Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

I guess I should do an update, eh?

Well, not much to talk about. Yes, I have thought about going dark in the spheres. No, I am not going dark, at this time. I have discussed this en vox with several persons and the general consensus is that I still have some things to say in general, and that there are areas where my personal endeavors may influence others to improve their preps, AO’s, whatever.

I want to fill in some gaps on my end though. I am working full time again. That takes up pretty much every waking moment for 4 days a week. When I finally get my butt home from that grindstone, I am whooped. You wouldn’t think a 4lb Cross-peen hammer would wear a body out, but that is the tool I use the most of, next to my welder, on the line. That hammer gets a might heavy after 8 hours, and we are pulling 10 hour days. Even though the day is over making money, I still have the list of stuff to handle just to get along in my world: Fire needs built, dinner made, clean up and prepare to do it all again the next day, as well as a console a moody dog that does NOT like the fact that he can’t attend my workplace with me.(despite that fact that said dog HATES car rides of any distance! Nothing logical about it, typical spoiled mutt thinking. )

No complaints, its just a fact. It is good money, and money that is doing me well towards getting the rest of my area up to where it needs to be. Seeing how I feel like we are down the wire, I am just as broke as usual as I am putting all those FRN’s right back into circulation nearly as fast as I get them. Things are starting to come together. Water source finalized and lines going in. Foundations being laid. New power system components being purchased.

And that is, in part, why I have been so daggum quiet of late. Not that I haven’t anything to say, just that I am trying to squeeze in a full week worth of work into a three day weekend while the other four days are spent getting it all financed. (and it’s raining today so what I had planned is on hold for now.)

Now for the other side of why I have been quiet. I have made a couple of posts lately about it, specifically targeting one person. The reasons for that target are, or should be well known by regular readers. He is by no means the only reason behind my silence. I have been watching a lot of other areas as well. Watching to see if what I think is reality or paranoia.

Sadly, observation leads me to say reality. Soffitrat recently experianced some of that reality.

People, in general, want to be led, and will accept a voice of authority if that voice ‘mirrors’ their thoughts. They won’t follow links, they won’t investigate for themselves, they accept terms as dictated to them by that authority. (I am quite aware that I am using a very large brush here, and if you feel offended by my statement, my apologies in advance.)

What really set me off on this was that another, well respected blog, took the bait without investigating or even doing a back track on this point.

This is so typical of what is eating away at this country. People, in general, don’t want to think for themselves: they want the magic pill, that makes it all better, or the headline that allows them to bitch about something so that they can ignore their own inadequacies. The other side of that coin is the one of the “dances with americas got talent jeopardy” escapism. ( I haven’t had a TV since 2007 and that in and of itself helped immensely in my growth. The little I see of television is in passing when I visit my dad or uncle and only if they have it on.) Far too many not only can’t handle the truth, but will happily avoid it at all costs, and would rather someone else do all the leg work for them, to ‘Keep them informed’.

Those that have read my blogs (yep, all three of them so far.) know that I have an affinity for self education and self reliance. Maybe even going so far as saying “obsession” for those things. Those that have been around me for more than a weekend brew fest, know that I have to DO SOMETHING or I go fuckin’ stir crazy. Even if you find me ‘just sittin’ ‘, chances are I am working on something in my head, or planning the next step to any one of a gazillion projects.

The only time I am not doing something is when I have a piece of fiction in hand and am relaxing with a good read. Pickdog can attest to how quickly I digest books, as can my sis.

I don’t accept anything at face value, with the exception of natural laws like gravity and the one constant of “no one gets out of life, alive.”(more than a few of you have heard me say “we are all born with a terminal disease called Life.” Fatalist? Maybe, but I am one of many who is quite aware of my mortality and very very comfortable with it. Maybe that is what separates people like me from those listed above; dunno for sure, but it makes sense.) I may not always follow a link on a website, but if I don’t, I also don’t accept the words as anything but an opinion, until I have had a chance to follow up. I also don’t stick my foot in my mouth by spouting off the usual PC accepted verbiage glorifying the one with an opinion.

In other words, I am not here to make friends, that is just happenstance. I have made some damned good friends while blogging.

