Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Just some thoughts

We have a problem. Historically speaking, we, as a nation, created this problem from the get-go. Conservatives, (broad and loose terminology here) founded this country while seeking to be left alone, correct? The expansion of the country was also based on those seeking to get away from the encroaching growth of government and seek freedom and new starts, or fortune, or whatever, but not further restrictions for certain. All of this works for growth of country, but it also allows the cancer to grow unchecked, in the areas left behind. Instead of standing ground, Conservatives moved on. Now there is nowhere to run to. Some of the worst areas for socialist ideals are areas that were the birthplace of this country. New York City, Boston, etc. That social idealism also infected other areas on the other coast as time went by. At one time, California was one of the free-est states in the Union.

Part of that last sentence is wherein the problem lies, me thinks. Union. Versus a Confederacy. Not trying to pull the Civil War into this thought-line by using those terms, I am using them in their basest definition. Union specifies common power, where as Confederacy specifies combined power. Think about how I worded that. Would you say, given current affairs, that our States have any recognizable power? Isn’t the “united States” the term meant in the Constitution, not “Unified states”(intentional spelling ‘error’ there. And everyone that has studied any law understands the power of capitalization.)

We see the issues of out of control growth in Government (out of control related to cancer). We see the issues of a willfully ignorant populace, and the brainwashing indoctrination of the young. We see the issues of a ‘Representative Government’ that happily passes laws that either single themselves out from the law or exclude everyone from protection under that law but themselves. We see an economic system that is completely unconstitutional, yet the fact seems to be completely ignored by all, on a daily basis. That same economic system is on the ropes, and yet, so many of the populace will deny that fact even after being shown the facts, repeatedly.

So where does our real problem lay? The fact that Conservatives, time out of mind, just wanting to be

‘Left alone’, never truly address the issue of the control. Of course, we don’t, we don’t want to be controlling, we don’t want to be messed with, and respect others of the same, so don’t mess with them. That is our Achilles heal. There will always some that want to control others. History continually repeats that scene, time and again, with varying levels of atrocities from none to genocide. From Genghis Khan, to Alexander the Great, to modern day, Stalin, Mao, even elected persons in our current world events. Someone will always want control, and that leaves those of us, just wanting to be left alone, fighting a defensive battle, everytime.

Between losing control of our institutions of learning early in the last century, (could be said to go back to mid 1800’s in some cases) and opening up general suffrage to the masses with little to no criterion for that duty (age? Come-on!?!?, I have met full grown adults with the temper of a 4 year old and just about as much common sense, as well as mid-teens with Wisdom of the ages. ) We fight in an arena that has had the rules essentially thrown out. That is why we will NEVER vote our way out of this mess. Voter nullification is what I call it. Mature conservative votes nullified by young socialist votes. Hard working voters nullified by Welfare voters. Husband votes nullified by Wife votes. The PTB (and the PtwB) enjoy knowing that of all the votes, only a very small percentage are not nullified: they need only placate that small percentage to keep in power.

One other area we lose in, is the Corporate News Syndicates(CNS). There is ZERO unbiased news reporting in our current world. I am not counting the bloggers in this because they reach such a small number of the masses in general, and usually only those of like mind to begin with. Whereas, The CNS have the ear of the masses. Even Drudge, which is really only a collimation of headlines doesn’t count as they grab those headlines from the very same CNS. I can’t say that I have ever seen a ‘headline’ on Drudge that linked to a Local Blog reporting on some incident somewhere. (If I am wrong, I would love to be corrected on this. As is, even if it happened once or twice, it still is overshadowed by the quantity of CNS headlines.) Back when our Revolution was happening, there were hundreds of independent newspapers, and they were usually quite biased in opinion individually. The Common Man could choose to read only one opinion, or go the gamut and read several. Either way, he had a set of tools to make ‘educated choices’ about current events. Our current status is shear propaganda, controlled by some persons in power, somewhere (unelected I have reason to believe), to maintain a running thought line in the masses. Persons such as myself, and some others I know, don’t take anything that is reported by our nations sources as gospel on anything, (though we do keep tabs on it to see what is being spewed forth today) Sadly, the majority of the populace is far too lazy to make the effort to get educated on what is really going on, so they do take those reports as the unadulterated truth.(I know this for fact in how my dad reacts when I call BS on some reports on the evening news)

