Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Pre-Christmas gift of a post to all of you.

Fair warning, this runs the gaunlet of my mind and I tried to organize it.   But it was an inspired post and needed to be let loose.

Here ya go.

Panic free insurance policy.

What is an insurance policy? It is a guarantee to you that, in the event of something bad, you won’t lose or can replace what is valuable to you, OR if something happens to you, those you care about will be taken care of.

Boil it down; fact is, once you are gone, what happens is anyone’s guess. Will those you care for be able to take care of themselves, even with that million cred life policy you had? How can you be 100% certain? People do crazy things when established influences are no longer there to guide them. That is what a Panic Free Insurance policy is to cover: Those influences to guide you, or others on towards a better plan than where you currently are, or in the case of bad times, to carry you or those you care about towards better times. What are those influences? You? Religion? The Constitution? Or Scientific Principles? Well, fact is, every single point there is a starting reference but each is only good to a point without the other corners of the foundation to hold them. By oneself, under decent conditions, a person can go indefinitely to their graves without needing much, but the others are all intertwined in nature to support the other. How many times have your read “our constitution is made for a moral society”? Morals tend to be religious in nature, and that is a good thing (so long as they are not manipulated for one groups benefit) But Morals are not enough, there needs to be reason as well. Religions make ducky off unreasoned fear. That is where Scientific principle comes into play. Each supports the other, and the wheel on the bus goes round and round.

But that is not the insurance I speak of. The insurance plan I speak of is Self Confidence. Knowing that no matter what, there is a solution to your trouble, even if you can’t see it right now. Panic tends to blow the good ship ‘USS Joe Sixpack’ a new hole just below the water line. Self Confidence is the Captain of USS Joe Sixpack turning to starboard to lift that hole out of the water while the crew (your brain) patches it so that course can be re-established. With that analogy, even the best prepared will experience a moment of panic when things start to head down the drain: Self-Confidence will pull you back from the brink. You may jump from one situation to another, but each will be able to be dealt with.

Self-Confidence is NOT given with an award for ‘just for showing up’. It has to be earned and earning it will take time and effort. Education of oneself is part of that. Accomplishing goals successfully is another. Making physical strides, another. Again, each builds on the other. One reason I keep harping on “Learn, PRACTICE” Having a working knowledge is crucial. “BookSmart” probably won’t get that fire started in -5 degrees in a howling blizzard. Having practiced how to start a fire in the rain would benefit you better than years of reading about it. Having the tools to do so will insure your success. Education, practice, preparation: Those are your panic free insurance policy. Have you paid your insurance agent lately? Have you helped your significant other get their own insurance policy? What about your children? Your extended family?

Resilient communities

What makes a community “Resilient”? Highly debatable point, but with a broad brush, IMHO, a resilient community is one where one, two or more aspects can be broken, removed or lost, and the community as a whole can still move forward. Obviously, as with any machine or creation, there is a limit to just how much damage can be sustained before functionality ceases. But a truly resilient community would exist far beyond the physical and into the mental and spiritual. I think that was part of the intent of our Founders during the birth of this nation. (and I digress) Resilient communities live, not in the land, but in the hearts and minds of those that make them. The land is just a vehicle to the community to move forward and sustain itself. With that thought line, a resilient community could survive any attack, not by confrontation, but by moving around the attack as it passes: In other-words, not being there to be attacked. The land would be secondary consideration past the livelihood of the community. In order for this to be functional, the community would need to possess skills and knowledge far surpassing “just living on the land”: a Panic Free Insurance Policy. Our current society is no longer resilient as there are so many that couldn’t get out of a wet paper bag without an EBT card. I shiver when I think how many will starve because; not being able to microwave their food, they won’t know how to cook. But, the lessons learned when all of this starts to fail, will be long learned and permanent in the students that pass through to graduation.

I would like to bring the community of Gypsies to light as a great example of resilient community. Even through years, centuries of persecution, not having ‘a country to call their own’, they persist as a group. I have even heard some mention that they no longer exist, but have seen Gypsy Funerals at a cemetery in Cincinnati to attest otherwise. Witness to those funerals, I observed that they have not only persevered, but prospered within this country. The American Patriot Community could take lessons on that lifestyle to become more resilient against the weight of tyranny we are currently witnessing growth in.

