Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Another Friday thought dump (long winded, sorry)

Again, I am just dumping a lot of thoughts out there.  Random, scattered and likely useless to many people.    Hey, the DHS is more than happy to get a psych profile off this and I could really care less about their opinion of me or my actions anylonger.    Read if you please, disagree or not, just spilling my mind for the world to see.

There are some thoughts I have, that I hold very close to my chest. Anxiousness about the time lines we are seeing develop in front of our very eyes, and how they apply to my dreams for one. I am a realist, I know that at some point, my dreams will go the wayside and I will have to do things of a nature I was trained in long ago, and I may not come back to my plot of land and my dreams. I know this, I don’t have to like it. There are reasons I continue to have and continue to maintain a bug out bag even though I am no longer traveling. It isn’t to bug out to a location so much as my Gig bag for whatever is coming. Knowing my knees have seen 40+ years of hard use, I try to keep that bag fully functional AND below the 50# mark. I can’t be humping 100# of gear around the hills and valleys with the knees I am left with. They complain now just hauling my 185# around walking a dog in the woods. I still do several miles a day, and not just on the flats, but I pay for that in the evenings. I keep this in mind when I think about what duty may lay before me.

Of all the things I do keep as gear, the only truly technical piece is the bangstick. For all the technical toys I so love to play with, from my laptop, to my smart phone, when it comes time to ruck-up and roll, those things are going to be remaining behind. I won’t have a need for them then, and they could be a liability if taken with. Nope, when that time comes, the techno toy I will need is what resides between my ears and the ability to reach out. The rest is basic stuff, food, shelter, fire and water., and of course, ammo and first aid.

Part of that mentality boils down to a simple fact. If we don’t correct course, or cause such course to be corrected, all of my dreams will be frivolous anyway. If I can’t build a shop in the woods due to economic collapse, or monumentous regulations enforced by automatons, then I will have to help in correcting that issue.


Saturday: Listening to the radio this mornin’, lots of the usual death and destruction that only the news seems to be able to provide: troops killed the ‘Stan, troops fighting in Syria (we have troops there now?) Kid Korea and his hot button spooking the known world and threatening the US in particular. I began thinking along parallel lines in history; specifically, the Roman and English Empires. Both had similar land mass in the home country, both established Empires that covered much of the world (or at least known world at each time) Even further back, you see the Empires of Persia, Alexander, etc. All failed. Failed in several different manners, but all failed. Some imploded, causing great strife world wide, in the case of the English Empire, it became fractured and dissolved over time from the inside out. The news I am hearing might have been reports during those times in those empires. Trouble at the borders, natives taking control of areas and holding them, troop moral at all time lows, currency inflation via debasement, Leaders superseding senates by decree, etc, etc. (I know, preaching to the choir again) The tune is the same, the tempo only increased. Or is it? I am not so sure any longer. If anything, it seems to me that this is the norm cyclic events that history has shown before. It makes me wonder if the Human Race is EVER going to learn. We can see the past, and yet, it seems that there are always those that think “this time is different, just throw more money at it”. Never really understanding that ‘money’ is just a tangible and agreed upon instrument that represents Sweat Equity. There is only so much of that sweat equity to go around, only so much that any one person can produce in a lifetime. Debasing currency will achieve short term effects through the illusion that people are receiving more for their efforts. When the ‘more’ is buying less (as we see daily now) then the confidence in the instrument becomes very fragile, and therefore, the confidence in the power of creation of that instrument wavers. (short version, The money ain’t worth shit, and the Jerks that print it are about to get hung!) This time around, we have the ‘benefit’ of electronic transactions. Being able to give a group a supply of ones and zeros, that they can’t see or hold except as a printed figure, than allow them to use those ones and zeros to purchase real tangible goods, fogs the illusion of value to the purchaser. The producer will also be fogged for a short time, but eventually, those prices will have to go up as they are no longer providing the same level of return that they once were. The push and shove of our system as established 100 years ago, is creative, only in how it pulls the same con game that the Caesars of Rome did by debasing the alloy in the coins. The Roman citizens liked all the new coins every year, but in the end, couldn’t use them for much more than Poker chips except in the capitol. The confidence fell, and the hoards approached, and everyone wanted a piece of the pie, but no one wanted to be accountable for the aftermath. Enter the dark ages. Many of the legionnaires stayed on post, and blended with the locals, as a result, many aspects of The Roman Empire continued life in local law and traditions and language.

Enter the English Empire, conquest of French and Germanic lands, territories throughout the world (the sun never set on the English empire, was not just a saying, it was a fact at one time) Fractured from within by tyranny, and the birth mother of the Land of the Free, to include our language and only the rudiments of the rest. The English had strongholds throughout the world, South Africa, Egypt, India, Saudi Arabia, China, The West Indies, (the birth place of the Pirate legends as taught to Americans) etc. Each of these areas became autonomous over time, fractured away from ‘the mother land’, and similar fates attended those that lived there , far from the homeland. They incorporated into the local society, retaining some of what they brought with them of the society they left behind.