I have also made some enemies.

beginningoffreedom HT to TUAK for this one.
Dedicated to Jamie in response to her last commentary

I know that some of my readers would like for me to just leave the politicking off of the site altogether. I have tried to do so, but there is this thing where sometimes, one just has to say what is on ones chest. Those times will happen again in the future, though I have the feeling they will be about as equally spaced out as has been usual for me. Seeing how I haven’t been posting much, they will likely be even more rare. Seeing how I have dropped 90% of my read list, there will be less for me to get irked about as well. Most of that dropping reads was due to the fact that it was the same old bitch/rant gaseous shit every time. Sorry, I would rather read about trials and tribulations with chickens than whining about the latest atrocity out of the land of Mordor. Lets face one simple fact. The current government is corrupt to the very marrow, and until the people refuse consent, it will continue to stomp all over those that actually make the system work (IE Producers, not parasites.) That stomping is not going to cease just because Dio/Soffitrat/TUAK or any other of hundreds of bloggers say something. It takes ALL OF US, including Ghosts, Shadow warriors, and lurkers to get off our asses and DO SOMETHING. That something is to withdraw consent. And there are any number of ways to do so. I am working on one way. Tom B is working on others, Some others I speak to on a regular basis are doing something else. It all comes down to pulling consent from the system and making the system weaker in lacking US. If enough people pull out of the system, set up parallel economies, ‘shadow’ communities, etc, the hollow shell that remains of that beast in Mordor will collapse. Granted it will have dying spasms that will damage some of us, but that is part of the risk we should all be willing to assume in doing away with that corruption.

Another thing that some keep trying to pull me into is this whole “Racism” horseshit. Fuck that! Those that have worked with me over any length of time can tell you I do NOT judge ANYONE by skin tone. I judge by a persons character, of which I use work ethic more than any other aspect. I don’t care if the person I am working next to sounds like he is from the ‘hood’ as long as he busts his ass getting the job at hand DONE. I don’t care about that shit.

What I do draw negatives on is when it comes to education. There is NO reason a person can’t educate themselves in this world, and it matters NOT what your skin tone is or where you grew up. One thing that has been eating at me HERE, is the lack of education and the unwillingness to resolve that issue, and 99% of the people I am having issue with are white skinned. The few Hispanics and the one black are not the issue here. The Hispanics are actually quite well educated for having grown up in Mexico (where myth has it there is no education system but reality proves their system leaves ours gasping for air.) Fact is, (many of)the whites I work with lean on the fact that they are ‘superior’ by chance of birth and that shit eats at me like you have no idea. Yeah, I am white, but I don’t find my shit smelling any prettier at the end of the day due to that fact. I am just one pathetic genetic mess amongst 7 billion other pathetic genetic messes on the face of this great planet: nothing special, move along. I understand that this area is notorious for racism, but that is so yesteryear as to not even rate ‘archaic’ anymore.

I also understand that racsim has come full circle. I know that I would have my ass handed to me in a black ‘hood or hispanic barrio in the middle of the night. Yup, I am just a dumb cracker wanting to be thumped for stupidity. I have been around enough to understand that there are sections of certain towns/cities that even the cops won’t patrol without serious backup. Heck, In Cincy, they tried to have the black cops patrol ‘Over the Rhine’ and that lasted all of 2 weeks before said cops resigned and they had to send the white cops back in. There were several reasons listed, but face the fact, the color is just a guideline for that type, the clothes can.form the rest of the bias. Black, but in cop uniform means said cop was “jes anudder dumb niggah tryin ta get off d’plantation!”

Yeah, it eats at me, and I know that I can do NOTHING about it in either plane, so I leave it well enough alone usually. Fuck the dialogue, I would rather prove myself through my actions, than my words. (and some of these words are gonna get quoted completely out of context somewhere else. Another reason I normally leave my thoughts on this out of the sphere. Far too easy to be painted with shit by someone else’s brush, and far too many not willing to follow up and come to their own conclusions. “Teach me how to lie, you’re getting better all the time, its an art that’s hard to teach.  Another clever word sets off an unsuspecting herd, and as you step back in to line, a Mob jumps to its feet.”.

