Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Shh, ya might think sumpin’

Sorry for the hiatus there. Been a bit of week or so that has had ups and downs and even had me down for two days. That kind of down that costs money, not just in lost time, but in scrip and meds Guess I am not used to working around so many people anymore, and most of the people I work with have multiple little germ factories that go to public institutions with other little germ factories. One cold can make a dozen rounds with slight evolution each go round. Dunno if that is the case here, but it put me out of action for 2 full days. The first half of the second day was spent in clammy hell sweating it all out. I do feel much better now though.
And I get back into the swing of things and see more Patriots throwing in the towel. Or at least suggesting that they may be.
Dammit. Y’all need a pep talk or something? Maybe just a good swift kick in the ass? I dunno. I do know that throwing in the towel at this point is tempting, but timing is everything. Yeah, the Manchurian Candidate in Chief has let it be known EXACTLY how much he values Real American’s over known Terrorists recently; but is that the reason to throw in the towel? I know that ‘preachin’ to the choir’ gets damned old: especially after 7 or more frickin years of it. I know that trying to educate the unawares is as fruitful as teaching pigs to sing,
But to throw in the towel is NOT surrender, it is admitting defeat.
You throw in the towel, and they win: PERIOD.
Dropping out of sight is something else, and highly personal, and not the same as throwing in the towel.
I want y’all to think about one shade of all the fun and games we are seeing and know that are impending upon us quickly. NO MATTER WHAT, TPTwB NEED US, while we do NOT need them. Read it again, think about it for a few and we can continue.
That statement does not just apply to the 535 some-odd traitors in the District of Criminals either. It applies to EVERY SINGLE FEDERAL EMPLOYEE in the system. Let me argue my point for a minute to further illustrate my point. Lets envision an ATF agent.(BATFE or whatever you want to call the current version of F-Troop. (and yes, I have seen the original show, I find it quite fitting)) Typically, they make 3-4 times the national average for the same role in the private sector, they have a great retirement package, and of course, they get all the ‘cool toys’ to play with. They trump local LEO’s in serious investigation, and more often than not, operate as if they were above the law. BUT, what does that person NEED to be able to operate as that agent. They need US. They need us to bow and deliver upon demand. They need us to have a law that may or may not be useful to society as a whole. Without US, they don’t have a a single stinking reason to exist. (and arguably, they still don’t have a single stinkin’ reason to exist except as a tool of those above them.) WE, on the other hand, can get along quite well without them, and in most cases, even BETTER if they were not in existence.
Second example: (and apologies if this urks some of ya.) Federal Military. Why do we need such a large standing force? One that was really harped against in the original writings of the Constitution?
Is it to Defend Freedom? If so, what the hell are our people doing in Afghanistan, Iraq, multiple bases world-wide, and almost NEVER here at home? How many of you know of at least one “kid” in your AO that has pulled multiple tours of one theater or another? How many of you know of at least one “Kid” that didn’t come home in one piece, or did come home, but in a box? Defending Freedom? (follow along, this will come back to the NEED point) No, that ‘defense of Freedom’ was sold to our GGGrandparents many years ago. Long before the Civil War, and the myth has persisted for a reason. As an excuse to keep a force on hand. Long before, and as recent as WWII, there were no real standing armies. We had a Navy and we had Army training schools, but as a whole, the Army was really just a shell with only enough personnel to maintain the shell in preparation for when the whole would be needed. Forces mustered by volunteering, and the call had to be legitimate enough to rouse the whole of society. Not just on the whim of a handful of power-mongers. We don’t need a million strong military force. We need a handful of patriots willing to sacrifice as a home guard to keep the shell of the military intact for when we do need to use force. Those patriots are US, and not TPTwB. They need US to fill that role and are, have been, and will again, sell a bullshit myth to the young, dumb and full of cum, to fulfill THEIR needs.
