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Winter is time to get it together

Read Joels’ piece on his new stove, then James D on his adventures in pitland and how it seems to be working out for him with the current low trend in temps across the land.  Seemed like a good time to update about the little stove I installed in the Beast.

Last night was strange, started out in the mid/lo 50’s and by the time I woke up, chill zone.   I think the highest it managed to get to was 30sumpin, and a low 30 sumpin at that.   Even had some snow flakes blow in today, but not enough to worry me too much.

Heck, that little stove has been cranking along alright all day today.   Currently, my house temps sits at 78.     This morning when I woke up to stoke the fire, the temp was sitting just shy of 70 in the house and I was running the stove on Locust with full dampers in place.

The real treat for me is how little propane I am using.    I woke up in the middle of the night (2am) to stoke the fire and add a log, decided to prep a pot of coffee for the morning.    I put it on top of the stove and went back to bed.   5 hours later, when I woke, stoked the fire up and went the head.   Came back and my wallyworld percolator is pumpin’ away at the java.  Whoohoooo, Hot coffee with near zero wait time.  And no propane needed!   gottaluvit!   Heck, even right now, I have my dinner sitting in a pot on the stove warming up.  I figured I may as well use that heat while it is pumping out all over the place, and why waste a commodity to do something I can wait for anyway.

The are a couple of downsides to my little stove; 1) the flue is only 2″ ID.  That makes for a frequent and regular cleaning schedule.   I even had to devise a brush and rod setup to do so (using a portable drill to clean em out).  2) the size of the stove requires my logs to be on the small side.  This means that I can’t really let the stove go all night long without restoking at some point(about 6hours max and that is with a solid Locust log in there).    Voodoo has been excellent about letting me know the fire is getting low, though I don’t think that is his intent.   He just wants to climb in bed with dad at those points, which is my clue that the floor is getting cold so that means the fire must be down.  Once the heat starts to come back up, he gets back down on his dog bed.

I am not a fan of winter, not by a long shot.   The only advantage I see to winter is the chance and excuse to do inside projects.   Get little things knocked out that get put the wayside during the busier summer months.  Repairs of equipment, for example.    Today was spent prototyping a fitting that I need for another project.   It’s not that there aren’t many ideas out there that could be used, I am just trying to find something within the realm of resources I have on hand.   I guess you could say, I would rather throw time at it than money, and you would be correct.   Time I have, money, meh, not so much.

Well, while doing the prototype, I found that my original idea was sound, but I found a simpler way of doing the same daggum thing.    All good, less moving parts means better reliability.    Take the Goldberg device and strip it of parts till you have the bare bones that work.

Yeah, winter sucks, but I make the most of it I can, so long as I can keep warm.  And I don’ t  have a lot of insulation on these old bones to keep me warm.   Just like Voo doesn’t have a thick coat to stay warm.   We’z suthern boys for certain. That stove makes the difference for both of us.



4 responses

  1. Wildflower

    a warm body makes thinking and scheming easier even for northern aliens

    might start thinking about crafting a bigger one in future projects

    even one out of masonary or hard clay might be fancied

    besides am not to like frozen food

    December 11, 2012 at 12:29 am

    • Oh, a bigger stove is in order when I build the house, I may or may not make it out masonry, but that will be determined by finances and resources. And yes, staying warm helps with the thought processes.
      Don’t worry too much about frozen food either, I will fight like a pissed off mama cat if’n ya came for me as dinner.

      December 11, 2012 at 12:47 am

  2. stay warm Brother! give Voodoo a big ole hug for me.

    December 11, 2012 at 8:52 pm

    • Staying warm. Kinda wish I had all that mesquite laying around like at your place, that stuff would burn all night, lol.
      Voodoo gave a head twist when I said ‘uncle pickdog’ and started looking around like ya were suppposed to be here or sumpin. He remembers ya.

      December 12, 2012 at 4:05 pm

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