Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

March, in like a lamb, or in like a lion.

And that has not a damned thing to do with this post.

Well, it was kinduv a slow weekend for me. Not much to discuss, but y’all know me, I will find something to discuss.

While my weekend was mostly spent splitting up 3 white oaks that we knocked down, I did find some time to observe the wind genny. Not much action up there in the air as the weather has been extremely mild here, but enough to assess some changes.

I am not at all happy about the cogging effect. It takes a pretty brisk wind to get things going, but then the blades can keep moving on even mild breezes. They tend to fall off below 6mph. The 7 blades are the trick, but I am thinking that I want to go with a different PMA/PMG. I knew about the cogging effect prior, but I had no idea about how it could hinder me. Now I know. The same company I purchased said unit from, has a different unit with a skewed stator that reduces the cogging effect (they claim zero cogging, I hold off opinion until unit is in hand.) That should eliminate at least one of the issues I am seeing (no performance)(but not the only issue, next!) Ah, but that idea is on hold for a time: the finances just aren’t there right now. (I am still trying to build a house and shop, and the weather is getting to the point where I can pour concrete without fear of it freezing up before curing.)

Also, and I am sure Spud and Snake saw this coming, I am going to have to add more guidelines or change my setup, or something. I am still getting a slight hula dance on slowdowns in the upper section. Seems that the joints are the weak links (DUH!) Snake mentioned an idea from his radio days, and I am drawing up ideas playing with it, at least on paper for now. I think it will work, but that means I need to pull the tower down, dismantle it, and make the changes then re-do all of the fun of levitating a single post tower. This time, if’n my drawings are correct, I will have some time to take pics as the mast will be very rigid. But that’s the fun of what I am doing. I am learning what works, what doesn’t, and I am doing it at a leisurely time in history where people aren’t shooting at us (yet). And the lessons learned will never ever be forgotten: can’t say the same about some of the subjects I studied in school. And it all comes to a good end as long as I don’t drop that tower on someone.

Update on Snake: apparently I got my wires crossed or looked at the calender sideways, or sumpin’. The email from him was pretty clear. He is out of the hospital and the alien thingy has been excised quite neatly. Less time under the knife and fewer incisions than they expected so his recovery should be much smoother. Now, its trying to avoid the usual buggies and infections that like to follow in the steps of surgeons. So to all those that sent a prayer up high, Thanks from me and especially Snake, Even belated blessings are good blessings.

Onward to a different topic, but one that has been preying on my mind the last week and delivered in my usual scrambled egg method.

Watching all the hoopla in Eastern Europe/Central Asia, and even South America. Lots of action taking place with people showing they are fed up with autocratic assholes. Ok, I get that.

But something stinks about the whole mess. Not just the fact that american media is downplaying it (thats to be expected by government stooges and others in power that don’t want to lose it.) Its not just the lack of coverage, nor the spin they put on it. (I get a lot more information by watching home vids from those places, than by watching the news reports or even journalist (talking hacks) reports.) What struck me as odd was the response by certain powers already in place. Why would Russia go through hoops and clandestine actions to maintain control over that area? Whats there?

In this case, its not whats there, but what goes through there. Natural Gas.Look at Venezuela, what is their number one export? Oil! See a trend?There is another point of connection between the two places. Russia. As in, Russia has had a toe-hold in their politics since their inception (in the case of the Ukraine, since its splintering with the USSR at its break up.) This isn’t about keeping people in check, its about power, money, energy. All of those are pretty fluid in reference to each other. People are the sticking point with TPTwB. We are the problem (for them)

Another point I want to paint a big highlighter over, The situation in the Ukraine was just a little too cut and dry for ‘Revolution’ to be a good descriptor. This was not a Revolution so much as a staged event within the realm IMO. My reasons for making that statement? The fighting never went outside of the capitol city. It all took place within one very isolated and controllable point, and the violence was far too surgical by the Police forces. They resorted to actual bullets only at the last and that only accelerated the anger of the people. Everything they did prior was more riot control than suppression of an uprising. I have my thoughts on the why of this, but I think Putin has had far more of a hand in what is going on than he would like to have illuminated. The whole situation stinks of staged event even if the actors on one side were sincere and honest (the people in the Maidan) They were played, and Russia gets to collect on the ticket sales. (with China being the only real opposition to them, and I don’t see the Dragon stepping on the toes of the Bear. God knows the Eagle is wrapped up tightly in enough conflicts right now to bear no threat whatsoever to the Bear.)

Look at it this way. Lives, to those that are fighting for freedom or patriotism or whatever, are important, not to be wasted lightly. To those in power now, lives are a currency that they are prepared to spend to keep themselves in power. IF you think that is not the case, you have a currency symbol imprinted on your forehead right now. (we all do actually, but those that can’t come to terms with it are doomed.)