Here we are. We don’t have territories, like England had, but more conquests such as Rome had. While it is not sold as such to the American public, make no mistake about it, The rest of the world DOES see it as such. We have bases throughout the world, we have troops stationed far past those bases into combat zones. I know that there are some that have served in the past, that fell in love with other countries while serving on bases overseas. They returned to those countries after leaving the military and reside there even now. Similar to the legionnaires of Rome after a fashion. What is to say that this trend will not continue when the economy fails and those troops now at station, are given the choice of staying, or finding their own way home? (think it can’t happen? I wouldn’t hold my breath on that bet)

Ah, but enough of that thought, Who knows what the our future or the future of the world holds for us. We may be splattered by a comet next year, or some catastrophic world changing event could take place, and all of the human intervention in the world would be for naught to counter-act it. Maybe Kid Korea is mad enough to hit the hot button and escalate a 60 year ceasefire into WWIII. Fact is, we can only make a guess at what our future holds and pray it was the right one. One can speculate all the Doom and Gloom til they are blue in the face, and not be right at the end of the day. We just don’t know. History can only show us potential runs, based upon the fact that the Human Race just doesn’t learn hard lessons very well. (individually, yes, at large, meh, not so much) And to be honest, we are in territory that is completely uncharted when it comes to current economic and political aspects. The numbers are far larger than most can contemplate, and the political realm is not that of Kings and Queens anymore. The two opposing factions of thought are that of Self Reliance and Statist dependence. (yes, if you generalize enough, that is where it is. Or you could even go the religious bent of it and say good and evil, choose your side.)

I don’t see any of this ending well for either side, no matter how it pans out. And it is coming, I just don’t know when. (and i am getting damned tired of saying it as I have been saying it since before the “One” was put in power.) So we prep. Some prep food, some prep weapons and ammo, some prep all of the above, some prep area to defend, and some, like myself, prep for the dark ages. I prep knowledge, and skills above all other preps so that later, I hope, I can pass these things on for the next generation to dig our dumb butts out of the hole we have created as a species. And I take that gathering of knowledge past what is, to what was and how it came to be. At least that way, there is a solid foundation on that knowledge past “do this and this happens” to “Do this and this is the why of what happens.” That preparation has taken many turns over the last 8 years. Many I never saw coming and yet, all of it ties together quite nicely. One path leads to another, and all the paths lead towards the future. (I see now, why the universities of the Renaissance were so functional, or as Heinlein would say “Specialization is for insects”.)

Our world has been built on the shoulders of Giants, and destroyed time and again by lust for power. Each stage brings about another growth in thought, I would like to think this round is no different. And sadly, I will likely not survive long enough to see that next stage begin. (these growths tend to be long, bloody and horribly chaotic.) Even so, I plan on trying to feed the generation that will see it or at least start the process with the knowledge they will need to build something of substance, and not some ethereal castle of sand. And so My library will continue to grow as does my knowledge and skill.

Another prep is power. How to harness the world around us to generate power that can be useful. We have been doing this as a species since before written history. Even if that power were mechanical in nature y harnessing the beasts around us, we have been doing it. We have harnessed wind and water for centuries. We have harnessed stored solar energy for a couple of centuries now. (coal and oil) I want to harness them as well,


Sunday: All You Zombies: Heinlein wrote a short many years ago with that title. In the story, the character becomes his own father, grandfather, mother, and kidnapper. Impossible you say? And you would be correct. The story demands that you apply willing suspension of disbelief to achieve its ends. (and no, I am not going to tell you the story, find it and read it for yourself, its an interesting one to say the least and one you can read in about an hour) I find that the willing suspension of disbelief is a common enough thread in our world now: Its the only logical conclusion I can arrive at watching the news and seeing how so many are repeating the words of the media as if It were the gospel. The lies are obvious, and yet, so many find them easier to swallow than the truth. The signs that the economy is in collapse are everywhere, but to be able to say “unemployment is improving” (in itself, an empty statement) is much easier than trying to figure out how you are going to get through the next hardship coming your way, or even admitting that there are hardships coming your way. And the Media continues the Big Lie, daily. Enough so that even showing someone a video clip to disprove something they stated, only brings about complete denial and accusations of your being a conspiracy nut. (yes, it happened to me today showing a clip from the Sandyhook shooting aftermath, to prove a point)

I know the world isn’t completely full of ‘Zombies’, but there are days where I do think the Thinkers are far outnumbered by the zombies.