As for why I don’t call people out on Racism, or homophobia, or any other strictly societal issue: I choose to be tolerant of other peoples beliefs. If I do have discussion with them about those issues, it usually starts with “ So, other than offending your sensibilities, what damage, Physical or financial, is that person doing to you?” I have a very liberal outlook on things, being the classic definition of liberal, not the modern day definition disguising the Progressive/Communists. I know that there are some that would call me two-faced for that, but I look at it as just easing the differences between people. We are all different, each with different beliefs, and sometimes, you have to compromise to get along. Those that won’t, are going to find their lives very uncomfortable and dangerous in the long term; or at least very very lonely.   As stated, I know that there is nothing I can do to change that situation at all, I won’t waste my efforts or my breath.    There is far more racism in this world than just white and black and, guess what, it is NOT GOING AWAY just because you don’t like it.    Suck it buttercup, its here so long as there are nations and tribes, and that is the plain and simple truth.

Lets face one simple fact here. Many (most all) of the issues we see discussed on a daily basis across the sphere are actually just symptoms of a disease this country suffers. Each one by itself is horrible enough, but in fact, the disease is rearing its head in all sectors of our society. Even preachers are being sucked into the shilling game with the government to appease congregations into submission (documented, but I am not going to try and find the link right now. Run a search for it, you will find it.) We, as a society have lost our way, our morals, and our standards, and every single aspect of this has been by design. All one needs do is do a quick look at the Communist Planks and you will see that each and every issue we suffer now, from education standards, to a parasite populace to racial strife coming full circle can be attributed to those tenets. Where that all came to be within our history as a country has been documented and debated in so many venues, one need only cruise the nets to receive a free Poli-Sci education in that discipline. That education is part of the wake up cycle I went through. I am sure most of my readers have had similar.

And I have reason to believe that many in the sphere are instigators to keep the shit stirred up. It’s the only logical conclusion I can come to seeing how so many have been proven wrong about certain subjects, yet they continue to hold sway in influence. (note, I am not calling anyone out, You can all do the math yourselves. There are several in fact, and most have NEVER been mentioned by myself, here or on my other two (old) blogs.) That reason alone has given me enough fuel to want to shut down blogging. More than a few have spoken to me to convince me otherwise, so I will compromise. I will continue posting, but only at my convenience, I am likely not going to respond to comments. (lack of time and bandwidth) and if’n you really want to get a message to me, many of you have my number, all of you have access to my email address.(actually, the email is likely best seeing how the cellular structure around this area sucks so bad.)

So, in spite of the “Eulogy” posted by Soffitrat (and if ‘Rat outlives me, I expect him to deliver my eulogy for me.  That one was beautiful.) I will continue to be a pest on the webs, plying my deplorable opinions on many things human, all things dog, and the occasional technibabblewhatzit that I am into now and again.   Till the next time, keep your self moving, always forward, and no regrets.

anudder’n from TUAK Thanks Joel for such fun images to use.


23 responses

  1. Anonymous

    Welcome back Dio. Glad to see that they did not chase you away, and I also agree with you about these other bloggers who just rant about the problems of this nation and even more so about their own problems that when you look a little deeper(or find the truth to), problems that they brought on them selves is a waste of time, and like you, I am in search of knowledge and know how to help defeat the true enemies of freedom and liberty.

    There will come a day in the near future when MRAP’s and other types of heavily armored vehicles will be used against us. How can we defeat them? How can we defeat or at least try to stay one step ahead of the drones? This is what we need to be exchanging knowledge about, not having a daily “whine fest” about our daily problems or about the abuses of TPTB.

    November 22, 2013 at 12:17 pm

  2. Dio, I just noticed day before yesterday I was called out among others on Bills blog. I said i would research it an get back to him.After thinking on it over night, I decided not to research it. Reason being as I told Bill who hasn’t posted my response yet, is I am a small time blogger who believes in prepping/Patriotism . I am not the Morality police. Who am I to tell another person how to live or think? I live in a glass house if I start throwing rocks I am afraid someone might throw one back. Cause I am far from perfect, but thats between me an God. Somehow those who didn’t agree weren’t defending Kerodin? Sam’s a bad dude I don’t think he needs me to defend him. Honestly I didn’t want to attack Bill on his on blog but my first thought was the names on his list Looked like a list of your friends,associates, supporters.??? I used to respect Bill and thought he was a pretty deep dude,now I am not sure whats up?