Resilient resistance -/\/\/\/\-: What is resistance to tyranny, but the absolute core of what America was founded upon. Leaderless resistance to oppression is the only way to go, especially within the scope of our current world and its plethora of technology. As I have noted on occasion here within this blog and both of my others: Technology can go both ways. It is a wonderful tool or a scary weapon, depending upon what side you are operating. Even so, Technology goes both ways. What they have, we can emulate or duplicate. While Hellfire missiles are probably NOT within the scope of a garage workshop, Drones can be: and as has been shown, weaponized as well. I am sure that this is not the first instance of such, only the first instance of someone ‘advertising’ such.

Getting back to leaderless resistance, one needs to understand that our current government, and pretty much every government, is going to look for structure to infiltrate, invade, infect, then disassemble, FROM WITHIN. Never doubt that if you are forming a group, that there is a very real chance that the person next to you may be on someones payroll. So how does one form a resistance without structure. It is not as simple as the words to write it, but the actual system is already in place: it was given to us by our founders. We understand the foundation of Freedom and Liberty within our borders, therefore, you already have the agenda to enforce. It only needs enforced, by enough people, randomly but consistently, over enough time to force the hands of those that would be masters. When that time comes, the leaders will arise and lead. Make no bones about it: things are going to get MUCH worse before we see the turning point to a return to our foundations. Even so, I believe that things will improve. Having traveled a large portion of the country this year, I have met many people that still have that “can do” mentality that makes up “the American Spirit”. I can’t think for a minute that those I have met are it. I do feel they are but a tiny portion of what is out there, just waiting for someone to make the first move. And even I have to admit to holding back on that first move, knowing that the first one to jump is going to get swatted down like a bug on a windshield, then held out for the media to paint as some crazed loon ‘to make an example for any others’. Fear is all that keeps us in check, and fear is starting to fade. When the resistance starts, all of us are going to be looking at each other, asking, “Do you know who did that?” and none of us will have clue, nor should we. I have made mention of my “Sgt. Schultz” principle many times; “I know nuthingz!” Shut your trap, tell no one, not your dog, or your wife, anything about what you may or may not have done, are planning or propose to do. We have all seen “Three ways in, four ways out” and other cliches of doing things in a clandestine manner. Cliches they may be, but like old wives tales, there is more than a grain of truth to their history. USE THEM. And shut your damned trap. Make sure to minimize evidence, and shut your trap. If ya gotta bury the evidence; spread it out, and make it hard to find, or feed it to the hogs, coyotes, or gators, and shut your trap.(FYI, gators are not the best choice as they take weeks to digest one meal.)

Did I mention “Shut your Trap”?

The real advantage to leaderless resistance, is that every player knows the end game and does what they can to achieve that end. It matters not if you are working towards a tactical goal, because your tactic is to avoid being caught. The real goal is to make the actions and movements of those that would be masters of us, difficult and annoying for everyone, especially for them. Assuming that you do get caught SHUT YOUR TRAP!!!! Make it so that any thing they can find to use against you, THEY have to find. Don’t give ’em squat to work with. Develop a serious case of amnesia about everything but your name and your birth date. Forget every password you ever used for anything and even the name of your first born. Give ’em nothing to work with.

That is resilient resistance. If you work alone, without a leader to direct you, but gunning instead for the foundational principles that made up this nation, others will follow suit. Enough start to do so, than the hands of the PTB will be forced to tighten grip. The tighter the grip gets, the more slip through its fingers and into the resistance. The larger the resistance grows, the harder they have to work and the easier the resistance gets. When things start to get really tight is when the groups that need formed will start to form. Even our founders were not a cohesive group until the troubles from the King were well established.

Working alone in such a way requires one to have a lot of knowledge, readily at mind (not at hand, that’s called evidence against you) and willingness to ‘cut bait’. If the target isn’t just right, walk away and wait. Think of a leaderless resistor as the lone sniper. If the shot isn’t any good, wait or move to a better location. Patience is key. And Shut your trap!!!

