Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Sillyputty bones and wistful doggies

That is about how my forearm feels after the last week of work.   Not complaining about it, just noting that swinging a hammer against metal in a 40 hour work week will let you know just how weak your bones can become.   I have been upping my calcium intake, taking glucosimine and some other supplements to alleviate any long term issues that this may be causing or could be causing or, well, you get it.   I find it amazing that the blacksmiths of old did this shit day in and day out for years and years.   I do understand where the image of barrel-armed smiths comes from now.   SHeesH!   a 4# hammer weighs a whole lot more than 4# at the end of a 10 hours shift.   And 4# was considered a smaller hammer for many of them.

As for the wistful doggies, Voo is really letting me know that this whole going away for 12 hours a day is NOT to his liking.   He has pretty much moved in at Dad’s place during the week, spending all his time with his buddies, Jack-jack and Dad.   There may be some ‘bribery’ going on too as Dad has been feeding both the dogs cuttings from deer.  Roadkill for the most part, and I don’t ask details.   Least to say, right now I am not Voo’s favorite hooman.   He does come home to sleep, but for the most part,  screw the loser that won’t stay home and play.

Ah, but the goals in mind will not be swayed by a disgruntled mutt.  Hell no, there is far too much at stake to allow the desires of one 65# canine get in the way.   He may be a gift from the ‘Verse, but he is NOT the deciding factor in where the means will come from.

I am working on a couple of interelated projects right now.   I have the shop and house on hold until the thaw.   Most concrete places around here won’t deal with anyone needing less than 20 yards while the temps are down.   I won’t be needing quite that much at any one time: the whole, yes, but I have no intention of trying to get that much poured at once.  One of those projects is wind power.   I already have a link in the side bar to the place where I am picking up components.   I highly recommend checking them out if you have such a desire.   I am only getting the PMA and the blades through them.  The tower and other components are going to be f my manufacture.   (well, not the battery bank obviously, but that is incorporating what I already have in place.)

This will be a hybrid solar wind system.  I have noted that the wind can get quite aggressive at the transition of night/day/night.    Enough so that I want to tap into it.    I figure even on the days where the sun is limping, the wind will make the difference up.   Seeing how when we have cloud cover, the wind is there will help oodles towards that off grid status I have established.   Granted, over time, I am going to have to upgrade/increase capacity, but that is part of the game  IMO.

And it all means that I am not beholden to some utility company to keep the lights on.   That means far more to me than the cost or labor of it all.  And it is laborious.   Batteries must be maintained.   Panels need cleaned and occasionally repaired, and soon for me, towers maintained, blades cleaned and pintles lubed.   The upside of it: it isn’t an every day chore and I have lights when the rest of the valley is in the dark.   (that sounds mean, but)

Well,  Nuff for this week,  I have some chores I need to take care of while with the net.   I have a remote session with the mother to fix her computer, among other things.

Stay safe out there all,   If’n I don’t get back on ‘fore the holidays, y’all have a good one and enjoy the time we have left to us like this.

(Edit:  Sorry guys, I kinda screwed up there.   The link for the place I am getting my stuff from is now added to the links.    Thanks to Snake for inadvertently pointing that discrepancy out to me.)


2 responses

  1. SnakeIN

    Going thru the same process here. Just picked up a charge controller that will handle my 3-phase wind turbine and more solar panels than I will ever be able to afford. Also found out that the 2 Harbor Freight panel sets aren’t enough to carry the greenhouse aps, so more panels to buy there too. As you know, off grid electrics is a constant growth system requiring lots of fertilizer, i.e. FRNs and sweat. Winter has really arrived up here. Had almost 2 hours above freezing today, first time in many days. Hang in there. I still find all the labor is uniquely rewarding.

    December 13, 2013 at 7:18 pm

    • Soffitrat

      Must you fight the weather patterns too? Can you not move South? Yeah, it’s hot in the Summer, but you more than make up for it during these times. Besides, we need good people. But only good people.

      December 14, 2013 at 3:23 pm

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