    Glad your working! Give Voo a head rub for me!

    November 22, 2013 at 1:51 pm

    • Glad to hear you are thinkin, not reacting. That is all I wnt people to do. You are right, those B called out could be considered a list of allies to me. I hadn’t seen it tht way till you mentioned it. More food for thought for others in assessing that situation.

      November 22, 2013 at 4:17 pm

      • Spud

        Easiest for myself as has always been…only listen to those which have helped ease life on down the road. Those which only bitch are not teaching or entertaining me atall ,They are not those which I care to waste my pitiful few hours upon this earth for.
        Thank you Deo for being here, I feel time wasted with you is well spent !
        While I’m thanking folks for just being stand up dudes…Hey China ! I’ve not forgotten the time you spoke up and said that I was a stand up dude…Thank you it’s not forgotten.

        Words spoken do not have to be plentiful Deo, Seems to me that you use them wisely.

        November 22, 2013 at 5:44 pm

      • I try, but I have my moments of stupidity as well.
        Happy birthy-turkey day. Man that has to be a weird get-together, LOL

        November 29, 2013 at 2:03 pm

      • China, you were missed! Glad you are back. I have watched much of this as it unfolded and was silent as well. I have enough to worry about and plenty of problems of my own and do not go asking for more. I post about as often as Dio now for the same reasons he mentioned. I have told him that sometimes I think he reads my thoughts and that still stands.
        Dio was the only one who made time to meet with me and has never given me cause for anything, other than the enjoyment of reading his posts.

        Dio, I have been pretty silent of late as well but what I have said about you in the past stands. I have been in gathering mode as I will be on my own and the time is nearing rapidly. A lot has changed for me in terms of FRNs as they are continually less available to me. As to this situation with Bill and Craig I was surprised they left me out of it by giving you my support in a comment and on my blog. Craig lost me with his video rant but must have asked Bill to leave me out because of the PayPal button used in the past. Bill contacted me and gave me the racist run on Rat and I may owe him an apology. I do not sit well with racist shit or accusations of it real or imagined. I wanted no part of any of it, I have more important things to accomplish. Life is hard, I direct my attention to improving my (and those around me) situation.

        November 22, 2013 at 6:11 pm

      • Alan. All of your support is appreciated, but it is not neccesary. You know this. If things are tight, things are tight. And from my point of view, things is tight all OVER, not just in your neck of the woods.

        I know many that were suckered into the fray by what looks to be logical conclusions by such and such. But there are those that are not about building up, but tearing down. In the batman movie with the joker, the butler tells a story about a criminal that did things for ‘fun’ and makes the statement that ‘some people just want to see the world burn’. That is the case here in my opinion.

        Anywho’s, check you email, Sent you something back.

        November 29, 2013 at 2:02 pm

  3. Like most of the others have said I don’t have time for the ranting and whine fests that some people seem to enjoy posting all the time. I have way to much to do to get wrapped up with the drama queens so I just don’t visit those sites anymore and mostly ignore them.

    November 22, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    • Ignore, but keep a close watch for stupidity. And there is a lot of stupidity out there.
      here’s hopin’ your holidays are good to you.

      November 29, 2013 at 1:48 pm

  4. SnakeIN

    I’m another one on the list (probably longer than you know) of those that value your insights. I sincerely wish I could be there to help in my severely limited way with your construction projects. I had so much more to learn from you before the party ended. More tests coming up on my internal deconstruction this Wed with results maybe in another week. Just means I gotta work faster, lol.

    November 23, 2013 at 5:51 am

    • SnakeIn,sorry man haven’t intentionally been ignoring you,just so wrapped up in my little world I have neglected friends an family. I hope your tests come back good. I truly enjoyed my time with our little group at deer camp! Good men one and all!

      November 23, 2013 at 8:01 pm

    • Snake, take care of yourself and the little women in your world. Don’t worry about this foolish hermit on the hill, I will be fine. Hope those tests come back with something more positive than what you have described to me in mail.
      And we all gotta work faster, time only seems to accelerate as it goes by. (can you believe its been over a year since I showed up at deercamp?!!!?)

