Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Friday town run

I am going to try something a bit new for my site. Not out of curiosity, but due to time constraints on myself. I can only make it to the library once a week now, and I don’t have an internet connection that I can rely on at the homestead. I have been writing by hand more of late to keep my battery usage down (and dealing with writers cramp again sucks) and when I can (usually during or immediately after) a sunny day, I transcribe those ‘notes’ to wordpad or Libreoffice. I will then post them on Fridays or sooner if I can. Fair warning, future posts are likely to be long, scattered about and likely not all that relevant to the world affairs we see, but very relevant to my world I directly interact with it. I will also try to keep y’all abreast of any projects I have going on, which at this time, are being superseded by my job hunt. I need a certain amount of cash to get the shop built, so that I can then entertain you with my fumbles and failures yet again. 😛 Until then, I will try to entertain you with glimpses into my thoughts of my current world and my efforts at moving forward in a very depressed economic area, while the world economy collapses. (Gah! Sounds horrible! Like tilting at windmills!) (and for some that think I don’t write like you are about to read, there are people that have met me that can attest that this is ‘my normal’, yes, I have serious moments of deep introspection on a daily basis)

>Transcribed from Dio’s notebook April 3, 2013<

While it saddens me, I am not at all surprised, especially seeing as to the character of the person that these “truths” were spoken by. -thought inspired by a conversation with a local-

While Appalachia has been a depressed area pretty much its entire history, the people of it were always stoic die-hards, and fairly self sufficient. They had to be! Accessing many parts of these hills was problematic in good weather and downright nightmarish in in-climate weather. There is a lot of American history in these hills: Patriotic history, Blood-feud history, Rebellious Whiskey born history, even history of Tyranny. There are also many traditions, many of which are dying quiet deaths as time continues its forward march and the encroachment of the modern world. Some of these traditions may never die, such as Family influence in community, yet others will be lost in time only represented by written word in the Firefox series and other books on history. It is evolution for such to happen. Sadly that evolution is being influence by very powerful negative forces that paint a rosy picture while the truth underlying is a path to serfdom, if not outright slavery. Such aspects have come and gone in this area in the past, represented by the ‘Company Store’ among others, and I am seeing them returning on a larger, more omnipotent scale. And I see people buying into the lies, nearly begging for the chains that they do not understand as such. The generations that fought ‘the Company’ are long gone. The “Rednecks” that stood ground and traded lead with the Company in the effort to Unionize the mines are long gone.(not that I condone unions: they had a place and time but I see them as instruments of the state and a tool towards socialism now) The now grown grandchildren of that generation have no recollection of the real hardships that they experienced. They have no idea what it was like for a miner to have to work without pay for a week to remove stone to access the paying coal. They have no idea what it was like to be indebted to the Company Store, nor realize that an injury removing a man from work could be a death sentence to the entire family.

No, they don’t recall these things. If they are aware of them, it is usually as ‘ancient history’ or those ‘funny stories tha Pappy use’ta talk’bout’. Many that would remember those times are now retiring, usually after having fled the area for better work/pay when young. They are not taken seriously by many of the young. What the young of today are now seeing, is, as the Romans would say, Bread and Circuses: Food Stamps and Broadcast Television in modern parlance. There are so many handouts and ‘freebies’ available around here that is inconvenient to strive for a better status in life. Much simpler and happier to run the hills ‘lookin for root’ or slippery elm bark and collect a check at the beginning of the month and have that EBT card to pay for all the bug juice and junk that one can drink or eat. Just one other aspect of that I have seen is that the yard garden is going the wayside as well. Why grow all of that when you can just go to store and grab it off the shelf? Heck, there used to be gardens in near every yard big enough for one and a chicken or two running ’round as well. Now, there might only be one family ‘in the hollar’ with a garden or chickens.

All of these thoughts bring me around to some personal experiences; both recent and those of being a child. My Dad was one of those that fled this area for better work/pay conditions when ‘he turned legal’, or the age of 18. (mod 1950’s) The promise of decent money NOT working in the mines was a temptation that sang loud and clear to many. (as an example, the number of recruits in the armed forces from this area is fairly high. That one would rather face a war environment over a mine says volumes about the industry.) He is just one of many that did such. Some left and stayed gone, others returned after making enough to buy their own place. There are any number of variations on how that played out. My dad was one such that ‘stayed gone’ until he retired, at which time, he ‘returned home’. (and that is a whole ‘nother post in and of itself. You can’t ever go ‘home’.) But I digress. When I was growing up, there was an underlying “Hidden Embarrassment” in being ‘Hillbilly’. We were not restricted from watching shows like Beverly Hillbillies or HeeHaw, but there was always a negative comment about it from Dad. I also don’t recall hearing much about his history here as I was growing up. It was just never spoken of. We didn’t visit that much, maybe once a year or so, and never for very long. And always there was negative commentary about how backwards things were. Growing up, I didn’t have enough experience to see the pro’s or con’s of much of anything, I just took the spoonfed thoughts as gospel.