Why, for example, do they worry about the discharged Vets? But not the ones in theater? (actually they do worry about the ones in theater too. There are reasons our troops are told to turn in ammo when back on base, even while in a combat zone. Then again, why are in military suicides at an all time high? (I for one think its part from lax training. I have heard stories about the “mickey mouse club Boot Camp’s where each recruit gets private quarters, and gets to keep their personal cellphone with them during training. I can only imagine that the ‘hard stuff’ has been injected with silicone, edges rounded, and made politically correct. News Flash, You train killers to kill.  Fail in that and you will have one seriously fucked up person trying to deal with shit that DOES drive them out of their minds.) (side note, even the best training falls on its nose about dealing with loss of those around you. It can only be drilled for so long that you will lose a buddy, and then becomes meaningless. Hopefully enough drills help when it does happen, but chances are, someone is going to get messed up in the head, for at least a few minutes, the first time or nine.) I have many more thoughts about all of this, but I think for now, Knowing that our current military structure has not one iota of FREEDOM attached to it, is enough for the remainder of this post.
WE do NOT need them. SO, Why do we bother with them? What if we all, every single patriot blog, Freedomista Blog, Confederate Blog, what have you (we bunch of Domestic Tearereests! LOL) all said, “Fuck you FedGOV! “ and shut down? All on the same day?
Personally, I think more than a few Agents sitting in those fusion centers would have a sudden case of sphincteritus, and would likely start using their bandwidth to look at craigslist for job openings, instead of trying to track down what the hell was going on.
Right now, we are in their sights. We all are, every time we log into a computer, post on a blog, send an email, or even just check our phones. If every single one of us was to suddenly go into their blindspot, I can imagine even a few of the higher ups would have a sudden chill like a goose walking over their grave. I know that I can go a week without net and not be debilitated. I could even turn off the damn phone for a week, and be quite happy about it. I know that last is not exactly do-able by everyone, but the blogs? Why not?
THEY NEED US, and they need us to be afraid of them. SO far, they have been doing a bangup job on that note. Fact is, we outnumber them by a large margin, and if you go by the reported sales of firearms since O-boy was first elected, we out gun them quite well. (and the naysayers need to sit on their hands here. If you want to open your mouth, go talk to some Afghanis about a determined fighter and his boltie, first.) THEY NEED US to have power over us and the paradox is that without us, they are just like us, no more no less. WE allow them to be what they are.
The Founders had it right. The Government they established was thoroughly intended to be just a liaison to protect OUR interests in the world stage. For at least one decade it did that quite well. The War of 1812 established us as a world power in such a way most people have little understanding of, and that, IMO, was the turning point for what our GOV was intended to be, and to what it has become. For clarification purposes to some that may not understand that last: The war of 1812 was when England tried again to bring (what it felt was) its problematic Colonies back into line. The war for America was financed by other countries and how America made itself a force in the world stage was NOT by winning that war (which it did) but by paying back the debts with interest in a VERY timely manner. It established us as a credible investment more than it showed our might. That gave TPTwB the sliver of respect that they needed to begin the twist that Hamilton designed into the system. Remember, its just a “G-damned piece of Paper” and without US, it has no teeth. The twist was to discourage people from actually providing the teeth, and permit TPTwB room to maneuver for THEIR benefit. That discouragement was established by ‘patriotism’ which was turned into a twisted version of trust in government. This was just far enough out in time that the original fighters from the Revolution were passing away and the distrust of power was starting to fade. (timing is everything) Even then, THEY needed US to accomplish THEIR goals: and like all schemes of that nature, the tools are never allowed to see the bigger picture. Hind sight is a bitch and eventually all details will be known. Unfortunately, far too late to prevent the scheme from fruition.
WE do NOT need them, and we would be far better off in the world if THEY were put back in line to what the original founders intended.
We would not be discussing the outcomes and implications of the likes of Benghazi, or lopsided human trade-offs or 13 digit debts. Chances are, the economy wouldn’t be slushy like a quicksand pit.