Utilizing available resources for the task at hand, (manger analogy.) In light of Christmas, lets talk about the greatest revolution of recorded history. Yes, its debatable, but I am not going to go that far with it here. I am talking about the Birth of Jesus of Nazarene, and his prepper parents. Yes, I said prepper parents. How do I know that? It is obvious to me. They traveled in the dead of winter to a religious rendezvous, used the resources on hand to deal with difficulties, and managed to keep a newborn alive. None of that is anything to scoff about. The manger, which is just a trough for feeding animals, was used as a crib for the newborn. THAT is called using your available resources to achieve your goals. THAT is something that many need to adapt to as there WILL be times in our future where you aren’t going to have that RUBICON 7000 Ultra-mag Pneumatic drill/full auto shotgun at your disposal. You may not have anything but a walking stick and the clothes on your back when ‘that moment’ arrives and you have to make a choice that could mean life or death for you or another. Granted, that last is an extreme case, but it could happen: and Murphy is a real jerk at those times. This goes back to the “Panic Free Insurance Policy”. You may not have THE answer, but you will have AN ANSWER to the problem at hand. If you are out walking with your stick and find that your life is in jeopardy, that stick WILL do a lot of damage to another person. With the right timing and a willingness to do harm, that stick could even beat a gun point problem. Of course, it all comes down to the ultimate question of “are you killer enough” to make your life more important than your oppressors’. Jesus said “sell your cloak and buy your sword”, because he knew his disciples would need to defend themselves. He knew that they may have to kill in self-defense. Those things are not against the Commandments. That thought was not revolutionary at that time, but in our world NOW, it is (at least for many it is). Use what you have on hand. Try to have what you may need on hand, but make do if not. Educate yourself on alternatives, practice with them, and eventually, you will find that having that RUBICON 7000 Ultra-mag Pneumatic drill/full auto shotgun, is a real pain in the ass, but that walking stick, or anything else laying near at hand, is more than enough on a daily basis.

Individualists: How to herd cats and keep the cat in cat-titude.

Claire Wolf has a great article on a resilient community idea and how it could work in current times, to include shadow economy. Go read. The real trick is the ‘Herding cats’ problem that is constantly brought to the forefront of patriot discussions.

Here’s my answer: DON’T. Fact is, the harder someone tries to push an individualist, the harder they push back. Thats a freedom, isn’t it? Think about when Prohibition kicked in back in the 20’s of the last century. People that may not have cared about drinking were suddenly intrigued by the notion because someone said they weren’t allowed to do it. The control freaks pushed, and the individual’s pushed back. They pushed enough that entire new industries were created to cover the demand, to include other than legal coalitions of distributors and organizations to help provide to those industries. Well, Government doesn’t like competition so they had to create new groups to combat that particular ‘menace’. Yes, it was a menace, yes people died due to it, and yes, there were more than a few instances of people going blind or crazy from crappy ‘bath tub gin’. Yet you never hear those people that bring that up mention the ‘why’ those things came to fruition. Fact is, someone, thought they knew better than everyone else, what was good for them, and mandated that everyone comply. They pushed the individual’s and the individual’s pushed back. (and we have the current War on Drugs as a modern day example of such, to include the ‘other than legal coalitions and organizations and distributors’)

So don’t do it. Simple.

You want to herd cats, get something the cat’s all agree they like, and start walking. The cats in this country claim to like freedom. Grab some and start walking. Don’t try to talk a good game, the cats are wise to that one: You gotta walk the walk.

To put it bluntly, YOU HAVE TO LEAD FROM THE FRONT! Leading from a keyboard will only get you frustrated and eventually on someones shit list.

NOW, the real question. Do you want to lead or do you just want the freedom? The cats are gonna start asking that question and its a loaded question at that. Best have your dope on a rope then.


And with that, I bid you all a VERY Merry Christmas, a Safe and happy New Years, and that we all can get through the coming times intact and wiser. Additionally, here are some links to some stories that helped inspire some of my ramblings in this post. BUT not all of the inspiration. That also goes out to Snake, Ghost, and China for some really inspiring conversations.



The moon is a harsh mistress

Everything Lazarus


18 responses

  1. You have put much thought in to this post,and I agree with all. Claire’s piece was excellent as well! I have much to think about,and as deep as this post is I am going to reread it several times. I don’t want to be a Leader,I want Freedom.If i must lead to teach -help others so be it. I have been a Supervisor for over 20 years,so I have lead long enough.Even at that if I trust the man working for me,I don’t watch over his shoulder ,I tell him what needs done and if he is a good man he’ll get it done. The Waco bit in Claires post is what scares me about Citadels,redoubts,etc. Group too many together and you can take em all out together! I have no Military traing whatsoever yet common sense and from when I used to paintball with my boys,you keep em spread out. Many times one group would bunch up and a sniper with full auto would take out entire team ! You have gave me much to ponder indeed! Merry Christmas Brother to You and Voo!! Ps I sent detailed email on some changes I am to have. Detailed as in rambling a good bit,when you have an hour to kill check it out!