Later, since his retirement and my moving here with the tune of cheap junk land, I have learned far more about this area than I ever imagined. I have heard some stories about my fathers childhood, and how rough he had it as a kid (and partly explains some of his drive for his children.) What I finally realize is that the “shame” is a bill of goods that was sold to many in these parts, a bill of goods that is in actuality, an ideology, a load of horseshit. “Being resourceful is for po’white trash.” Things like, that little shack in the woods is not a sign of being money wise, but sign that you are flat broke. (and there is just enough truth attached to these signs around here to convince many of fact in the sell.)

And I feel that this was one of the first attacks on this area by the Progressives. Institutionalized Public Education and abundant welfare programs have lead to the final act on this stage.

An Act I happen to be present to witness as it plays out, with the current world economic events.

I am the oddity here. I really don’t fit in. First off, while I am a family member, I was not born here nor raised here. That family influence thing helps, some, but I stand out like a glowing beacon in the fog due to my speech and other things. Second off, I graduated high school, and not just graduated, but graduated able to read. I am a voracious reader, and what I read is not pulp fiction or harlequin rags. That leads to my using some words that others have never heard in these parts. Not out of trying to brag my intelligence (which hurts in a job hunt surprisingly) but out of habit within my own thoughts. There are some that hold that part of me in respect, but a majority see me as a threat to them in some way, or just don’t trust me and see me as “an outsider”.

In addition, my desire for that ‘shack in the woods’ is extremely strange to them. I don’t think they realize that “little shack” is the only logical choice in my life. No extended family, low cost, more efficient to heat and cool, and less temptation to fill the unneeded spaces with ‘stuff’ as it will have no unneeded spaces. They see my desire for a shop twice the size of my house as even odder. Maybe its that whole “why would you want to work when there is so much free stuff being given away’ thing, I can’t say as I usually don’t discuss it past immediate family in my area. I just know that I am the odd thumb on the hand in this area.

And maybe there is some of that indoctrination from my childhood carrying forward to today. I see what could be in this area, the resourcefulness that people used to have, and I am saddened to see it fading away. I don’t think people are ‘backwards’ for being self reliant, quite the opposite, but I do see some of that backwardness that my dad was always going on about as well. It seems most manifest in the welfare types, the ones that are becoming prevalent around here.

Don’t take this wrong, I see many that are working towards an improved life, either through hard work, or business savvy, but there are more that are leeching the life out of the area by sucking on the teat of NannyGov.

And maybe that is just a mirror of the rest of this country now. The only difference is that here, it is homogenous, where in larger cities/metropolises, the cancer is contained in areas, virtually segregated by neighborhoods.

And even in these thoughts, I have hope that Ameri-CAN is still alive and well. We may fall out of the League of Nations as the Primary leader, but we will never be conquered by foreign powers. And I think, given time, we will claw our way back up to the top. Our desire for freedom is still there, even if bloated and lazy right now.

Using myself as an example: I want my little house and shop in the hills. I still don’t have a job, though that search continues. I have managed to get the land cleared and leveled, and I have laid out the places where my foundations will be. I am removing the rocks (!) from the soil where the buildings will not be, and prepare the ground for a garden, and I do this Because this is MY Future, not because of some entitlement mentality. I am ‘entitled’ only to the sweat of my brow and the fruits of my labor.

When the remainder of America wakes up and realizes that our future is dependent upon our efforts, not the empty words from empty suits with illusions of power, She will get busy again too. I can only hope that the seed for that could come from areas such as I am in now.

At least, this is my hope for her. As such, I will attempt to teach any and all that come calling in whatever area they need educated. I can no longer seek them out, my time is too short, and the years only grow shorter. But my hope for this country is not fading, no matter what the headlines of the day read. Merely saddened to watch history moving on, and ‘the old ways’ being figuratively lost.


April 4, 2013

Kid Korea, what a joke. Sounds to me like the Military/Industrial complex is being geared up to distract from the Keynesian Economic failure that is being unleashed upon the world. Side note, what better way for our GOV to implement Cypriot seizures on our bank accounts and be able to justify such: “It’s for the war efforts!”. Not that I expect that to pan out that way, but lets face it, we have seen far stranger things happen in the economic world since 2008. enough said on that for now.