      November 29, 2013 at 1:47 pm

  5. I am new to your blog and I will need to read more to really understand where you’re coming from, but I want to point out something:

    “We, as a society have lost our way, our morals, and our standards, and every single aspect of this has been by design.”

    This is the result of the enlightenment, the idea that man’s reason is the only arbiter of right and wrong (and even reality in it’s more extreme proponents) and old notions of morals and standards were unnecessarily restrictive and “tyrannical”. Communism and what we call today libertarianism are two sides of the same enlightenment coin.

    Earlier you said,
    “I have a very liberal outlook on things, being the classic definition of liberal,”

    The classic liberals were those who held to enlightenment ideals, ie those who don’t belive in objective morals or standards.

    Just an observation, not an accusation of anything.

    November 23, 2013 at 10:22 am

    • I have to disagree on one point: the classic liberal stahmenh you made. My definition of classic libeeral is that of education: IE the Quadrivium education, which included much in the way of religion and morals. Many of founders of this country were ‘liberally’ educated. The term, like may ohhers, has been corrupted by the progressive/communist agenda.

      (Pardon any typos, phon response )

      November 23, 2013 at 1:14 pm

      • I figured you had internal consisyency, words like “liberal” can be pretty subjective. You are right, most if not all of the founders would have been versed in the classics as well as theological doctrine. However, they were also men of their times and the zeitgeist was towards enlightenment individualism and against tradition. Compare the DOI’s generic “creator” and “Nature’s God to the Magna Carta:

        “KNOW THAT BEFORE GOD, for the health of our soul and those of our ancestors and heirs, to the honour of God, the exaltation of the holy Church, and the better ordering of our kingdom, at the advice of our reverend fathers…”

        The Magna Carta is much more emphatic in stating it’s religious underpinnings, while the DOI leaves room for non-Christians to project their own religion and the US Constitution doesn’t even mention God. The Constitution draws its authorty from the People who seek to secure the Blessings of Liberty on themselves. Its a very materialistic document making no mention to anything not of flesh and blood, its very rational in the enlightenment sense.

        I don’t know where you stand on religion, but my point is not religion, per se, it is to show the drift from absolutes toward what we would today call relativism. Being on the other side of the 19th century, the founders would seem very conservative and traditional to us, but in their day they were radicals, if not quite as radical as the revolting Frenchmen.

        November 23, 2013 at 2:06 pm

      • While I don’t want to get into a pickin’ nits situation in comments, there are some sticking points I have on religion, especially ‘Organized’ religion. You will note in many of my posts, I mention “Universe” or “IS”. I do believe in a higher power, and no it doesn’t really fit what most religions espouse as “THE Great Creator” and has a much more obtuse sense of humor in most cases (ain’t that right Pickdog?)
        As for conservative values, VS ‘liberal’ mores; I am very much of the Jeffersonian view of “Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add ‘within the limits of the law’ because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.”(bold emphasis mine) (note, I included what many do not; the ‘within limits of the law’ part. I believe it clarifies the position so much better that way) I don’t harbor any ill will to someone for being different in mind or body, but I also don’t allow them a ‘handicap’ for such either. No special treatment, and you have to prove your worth. We were all born equal in one way only: we are born with a terminal disease called life. After that, its up to us to make or break our way in life and no excuses for failure.
        Hope that clarifies some of my position in thought for you.

        November 29, 2013 at 1:44 pm

  6. Nobody was more radical than the French revolutionaries. Even then, Jefferson would have (and did) defended them. You are right though. Dio is very liberal. :O

    The devil made me do it… 🙂

    November 23, 2013 at 11:00 pm

  7. Great post. We all have a tough row to hoe. And I can attest to the speed at which Dio can digest a book! I could barely keep him fed. Stay safe my Brother. Give that damn fine pup a pat on the head for me.

    November 24, 2013 at 5:46 am

  8. Phukitol

    keep up the widgets and thingermadingers gonna build me one of them stoves for my van. might look ya up if i pass thru your neck of the woods.

    November 25, 2013 at 1:31 pm

  9. BTW, it wasn’t a eulogy. It was a new beginning!

    November 26, 2013 at 11:14 pm

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