    December 23, 2012 at 9:26 pm

    • I can’t tell you how many times I have said “I don’t want to be a leader”. It has been a mantra for a long time.
      Read your email and sent a response.
      I know that there is a lot of ground covered in this post, some inspired by conversation with you, some with Snake and some with Ghost. All of it buried in for a bit and fermented into what you are reading. Granted, there was the addition of wort with the reads I listed at the bottom, but I think the whole thing came out to be a pretty good brew of how I think and what I think needs done to move forward in life. And as you know from meeting me and getting to know me and how I work, this is only ONE aspect of my thoughts on a daily basis; lets not even go into the other umpteen gazzillion thoughts that bounce off the inside of my skull trying to get out.

      December 23, 2012 at 9:33 pm

  2. Wildflower

    a good intensive libary helps in many ways

    that was why the “stick” was created

    to help others survive and florish well

    in any aftermath

    good post Dio

    have a very merry xmastime!

    December 24, 2012 at 12:07 am

    • For the record, I am taking that stick and making some modifications to it. Organizing it a tad better and removing redundant info. A lot of extremely good stuff in there. Some of it has been discredited, but I leave it in as an example of thinking outside the box. More people need to learn that aspect.

      December 24, 2012 at 9:38 am

      • Wildflower

        afterwards make copies and pass it on…

        a lot of it was duplicated but that was when was using cd-rom disks

        at least am appreciating your efforts to make it even better

        am to like stuff like this very well

        as for people to start thinking outside the box is to make them realize that they are inside a box now; yes it is a strange logic, but it works….

        meanwhile have a merry xmas!

        December 24, 2012 at 4:33 pm

      • Will do on the passing in on thing. I am adding some ‘chapters’ as well of stuff that I have but didn’t find on the drive. Nothing major, just blacksmithing arts, some homestead stuff, and chemistry of the darker sort that I didn’t see.
        You have have a Merry Christmas as well, though I guess aliens would prefer the X. LOL Don’t eat anyone I know.

        December 24, 2012 at 5:35 pm

  3. 55six

    A born leader doesn’t desire to lead, the day and hour picks him. Of all of “us” Dio, you ARE that person. I have never met you, but I feel it in my bones. Merry Christmas brother. A bear hug and warm thank you sent from far away. -55six

    December 24, 2012 at 8:29 am

    • Several people keep trying to say that. I say wrong. I won’t do it.
      I will teach as best I can, but lead, not a snow balls chance in hell. I ran tours while in audio and I know how to, but I choose, and this round, I choose to not.

      December 24, 2012 at 9:36 am

      • 55six

        I seem to remember a story about another fellow who felt that way.

        Maybe you can skip the whole being swallowed by a fish thing 🙂

        December 24, 2012 at 10:55 pm

      • If I have my druthers, I will skip the whole story and just teach.

        December 24, 2012 at 11:33 pm

  4. 55six

    Oh, reposted. -55six

    December 24, 2012 at 8:30 am

  5. Pingback: Vision « Liberty and Lead

  6. Spud

    Forever wiser ! Treading water only lasts so long. Forward else downward !

    Don’t let Voo Doo drink too much spirits during the Holidays. Better yet make him stay sober that you can have fun and let him be the designated driver….

    December 24, 2012 at 6:45 pm

    • LOL, as scared as he is of the Jimmy, he would just call my butt a cab. Not like we were going anywheres anyways. With the weather patterns blowin in, I think staying in the woods and off the road is the wiser move.

      December 24, 2012 at 6:57 pm

  7. Merry Christmas, Dio 🙂

    December 25, 2012 at 12:31 am

    • And a Happy Christmas to you as well Blue. And to all of my readers that I haven’t said it to.

      December 25, 2012 at 8:17 am

  8. pickdog

    Great post!!! Happy New Year!

    December 26, 2012 at 4:16 pm

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