How does one fight that? I recall a recent conversation with a friend: We were discussing the ‘myth’ of power that is prevalent around us about ‘fighting back’ and that you can’t take on tanks or automatic weapons by the stooges of a government out of control. Hell, I have less fear taking on a platoon of goons, than I do in trying to educate people on how to look at how they have been played. At least with the goons, I know they have an agenda to achieve. With the masses,, got me? I know that while taking on certain aspects of our current established para-military state, there are finite physical laws in place. When it comes to the minds of people, not so much. There are far too many variables, lack of concern, faith in the establishment, even ‘patriotic’ contempt for Constitutional ideals. (yes, I said patriotic. Look up the definition of patriot and you will see that patriot could be a definition of Obama as well as yourself. Just different sides to the same coin.) It is for those reasons alone, that I fear what our future holds. Far too many divisions in our current political spectrum, even within the populace as a whole. Too many that are willing to allow a government to steal without regard to how it affects the whole. (entitled syndrome) Too many that just want to go about day to day, without stressing on details of how they lose more and more every year, (going along to get along syndrome) and then the obvious Constitutional patriot, to the Socialist Society Die-hards. And then there are the employees of said Government that will do as told because it’s safer (or so it appears for now)

And all of this has been predicted in the past. Several authors, even going back to the early 1800’s stated where we are was what was going to happen. And here we are.

Do we split up into several Fiefdoms of thought, or do we fracture out into several dependent nations controlled by outside countries? Or,,, who knows what. The future is wide open right now and the only sure thing is that we are a divided nation, and we have lost our foundational structure, through malicious social engineering over time. What is too come can only be speculated on, and only historians in the future will be able to unravel what really happened after the fact. What comes next is not going to be pretty or fun.

All of this is just my opinion mind you.

Only time will tell how things really pan out and I could be wrong , and I really wish someone would prove me wrong.

4 responses

  1. Wildflower

    hmm. back a few months ago had attended a group of various “preppers” all prepared when the “SHTF DAY”

    so asked a simple question, “after all the nasty stuff has gone away, what kind of government you will set up inj the future”

    room full of blank stares and silience

    second question got them really irritated to thowing me out of the meeting ” what do you expect to see emerge out of the aftermath when the united states has dissinigrated al;ong with the world you knew….?”

    they expected the world to “return to normal” after the disater has passed….


    can only conclude that people prepared for “SHTF” expect the “world returns to normal”

    Kurt Saxon will roll in his grave at the idiots out there

    my best advice is to be ready for “a long nightmare” that is already occuring now and may last for years….

    we will await with baited breath to see just how severe it gets

    stay in touch

    from your alien friend,……

    April 22, 2013 at 8:04 pm

    • You are right, WF. I do not worry so much about the conflict, as to what will transpire afterwards. I agree that the world (we once knew) will never be the same. But then this, too, offers up opportunities of immense proportions.

      April 24, 2013 at 11:16 pm

  2. You are correct Dio!

    April 24, 2013 at 10:36 am

  3. (‘patriotic’ contempt for Constitutional ideals) You would have lost 93% of the American people with that one. Speaking of 93%, I just saw that this many families lost NET income from 2009 to 2011. And yet, we are still asleep. When it begins, our (so-called) free states must not be allowed to fight a defensive struggle, but march on the NE (DC in particular). It will have to swiftly pivot into an offensive struggle. For as you have so eloquently stated, the PTwB will never leave us alone.

    April 24, 2013 at 11:13 pm

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