Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

weak week

OK, to answer the question posed in the last Post, Pachabel was a mathematician and musician. The Canon is audible math. Whereas the Slide-rule is visual math. The Cadence of the Canon is represented in the log scale while the higher end strings are represented by the various other scales.

Spud made comment that they had “Everything” in common, and he is right, but that is way too broad a brush to paint with for my question. (yes, math is everywhere around you, one only need look at the structure of DNA to see it.) Soffitrat said “Nature” and he is right, but same broad brush. I was looking for that specific answer.

I was reminded of this the other night while letting the computer choose my play list while I was doing some of my self-inflicted homework and playing with the slide-rule. Yes, I am still learning it, and think, even though we have computers that can turn a wicked algorithm in a blink of an eye, that it should still be taught in HS. The advantages of what it teaches reach far beyond the mere computational value most see it for. My math skills have improved just by being able to SEE how all those numbers work together and why we place ‘fractional’ values in certain computations. My grandparents on my mothers side were irritatingly bright and musicians, and my granpa told me that story way back when I was immortal and thought I was smarter than Einstein (IE: on the border of suicidal destruction and dumber than a box of rocks.). Anyhow, I thought I would share that little tidbit of effluvial trivia with you all.

This weekend has been a bit of a downer. Lexi decided she needed more attention and that cut into my financial means to be able to do much of anything else. Nothing major, but I will say this: Chinese auto parts are still shit! There is no reason I should be replacing lower ball joints after one year of use. SO, use my learning curve as a lesson for yourself, spend the extra ducks and get quality parts for your ride. I thought I was saving money and it actually cost me more in the long run.

I did get the water tank into my possession this week though and cleaned and inspected; that means that there is forward momentum on one of the projects. That just happened and was not planned for so other little details went the wayside while I was taking care of that. No matter, I will continue on next weekend, and since I won’t be dily-dallying with a certain grumbly ol’ truck, I will have more time for those things.

As for the house, I am currently pouring the pads where block will go. Nothing happened this week though I did get a couple three laid last week. I will do more this coming week. I did have one little surprise though: the wind genny was actually doing something more this week and much more frequently. Maybe there is a ‘break in’ period for it. I know that some genny’s need a run in period to reach full potential, I am still thinking a different set of blades and a much more substantial tower are in order, but right now, it’s working and that makes me feel a little more warm and fuzzy inside than I did last week. I haven’t any word on that HAM tower yet; the gentleman in question took a few days off last week and I haven’t seen nor heard from him since. Hopefully soon. If’n that happens, well, more money and time, but hey, it all adds up to a more secure independence. And isn’t that what we are all about; Independence?

About the computer issues. BSD’s (Blue Screen of Death for those that are wondering) are a major issue with Window’s based PC’s. I hate ’em. I don’t know a single ‘puter Tech that doesn’t dread the day they see that screen and trying to track down the issue by the code that Microsoft comes up with. Well, mine was entirely code related and I said to hell with it. No more Microsoft anything for my little world. I used Tails to get the computer back up and running, downloaded the most recent ISO of LinuxMint (Ver. 16.somethin’ or nudder) and used Rufus to a boot-able thumb-drive. The computer is running faster, cooler and smoother than it has in the last two years. Startups are a blink of an eye in comparison to Window’s startups, and all of those little programs that I usually have to download and install are already in the package. I have been here before, but this time, it stays as is. I don’t need it to update my phone or anything, I can still get pics off my phone and that is enough for me. As for the rest of the stuff that I can’t get in Linux, there are usually clones of, or WINE to run as if in windows. I don’t see much need for that though.

What all of that last paragraph means, is that there are always options available to us. One need only dig a little and do some research, but there are always work-arounds out there. Yet another beauty of the information age in my opinion.

One thing I have noticed while making the change over from windows to linux: My bookmarks are much less than they were 2-3 years ago. Part of that is my lack of internet time, but I think part of it also stems from lack of interest. I notice that, even though time has passed, there are some that have not moved off their square of the chessboard. It’s the same ol’, same ol’, day in, day out. One can only handle “the world is ending” for so long before its time to just move on. Yeah, things are getting further and further along towards that collapse, but shouldn’t we be doing something other than holding that sandwich board, screaming at the passerby (whom aren’t listening anyway!). I am doing just that, with building my ‘stead up. Granted I have to hold a full time job to do so, but materials aren’t free (well, sometimes they are, with my woodshed as proof) nor are power components. But each week gets me closer to the day where I will be able to drive up my road, close the gate, then sit back with a homebrew and homegrown popcorn and watch the fireworks from a distance. Progression or regression, take your pick, but that is the nature of my motivation.

So, not much to add to the fray this week. Same ol’, same ol’ and just keeping putting one boot covered foot in front of the other. Split and stack some more firewood for next winter, till up another plot for gardening, place another footer for a building that’s in the works, and back to the millstone for another 40 hours towards my emancipation day. Even taking time off is filled with work, that is, if you are serious about getting away from the rat-race, it is.

Y’all take care and I will chat atcha next week.


3 responses

  1. Meanwhile, I’m getting those twenty + mph winds up on the hill these days…

    March 25, 2014 at 2:55 am

  2. working on the garden at this point. stay safe Brother!

    March 25, 2014 at 2:49 pm

  3. wonderdawg

    Hopefully, we have had our last cold front go thru, as with Rat, the wind has been howling here the last 30 hrs or so…adding another room onto back of La Casa for utility and pantry. Then garden work, critter housing and fencing, fruit tree planting and maybe some early spring fishing, all this in no particular order…good to talk with ya tho short as it was…Hey Pick, hope things swell over in yo part of the world.

    March 27, 2014 at 3:47 pm

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