One thing I am fearful of is a downturn in welfare funds. I know, it sounds strange coming from me, after going on and on about the entitlement mentality issue that faces our country. The real reason I am concerned is that a rapid downturn in those funds going out, will lead to the civil unrest that DHS is gearing up for. Far quicker than if they went out and started rounding up gun-owners first. I do believe that they will attempt to neutralize the gun-owner threat here soon, but that is not the first fear I have: Food riots are. Hungry people will do desperate things when the hungry days are non-stop. And that opens up all kinds of doors for general breakdown to happen. Looting, general lawlessness, etc. And those with the guns may or may not be able to keep the peace when such times begin. Don’t count on the local police to be able to handle it either. Many of those police are going to be more worried about protecting their own when it comes down to brass tacks. DHS is going to be the ‘velvet covered fist’ that our government will rely on to keep order, and we have seen just how heavy that fist is getting with all the toys of the military making their way into its hands. Hope y’all got HP and SP rounds; that ball stuff is great for paper, but ain’t all that when it comes to stopping the baddies. Just ask Big Sis, all of that HP that they picked up sure as shit ain’t for target practice.,,,,,,

Hmph, just another crazy day during the Crazy Years. Heinlein was right. And we ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

(later that same day) I just looked at an email detailing further encroachment on liberties in America. Basically, State legislatures putting forth amendments to allow SS to arrest or detain any Sheriffs (the only Constitutional LEO’s BTW) that choose to not enforce Federal Law.

Allow me a moment to consider a point here. Each of these bills has a group of names attached to it. Those names are the writers of (or at least those that claim such) and are therefor, Complicit in the further dismantling of the rules this country was founded on. Any that would vote for these bills are just as complicit. They write their own warrants, so to speak. I am reminded of a statement at the Woodpile report, that this time around, there are solid records of guilt attached to all those that would choose a masterful approach in the future. When the Trials begin, there won’t be near the same issues that surrounded the Nuremberg trials. And at that time, as before, “I was just following orders” will bear zero defense.


More Next week.


4 responses

  1. Good stuff, my brother. Stay safe, the wheel is spinning faster!

    April 5, 2013 at 10:24 am

  2. Wildflower

    kinda reminds me about my past versus now

    do make your own dreams come true

    April 5, 2013 at 10:36 am

  3. wonderdawg

    Damn Brother…Great posts…Understand now why you and I connected so well from first time meeting face to face…same basic background, though several states seperation….Faced some of same feelings coming back home as the smart-ass, know it all…
    Little did they know that all the things I learned new, only made me appreciate the old ways that much more….been over 10 years now and I’m fairly well aclimated back into the local lore here….then I up and move 100 miles,lol…actually area I’m moving to is more like the old home I left 45 years ago….frankly could hardly recognize my hometown after so long…very little left there of “back in the day” totally new culture and as you found, major dependency on the govt teat…
    Oh, the new OA has plenty of the EBT and SSI crowd, but still have old timers that did a good job of passing down the work ethic and morally that made this country what it once was….and they welcome with open arms anyone of same mindset…in the last several months met plenty of “younguns to me” 30-40 yos that have the same mindset as the old-timers and the “we may not have much, but By Gawd, we gonna make it work” and would whip yo ass if you offered them “free shit”….and it ain’t all white folk either, lots of black folks up here that don’t act like niggers….and as most know, big difference between blacks and niggers…fact is they plenty of white niggers….and that ain’t being rascist…..when they quit using the word I will….
    In a round about way I think you are saying that your family area has lost its PRIDE. When a person loses his pride, then he/she are no longer ashamed to be a leech or parasite….I see that in my ole hometown, the PRIDE is gone and it has become an epedemic all across this land….half or more of the country has lost it’s PRIDE of being and able bodied AMERICAN with the can do/will do attitude….and fell for the throw-a-way. instant credit, you owe me, instant gradification BS…..
    Sorry Dio, didn’t mean to go on a rant, but you hit a nerve and I bet I’m not the only one that appreciated the heartfelt words you posted…it hit home with me for sure….the rest of current events and speculation of the coming doom can be read all over the web….

    Just a few more….Do I expect we are on the verge of all out war? Every fiber of my body and 67 years of living has me scared to death that any day may the blowup that is coming….If anyone not prepped or well on the way is in deep shit….It’s in the air like a coming bad storm, you can feel it…..TICK TOCK, no more time….
    Bob Owens, TL, WRSA got some prohetic pieces….

    Thanks Brother

    April 5, 2013 at 2:24 pm

  4. Soffitrat

    I especially agree with your last statement. There won’t be trials. Not the kind we have become accustomed to witnessing and expecting. The trials will be more of the French Revolution type. With executions carried out in much the same ways.

    April 6, 2013 at 1:17 am

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