And for those that say “You didn’t build that!”, I have only one point to bring forward. We may not have built it, but without GOV in the way, we would have, IF we had felt the need. Time and again, private entities build better, faster and cheaper, what the GOV has to contract out, blow budget on, and unionize to the point of stagnation. And what does GOV really build? Nothing good; Weapons of war, regulations to keep control, and fear. Even that first is done by something other than GOV. At least if its effective that is. Even on that note, they need us for the creativity and they need us to be fearful of retribution.
What does that sound like to you? To me it sounds incredibly like Organized Crime Syndicates(OCS here forward). Billy Beck has a quote on his site stating “at the bottom of every stack of Government paperwork is a loaded .45” and that is the case. Comply or they come to take your livelihood. Comply or they will lock you in a box. Comply or they will kill you and your dog. The only difference between OCS’s and GOV is one is ‘Legal’. (and that term brings us into a whole new realm of debate that I don’t even want to tackle today.)
Just like with an OCS, they need a populace to control and exploit. Without that populace (US) they are nothing more than greedy little pups fighting over the leftovers at the scrap bowl. Without us, they cannibalize themselves out of existence.
So why are we still paying attention to these sub-human power mongers? Why are we still parting with our hard earned livelihood to support the leeches? And that is exactly what they are: Parasites that can’t exist without a host body. Most life is rational or symbiotic except for parasites that can’t exist without a host. We can exist quite happily without them (rational, not symbiotic) while they are nothing without US.
Granted, there are, and always will be those, that want control of others. Its just part of the hardwiring built into the species as a survival trait. Heinlein nails it with his statement of two types of persons; Those that want to control others and those that want to be left alone. The trick, and what the original Founders tried, is to keep the ‘Control’ spread out and diffused. We need to get back to that point.
Now, the question becomes; HOW?
Others have handled this far better than my little squishy mind can. I am of the mind to just drop out of the race and let it all settle out as it will. I know that is a losing proposition in the long run, so I search for another option. I do know that withdrawing consent is going to be a large part of it, the problem becomes how to get the other 90% to understand that. I don’t have that answer. I still say that things are going to have to get much worse before the majority realize that they have been played like marks at the 3 card Monti table. How much worse? I am starting to think total economic collapse is the only “eye opener” that will work. Not just a Greater Depression, but total tanking of the world economy. And from the looks of things, we are not that far out. Unfortunately, I also think many will cry for the very problem (GOV) to fix the situation. Instead of looking into themselves, they will cry and scream about “Its not FAIR” and expect the GOV to smooth things over like they have been trained to do since they were in the crib.
I know that I am all over the place with this post, but my thoughts and conversations have been equally so. I don’t have an answer. I just think that we need to do more than just talk, even if that ‘doing’ is by shutting our mouths and forcing TPTwB to show their hands. We give far more to them by doing exactly what I am doing here then they give in return. Maybe its time that we see what cards they are really holding.
Maybe its time to bluff them.


4 responses

  1. “Maybe its time to bluff them.”

    And go dark?

    June 6, 2014 at 6:45 pm

  2. wonderdawg

    hehehehehe I’m still here….I ain’t gave up shit….going dark is not a problem

    June 7, 2014 at 6:31 am

  3. They do need US. Glad you are feeling better. And howdy SR and WD!

    June 9, 2014 at 3:05 pm

  4. dio, I think it will take “pain” before others wake up and the pain is acoming! I choose to be out and I often find that the only ones that listen is the ” the chior” but every once in awhile I help a “newbie” via my blog or someone in my neighborhood and at my level that is all the reach I have, but I use all of it! I saw a rather big change begin in the comments on even liberal sites begining in 2013 and some of the pushback on Syria, the Bundy ranch and even some of the suprise primary defeats of the “establishment” politicians. Yes it still very small but I think there are moving slowly towards something big!

    June 12, 2014 at 5:05 pm

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