It seems to me, that what we are seeing is really nothing more than consolidation of energy sources or traffic flow thereof, and maintaining a position in the coming musical chairs that is bound to happen when the US defaults on its obligations. And that default is bound to happen as is indicated by our QE to Infinity program. As always, watch the money(energy/resources) We live in interesting times. And when the inflation of the QE finally reaches the public level, we will really feel what ‘interesting times’ are indeed.

On another thought, related like an electron is related to a neutron, DEFLATION. I read yesterday about how, no matter what the inflationary element is, deflation is going to have to take place. People just aren’t borrowing money like they were in 2008 and that has many in the banking community in a tizzy. If people won’t borrow when preposterously manipulated interest rates are so low, it is likely because they are struggling to purchase essentials, like food and fuels.

Uh, Ya Think?!?!?

I know that I am spending far more than I am comfortable just purchasing fuel to get to and from the wage slave place. I do it because the alternative is no income. Uh, nope, not ready to go there just yet. So, when things get really rough, and people are deciding that its worth more to stay at home and not spend that dime on fuel, instead spending it on, oh, say, Seeds? Well, ya think that the price of fuel is going to stay high? Not likely. When people will spend more on a commodity that means more work for themselves but a longer and stronger gain for themselves, the “convenience” stuff will start to fall in price just to try and make even the most miniscule of profit. (if’n it don’t move out the door, it is costing the company. Just ask Sam Walton about that principle.)

Now, you throw in fools like that one that mentioned a “Tax on savings accounts” and you get a perfect storm of people holding cash in hand (or mattress, or cans buried in the back yard.(ya think that couple that found all those gold coins in their back yard, mighta hit on someones stash from the original gold grab back in the 30’s?1)) It all comes down to one statement. If you don’t have it in hand or somewhere you can physically defend it, IT AIN’T YOURS! (possession is 9/10ths) If they can grab my money out of MY account, It ain’t gonna be staying in that account for very long, no matter how much they inflate it away in physical form. Another reason I am converting any FRN’s I gain, into some useful commodity as soon as I have it in hand. I can’t be buying up gold or silver (not at the Spot they are in now)(and the one source of silver here’bouts is gouging about 20% over spot) but I can buy energy sources and other commodities that I need (seen the price on Deck screws lately? WOW!) and that have a lot more longevity than some piece of toilet paper with a dead president printed on it.

Seems to me, that our current time period is starting to sound a lot like a tune that was hummed 80 some odd years ago. To include the jockeying for position and power among the ‘Biggun’s”. Even going so far as having a Caliphate or at least the grabbing of position for a Caliphate. (anyone remember the Ottoman Empire and why it was so important to dismantle it by certain PTB way back when?) Yuppers, there is a tune in the air and while its not a perfect match, there are some serious harmonies building in it. Interesting times indeed.

But enough with my assessment of Bullshit World politics. What I do see is a growing number of those that are striving for self sufficiency coming to the surface to teach to those ready to listen. I can only hope that trend continues. The “Biggun’s” of our current history are destroying themselves from the inside out, and only God knows what is going to happen when the disease starts really taking them apart. Sadly, its the little people of the world that pay the bills when the piper comes calling, but its the little people that have the means of doing so, and still being able to keep going on. All of this will be written for future generations, who will ignore it the same as we did.


1Executive order 6102: Presidential Executive Order signed by FDR April 5, 1933. Forbidding the hoarding of gold coin, gold bullion, or gold certificates within CONUS. The order criminalized the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation. One has to ask oneself; Why would TPTB outlaw real money? I think the question answers itself. Note also, that this was a PXO, not a law passed by congress or any of the states. One man did this and the effects of it are still with us to this day. Sadly, most of those still alive that remember it are close to leaving us anyway. (granted, the reasons behind it were encouraged by more than one man, or maybe I should say, more than one bank.)


3 responses

  1. I can’t tell you how glad I am for you to have gotten home in time to begin your ‘stand’. If only you had not spent all of that time traveling to meet a bunch of knotheads. Like me! At least you’re getting ‘there’ now. If only to survive the initial meltdown. I’ll meet you in Texar. soon. Have trestle with your name on it. Bring WM. 🙂 This is starting to stink bad. Tyler about finished.

    March 5, 2014 at 3:37 am

  2. SnakeIN

    Thanks Dio, for the call to prayer. And to those who responded, thank you sincerely.
    Dio, lowering that pole is going to be multiple times more difficult so be very careful.

    If you try the re-inforced pole technique I described, don.t be bashful on bracing and cross bracing that center area. I’d also look at 3 feet as a good outrigger length.

    March 5, 2014 at 8:47 pm

  3. Dio, I’m getting a 1914 vibe though I know many that study history seem to think it begins at WWII. Mom and I are focusing on solar power and I think I have a good concept for the solar generator. The next week is supposed to be sunny so I should be able to set up the basic idea I have for the portable solar generator and get an idea about how much energy it will produce.

    March 9, 2014 at 2:18 am

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