustrating to watch the world burn, knowing the implications long term, and realize that 99% of the world could give a shit less so long as they have their Xbox or Cable and a bag of Cheeto’s to go with it. (Honestly, that alone makes me want to open fire somedays. But that is another post from long ago I am sure.) Other times, I feel the urge to move on from here and go where there are many of likemind. To do so would cost me pretty much all I have built up, but at times, the cost seems cheap in comparison to the ends I see here.*

Yes, I am a man of two minds. The only anchors I have at this stage are family and possessions. The longing for a place of freedom such as I remember is a huge attractant that tests the strength of those anchors. Sadly, such a place is near mythical in existence and knowing such, I rely on the anchors. I know that Freedom is a mindset far more than a condition, but that mindset has to exist in others around you for it to become a reality. I meet so few that have that mindset. (They are out there, and I have met a few of them, but we are scattered far and few between.) I can only watch how things fall out, and plan accordingly. Plans to include every aspect except surrender. They can take everything I own except my knowledge, and that knowledge is the basis of all I own. Take it all away and I will get it back, eventually.(re-reading that, I feel like I am existing in the Matrix. Its all in the mind, and your mind makes it real. There may be more to that than we are aware of. (LOL here I am getting all metaphysical and shit.))

{In reflection of (all of the) above (note, I always, ALWAYS, think deeply on things. As others will note, I try my damnedest to see as many sides of a situation as is possible.) : What if that is another aspect of our current PtwB strategy? Not to isolate and destroy a majority of the patriot movement, but to really bust our balls (so to speak) and destroy our moral? If such is the case, it very nearly did so with me just now. I am not a quitter but damned if there aren’t times where it gets tempting. Even so, I know that I don’t have the whole story, and as such, whatever decisions I make will be with the information I have at the time; right or wrong, and I will stand by my choices as such.}

*I know that if things go the way I foretell, I will likely be abandoning all in place and running with little to nothing but the BOB and a rifle. Such is the gamble in life when you KNOW you are living in a collapse/rising tyranny situation.

Post Script: I was thinking about this a little since tapping it out.   There may be a further solution but one that would require Texas to take an option that has been on the table since their inception.  That could start the ball rolling to get the Tenth Amendment advocates and the Secessionists off their collective kiesters.



2 responses

  1. Secession is a dish best served with chaos. Just like Revenge is a dish best served cold. It is best to wait until implosion is in high mode.

    July 17, 2014 at 9:02 pm

  2. Sounds like you are feeling much like me. The winds are moving faster. Stay safe Gents!

    July 21, 2014 at 2:43 pm

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