Which brings me to the question that was brought up, repeatedly, during a recent conversation with a non-zombie: “what do we do now?” Ultimately, the problem is of a multi-fold pattern. First up is education. The masses have been indoctrinated to a certain degree to follow with blind obedience a not so benevolent Government/Media. (and yes, I am see them as extensions of each other now.) Not all took that indoctrination, and those that didn’t are being scapegoated on a national stage as terrorists, or insane. The CDC has even been given funds to find out what mental impairments Firearms owners suffer from that make them want to own weapons. (I keep saying, they are not going to come at us directly, that they are going to find ways to hit us obliquely and quietly.) I watch the obvious disconnect from reality that the Media spins on Gun Control and the need for such, while I see the guns flying off shelves and ammo going through the roof in price due to demand and lack of supply. I don’t see anymore people at ranges than usual, so that means these weapons are being stored. BUT, the Media never reports the connection that there are many in this country that don’t side with their version of gun control. They continue to report tilted and biased polls, trying to further shame the remainder into submission.


And its working, in part, in certain areas of the country. The fact that Bloomberg/Cuomo were able to get such Draconian laws passed in NY while the state of NY is actually pretty rural and full of hunters says volumes. The fact that there were similar results in CO even with public outcry at the time of voting, so obnoxious and loud that it drove workers home with headaches.

Another aspect is gleaning those that are not sucked into the indoctrination, and see it for the lies it is. They may not be able to see the whole picture, but they know they are lied to, and are sick of it, yet have no idea what they can do. I have stated that I won’t seek them out anymore. They need to come to me. IF they are serious about wanting things to change, they are likely already trying to figure those parts out. But it is a big issue to tackle and can frustrate many into giving up, giving in, whatever. I can’t go seeking them out as I have fallen so behind in preparing myself, that I may never recover what I have lost due to trying to pull things together over the past year. They have to come to me (or this website) and from there, forward. Or find others local (better suggestion) that can do what needs done.

{I stated earlier that there are really only two thought lines in our world. The Self-Reliant and the Statist Dependent. The disconnect is rapidly growing. I didn’t mention that there is actually a third line, The banker Elite. That is the real threat. They play the first two thought lines against each other, partly as distraction of their doings, and also to keep us from gaining the ground needed to fight the Elite. Yeah, I know, sounds crazy. And 10 years ago, I would have agreed it was crazy. I am not so sure any more, actually pretty convinced that there are powers that are controlling the world stage, aligning factions to fight amongst themselves, so that they can control the real power and direct it towards an ending none of us want.}

Skills: Y’all know how much I push the skills thing on my (three so far)blogs. Little skills all add up to great skills. Knowing how to braze or weld is one. Knowing how to measure and cut is another. Little things, all add up to being able to do large things. How does one eat an elephant? One little bite at a time. Learn one skill well, then learn another one. Eventually, you end up with enough skills that you can achieve large actions.

Example; I want Wind power to supplement my solar power for off grid living. I am not a rich man so I need to think as frugal as possible. My skills for this are going to be cutting pipe, brazing, some welding, electrical wiring, some small amount of electronics for the dump/diverter (the design is already done for me) and some rigging skills I picked up in the entertainment field. I will purchase the blade hub and PMA but the chassis I will weld up, using an old GM wheel hub as the pivot. The tower is going to be made from 1 1/2” pipe that comes in 21′ sections. A total of 180′ of it to be exact. I will cut and notch sections of that to make the cross members and weld up two 1’X21′ triangular truss that will be placed in a vertical position. I will need to rely on the rigging skills to first stand it up, then to anchor it in place. No, I will not be doing this as a solo venture, but the help I will need is actually minimal and more for safety than back muscle. Much of the design I put together counts only on me and my skills to accomplish, or outright purchase. The reason I decided on purchase in this case is cost. I can fabricate the parts, but nowhere near as cheaply as I can purchase the same. The tower on the other hand, I can’t find one under $2000, and the places that supply them INSIST on installing them, of course with a fee attached. Screw that. I can make it for under $1000 in materials and the install is not as rough as some would imagine. (I built stages and roofs using truss all over this country. A 40′ vertical tower is actually pretty easy.)

