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Pin update and some paranoid tricks

Well, Shotgun goes bang! It took a couple three tries to get it there, but seeing how my input was a broken part, I ain’t complainin’. Trial one, as pictured was close, but no cigar: and I admittedly screwed up on this one. I had the length right UNTIL I put the bevel on it. Rule one, Put your damned glasses on if you are squinting! I don’t need them normally, but these inky-dinky lil’ parts bury themselves in glare and even a little blur at the eyeball level makes ’em hard to work with. (I know, excuses excuses)
Here is the one that didn’t work, and a dime to compare the size of what I have been working with.


width .216″, length of main body .450″  Pin width is .080″ with a 1 degree taper to .062 and final length of the pin was .410″

And they say ChineecrapIron is not capable of accuracy!   Phooie!   Operator errors account for more in the scrap heap than ‘the machine’.   Just like a rifle or guitar, chances are, its more accurate than YOU.  LOL   But I digress.

On to the paranoid part of the post.    A week or so ago, SiGB posted about a cool tool for people to use.   Granted, he didn’t go into detail at length about it, but I have been monkeying around with it and figured, “Hey, the only real problem with this is a guidebook, or lack of one!”

Before I go any further, I have to say this.   This is not for jacking around, sending silly linkies and vid clips.   The tools involved require forethought and intent to use.  You just don’t click a link, tap out an email and send it away like a stinger missile.     These are TOOLS and you need to use them wisely and sparingly.  Sparingly because the more you use them, the more information there is to break them.

<<UPDATE:  I added a page detailing this better.  Look up and to your right on the screen at “TAILS” page.>>>>

TAILS  This website will get you the distribution.    This site gets you the program to create a bootable USB.   This OS runs on a USB you just have to boot the computer from a cold state (full restart) to it.   I am sure you know how to do that so you can get into BIOS and change boot order,BUT IF NOT, there is a walk through from that page.    TAILS uses TOR for a browser (called Iceweasel) and already has GnuGP installed on it so that you can set up pre-encrypted emails for people using their public keys.  It will also help you set up your own private key and a public key to send to people.
The advantage of using TAILS is that when you log off, it runs a program to completely wipe any memory associated with your time on it.   Literally it just wipes random 1’s and 0’s over that area of the computer leaving a gaping hole in the memory of your time.    Also, it has a camouflage function that allows it to emulate an XP desktop ‘just in case some gets curious’.    As long as you can get a computer to reboot, you can use any computer to navigate and never leave a trail.
Here is the trick to itHave two thumb drives ready.   They need to be at least 4gigs in size.   I recommend one of at least 8 gigs for your actual use as it will need the extra memory later.   Start Rufus after sticking in the smaller drive.   Locate the ISO of TAILS and make your first bootable drive.   When done, reboot your computer, using the TAILS distro you just made.   NOW you get to do it again, but this time using the Clone feature in TAILS so that the larger drive will be a persistent drive: IE able to store your information like personal and private keys for PGP and your public keyring for PGP.  Dont’ worry, this drive is encrypted with 4096bit encryption and the only weak link to that is YOU, seeing how you will have the passphrase to decrypt it.   Another neat feature, once done, these drives are worthless as anything other than bootable drives.  No PC will recognize them in any format except from the boot screen: Even TAILS ignores them.  Really, what that means to people like us, is that only a hacker with specialized tools can get at our information, and as the encryption level is so high, they will likely destroy anything they tried to find.   SO, your passphrase is your weakest link and that is all on you.

I will go through this process again taking screen shots for those that are seriously thinking this may be a solution for some comm’s issues they have.    GnuGP is essentially the same as the commercial version of PGP.   This is a KNOWN and trusted product.    No matter what, follow along with the signing of your ISO download and make sure you have a valid copy of it.   There are things like Man in the Middle attacks where someone can intercept your download and cut in a back door to your programs.   Keep it in mind.   If you are just looking at a simple tool to play with, this is probably not for you: it is intensive for the average user.

Now, for those that wish to communicate with me in a paranoid fashion, I post my public key for you to use.   Use the contact button for emailing me.

Version: GnuPG v2.0.17 (MingW32)



2 responses

  1. Yay, More folks turning to GNU Linux.

    December 5, 2012 at 11:34 pm

    • I go back and forth from Windoze and a couple of different linux distros. I put more wear and tear on my harddrive with OS formatting than anything. Having TAILS in a bootable drive gives me some flexibility. I have tried to use MINT on a bootable drive but that flopped so badly, I still have road rash on my knuckles and knees from it.
      I don’t really want to set up a dual boot machine as I am not savvy enough to deal with the Win updates intentionally overwriting a protected section of the drive. Corporate sabotage if I ever heard of it, but of course, they can get away with it where others would be fined, and jailed over similar actions on personal property.

      December 5, 2012 at 11:52 pm

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