Ah, but now the argument I am getting from the family: “why not just get power ran in, it will be cheaper than all of that!”. Yeah, initially, a grid tie would be cheaper than going through the process of building and erecting a tower (after I install the Generator on it of course) But the long term I would save no money, and I would have my finances affected by the whims of another entity. I am, and have been pulling as much of that back into my own accountability as I can. Like I said, I am not a rich man, far from it. I don’t like spending money and I especially don’t like having my cash controlled by forces outside of my sphere of influence. I can’t control what the power company charges for juice, I can only control what I use. If I have to use more for whatever reason, I dip into funds that are miniscule at best. At least when I am collecting my own power from sources, I have a better understanding of what I can accomplish without damaging my system, and if I end up needing more, I have options and the cost is immediate, not 30 days later when the bill comes in. One thing I have noticed, and it’s not just me: when one is collecting their own power to use, they become VERY aware of every erg and joule they use. Things suddenly become luxury that before were taken for granted. Power consumption is used much more wisely, and for those things that must be powered, alternatives are sought out, or accommodations made for them. Every book I have read about going off-grid says the same thing pretty much right off the bat. “find out what you can do without, before you figure out what power you will need”. My system for example, Has grown (figuratively) a couple of batteries in the bank and an extra panel since I first started using it. I had to accommodate what I was using, and I also had to upgrade my controller to handle the additional power. As it sits, I am borderline most days, more from lack of sufficient sun(winter and all), than usage. (hence why I want the wind supplement) I also know that when I build my shop, my power needs are going to at least quadruple. I am working on that as well, and it may or may not be solar/wind, but some other sources I am working on. Keeping quiet on that process for now.

The initial cost is what keeps people from going off-grid in many cases. Fact is, in the long run, it is not any cheaper than tying in. The advantage is having more control of your own world, not being dependent upon outside entities for your comfort and health. You are dependent upon the outside forces of sun, wind and rain, but designing the system to cover low times is part of that cost, and part of the fun of it. And it makes for great exercise in the maintenance of the system components. (keep cheap clothes around for battery maintenance, they will get ruined, no matter how careful you are.) And I do enjoy watching what happens when black-outs happen and I still have lights going. Makes the neighbors a little more humble before talking shit about how much work my system is.

Now, some insights for others about the above. LED lighting! Critical for off-grid living. You spend a bunch more in start up, but the energy savings is astounding and the things last a lot longer than an incandescent. Try to set up lighting in 12vdc and keep that separate from other needs. You can control lighting much more than appliances as lighting is obvious if it is in use. And lighting is going to be your biggest usage, in my opinion. Even so, keep alternative lighting sources around. I use kerosene lamps for ambient lighting at night if I am not doing anything special. I prefer better lighting if I am working on something or reading, but if I am using the laptop, All other lights are off. One kerosene lamp uses 4 oz of fuel. I only have to fill up once a week and that stretches that fuel usage quite well. It saves on battery usage as well. Well worth it in my book. It is also comforting in a way I can’t explain properly. I guess it makes the house more homelike, Dunno.


Monday: reading the blogs, Remus was right, You want to see what a collapse looks like while it happens, LOOK AROUND. This is it people. The fall is going on around us, and of course, a vast majority continue on, struggling, but in near full denial that things are bad and getting worse. The fact that I have family that is normally very conservative and self sufficient, going to a local church to get food to supplement what they can purchase tells me that things are very much worse than they are willing to admit. It is time to get back into some soil and grow a garden: it is the only logical route into our future, one where the government will control, not just the guns, but the food as well. There are only two routes this country can take at this stage: Either the people rise up and throw off a rapidly tyrannical Government, or that Government becomes the monster that the people of this country have fought against all over the world over the past 230+ years. Yes, it is that simple in theory. Of course, in practice, things get much more personal and dangerous, but that is the nature of the beast in politics and its extension, war. Are we going to rise up? Yes, but will it be organized and effective or just a swarm of gnats on a warm summers evening? That is anyone’s guess at this stage. Even the Government is guessing, but they have the means to gather up the hardcore preps to fight off that swarm, where we can only get our liberty teeth, and even then, struggle to feed those teeth. Feeding rifles will be the least of our worries if we can’t feed ourselves. Think about it.


Had some side work this week, not much but enough to keep things rolling forward.     And just watching what the world is doing.    There are some truly disturbing silences out there right now.    Pay attention to what is NOT being discussed, like certain SCOTUS actions right now, Kid Korea is dangerous, but I think that he is really nothing more than a smoke screen for some other actions taking place.        I will try to put up something a tad less long winded next week.


4 responses

  1. Wildflower

    those whom ignore the past have no future

    good article

    did voodoo write it?

    April 12, 2013 at 9:42 pm

    • Of course I wrote it, You think that hairless monkey is capable of thought? ROFL

      April 16, 2013 at 8:13 am

  2. Again my friend you are able to articulate what I cannot and I am so grateful for your posts as they describe what I am unable to say in my limited vocabulary skills. I cannot make my thoughts into the words you so accurately describe and pen for me as if they were actually mine.

    I will let you know when I will be in your AO again and hopefully we can have a longer conversation than the first.

    You do have friends that require nothing from you other than to be who you are and appreciate what you do for us!

    April 13, 2013 at 7:19 am

    • Thanks Alan. Not sure what hit home so well with you, but I am glad to know my thoughts ring true across with others. Sometimes feels like I am a lost soul in the doldrums of the collapse

      April 16, 2013 at 8:14 am

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